Aussie Millions freerolls at Full Tilt

Full Tilt just started qualifiers for their new biweekly freerolls, and I’m so excited about this that I had to post about it.

Before the WSOP, Full Tilt gave away two main event packages every week for players who earned 3000 points from the prior Wednesday to Wednesday. This had the best overlay I’d seen in a long time, with less than 200 people playing the freeroll every week.

If you decided against the freeroll, you could get 75 Iron Man Medals.

Since the WSOP, they’ve been mum about any new promotions other than the regular Iron Man.

Now they’re back with a vengeance, offering biweekly freerolls for a mammoth $18k package to the Aussie Millions. And again, each freeroll will award two packages.

Qualifying began today (Wednesday) and runs every two weeks. Earn 5000 points within those two weeks and get your choice of the freeroll the following Sunday or 100 Iron Man Medals.

Just playing the minimum for Iron Man status is 200 points per day, or 2800 over two weeks. Those are points I’d be earning anyway. Going for the freeroll is 158 extra points per day, but unlike Iron Man, I can cram on the weekend.

I can’t wait to play this thing (and I’m already 500 points on my way). Here’s hoping there’re equally few players in each Aussie Millions freeroll as there were for the WSOP seats.

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  1. bayne_s says:

    I’ll be trying to get those 5k points to join you in Aussie Millions Freeroll.

    Just have no idea if I would be able to go!

    Last year’s trip was easily best vacation I’ve had.