I DON’T have an announcement for my new site. The people I’m negotiating with asked for another week – they, like nearly everybody else I know, are messed up by this NeTeller business. But I wanted to let you know (a) the timing is out of my control; (b) I promise to let you know as soon as I know where I’m going; (c) you can e-mail me if you haven’t already to get e-mail notification when I reset my Journal [, make sure you put "MCJ Future" in the "subject" line]; and (d) I finished 11th out of 2,115 in Full Tilt’s $300,000 Guarantee tournament yesterday. The $4,200 just about pays for the amount I spent on buy-ins between cashes. I have some talent for tournament poker. Some. But I really should get a new deal for my Journal and get it running because I’m playing way too much poker online, if such a thing is possible. I also have a backlog of subjects

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  1. Montana says:


    Paybacks for not telling the truth! No stories on bots!

  2. GWCGWC says:

    hey hey Mr. C

    I had the pleasure/pain of playing in between you and Bloch in the Sunday $215 HORSE tourney on FT. It was a pleasure since I got to ask you directly about where and when your journal was going to find a home. The pain came from being between you two in the LHE round since you and Andy play ultra aggro.

    I was rooting for you after I busted out.