Twitter and the tornado

My shoes are drying from the sudden, freak tornado that passed through the south side of Chicago, wreaking power outages and floods all over the place.

I had just begun a Twitter account to document my Washington, D.C. and Atlantic City trip this weekend, and I ended up posting my attempt to get home.

It was eerie at work.  We have exposed ducts and they began shaking, with dust falling down around them like it was some special effect for a haunted house movie.  Then the power went out.

We were warned not to use the CTA trains because of debris and to take the bus instead.  A coworker offered a ride home and I gladly accepted, though our adventure was just sitting in traffic.

Several roads were blocked by fallen trees. People were turning down one-way streets because there was no other option.

Luckily, a couple of Mormons on bikes came to the rescue.

Here’s another victim of the 55 mph winds in the park near my apartment:

I should’ve just gone home; instead, I got something to eat and another storm or part of the same storm swept through and stuck around for awhile.

Toward home, these are the streets I had to cross. My canoe was in the shop, so I waded through all kinds of watery hepatitis.

We sure seem to be getting more than our share of rain. This is supposed to be the Windy City, not the Rainy City.

One thing’s for sure — if it’s raining tomorrow, I’m taking a cab.

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One Response to Twitter and the tornado

  1. jkprevo says:

    It’s tomorrow; it’s raining.

    Keep an eye out for mold. Both in the apartment and down there.