Time to say goodnight!

This is it for the Chasing Chris Ferguson team.

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All Good Things….

Must come to an end, and so it is with

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Hats Off To A Great Year!

OK, so I didn’t win any money and it has now been a year. But, Glenda did pretty well for herself and her pockets have a very nice jingle in them and Linda got to feel the love, at least for a while. I say hats off to a great year and I will hold dear all the socializing and the lessons learned over this time together that we all spent chasing Chris! Money made and/or lost does not hold a candle to the friends we make along the way. I have gained a few this year and I am richer for it! Continue reading

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The PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

and my dead horse…oh, that’s me, the dead horse. First the tournament. This was the perfect fit, we had 8 players for 8 seats. Not that we don’t want more players in the next one, we do, but it was very nice to have a chatty group of players and be able to have it all right in front of me. Continue reading

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Tourney Play Day

Today was a long playday for me, played in three tourneys on PokerStars.

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Come Play PokerWorks HORSE

Sunday, the 2nd, at 2100 EST, meet us at PokerStars, for a gala event that has no fame, fortune, TV time, or contracts attached to it. It’s just sheer insanity and playing for bragging rights. Hell, there’s never enough money involved to bring in life changing pocket change. We’d love to have you show up, register for the huge price of $5+$.50, and swap a few stories with us. The password is ‘donkeys’ the tournament is ‘PokerWorks Family’ or #117214558 – look for it under the ‘Private’ tab. Continue reading

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Kinda Empty in here

This poor lonely little blog started out with such a strong idea. The idea fizzled as the year went on. Turning -0- into 10K is no easy task. Unless you get monumentally lucky and hit some tournament pay-outs in the high numbers, it’s almost impossible. Continue reading

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Why I love the game

Let me set the stage. If you’ve followed my poker playing nightmare here, and read along as it unfolded, and you play poker, then you have been right where I’ve been. Never picking up a playable hand and when you do, you can’t win the pot, even if it’s a BIG DUKE (John Wayne type of hand), it gets shot down by some lesser crapball and you are once again shaking your head (typing swear words as you NOTE the player), and wondering if there’s something written in stone in a cave somewhere that would prevent you from ever winning a tournament…or even one stinking hand. Continue reading

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Can the Poker Gods deny

that they have allowed the Card Fairy free reign to fuck with me? No. If you followed my play closely, you would see that I am set upon by monsters that are unseen and twists of fate that would point at cheating but it is only the Card Fairy spinning her ugly web as she pounds me into mortal hamburger, removing all semblance of human flesh, ripping out the cartilage and bone that was once the fiber of my structure and held me together, now only my inexhaustible, undefeatable spirit roams the green felt tables of cyberspace. Continue reading

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Straight To Hell

My title is appropriate for both my poker play and the season! Once again, I got into the Tourney $ freeroll at Full Tilt that runs at 7:40 p.m. ET.

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