When One Door Closes, Another Opens

My apologies for not posting during the last week. It’s certainly been a busy time, and I haven’t lacked for material. I made 3 final tables on Full Tilt in two days, NeTeller’s founders got arrested, NeTeller pretty much shut down its U.S. business, I turned in my comments on the copy-edited manuscript for the FULL TILT book (including helping Chris Ferguson re-write two chapters from 19 times zones away), my possible book deal with Mike Matusow fell apart, and I told Pokerworks that I’m ending my association with the site.


Pokerworks had told me, for economic reasons, that they weren’t going to continue paying me the king’s ransom on which I had insisted since I started posting my journal here last July. We both agreed that I did a lot of great writing and performed a service for the site, and that they were great employers, administrators, and they compensated me richly. But they were moving in another direction and that didn’t include continuing my deal. They offered me a very generous revenue deal, which I ultimately turned down.

This isn’t lip service: Pokerworks has been great to me. Linda Geenen, who founded the site, administers it, and still produces Table Tango, was my first friend in poker and I hope she’ll be my last. The owners have been a journalist’s dream: they let me do whatever I wanted, they paid me what I wanted and on time, and until they decided to discontinue the deal, were 100% positive about what I was doing for them.

So Linda and the Pokerworks family remain my friends, and I hope and assume the feeling is mutual. My archive, which I treasure, will remain on Pokerworks for as long as Pokerworks wants to keep it online. If I continue posting a journal online, I expect to refer to my favorites from time to time and direct readers here to Pokerworks where they can read them.


I am in the process of negotiating with some other site – not a competitor of Pokerworks – to post my journal. That process will take about another week, but I didn’t want to leave Pokerworks or you hanging.

If I move to another site, Pokerworks will let me post a link. If you would like to be specifically informed of what I do – either moving to another site, starting my own site, or giving up blogging in favor of an e-mail-type newsletterish blogly kind of thing – you can e-mail me (mrchaotic@aol.com). If you put “MCJ Future” in the subject line, I will automatically put you on the announcement list. I may also, in the meantime, send out a dispatch on my recent journalings:

NeTeller – the multiple fantasy worlds that company, prosecutors, and the rest of us are inhabiting.

Mike Matusow – the sad story of how a Matusow bio project will include one less Mikey than I thought.

The Tilt Offensive – my 3 final tables in 2 nights, my subsequent losing of most of that money over the next few days, and the friends and enemies I inevitably accumulated along the way.

This won’t be my last post, though the next one should have little more than the location of where you’ll find me in the future. Posting this journal on Pokerworks has been phenomenal for me and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. This latest series of developments is, in one sense, an ending. But in more important way, it’s a beginning. It’s part of a new direction and focus for Pokerworks, which I enjoyed reading before I was associated with it, and expect to continue enjoy reading. And it’s going to take my writing in some new directions – some I’m looking forward to, and some that I can’t even anticipate. I hope you’ll stay tuned to see how it all comes out.



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11 Responses to When One Door Closes, Another Opens

  1. Clay says:

    Say it ain’t so! Do let us know where you go.

  2. ShaneL says:

    Wow…Sorry to see you go Mr. Craig. I am a big fan of your writing, your books, your articles at cardplayer and Bluff, and then was so happy to find your blog here. I look forward to seeing your next blog, whereever it lands.


  3. Trent says:

    Man that is too bad for Pokerworks…I enjoyed your work the best…

  4. Jim Morrison says:

    You will be missed! I will definitely be following you wherever you go.

  5. KenP says:

    Best wishes in your future endeavors.

    Nice sharing the room with you.

  6. kg_bettor says:

    You know this means Iggy wins, right?

  7. GWCGWC says:

    I refuse to subscribe to that rag of a magazine you write for unless it’s the only way I get to read your writing outside of a book. Don’t make me do it!
    Good luck Mr. C.
    Let us know where you land.

  8. Raiden says:

    I’ve enjoyed every blog since the day Andy Bloch told me about it. Look forward to the new site and any other words dispensed by your mind & keyboard.

  9. Kuso says:

    I hope you have a good reason for leaving PW, cuz you’re about to lose a fan. Your writing is entertaining, but you seem to be a money whore. Sometimes taking a short-term sacrifice leads to a long-term gain.

  10. Carlos says:

    I am sorry to see you go. Very much appreciated your insights. Best of luck to you.

  11. Sorry to see you go. :( Really enjoyed your posts. Best of luck.