Semi-conscious SnGs

Don’t tell anyone, but I have a big weakness in SnGs: playing when I’m tired enough that I fall asleep.

It’s okay in cash games because I time out and am sat out. In SnGs, I’m blinded out into a waste of a buy-in.

In these cases, Full Tilt is preferable to Poker Stars because Stars clues players in whether someone is sitting out. On Full Tilt, there’s no such message and I look like a tight player who folds really fast.

When getting home late, I have the need to login and play a couple SnGs. And by couple, I mean four to seven. I should rig a lock on my computer to not allow access during dawn hours, or pass a breathalyzer before booting up, or spit water at me when it’s my turn.

It’s more prevalent than I’d like – the past couple weeks, I’ve fallen asleep through over a dozen tournaments. While asleep, I’d also somehow entered myself into an Omaha tourney.

The odd thing is that I’ve placed 4th in most of them (including the Omaha) and cashed in two.

Just goes to show you that tight play is still rewarded, and not everything is based on ICM.

Or maybe my opponents don’t know how to play against my mad skillz as a semi-conscious SnG player.


Often when I multi-table SnGs, I play the same players who are also multi-tabling.

That and players playing the same cards is the concept behind Duplicate Poker, which boasts this way is more skill-based.

I’m going to check it out, mainly because over the next several Sundays, PokerNews will be offering $5000 freerolls to their PokerNews Cup in Australia (buy-in, accommodations, and $1500 cash for travel expenses), just by signing up through their link above and depositing.


There used to be a time that when a holiday weekend rolled around like Labor Day, all the major poker sites would compete against each other by offering reload bonuses.

Now that there are just a few places open to the U.S., they have a captive audience and don’t need to fight for players.

But any promotion is something extra, and today, Full Tilt begins a Party-like promotion called Lucky 7.

Earn 7 points in a day, enter the drawing, and you’re qualified to be 1 of 77 players to win $77.

One player will also win something from the Full Tilt Poker Store. They say the range runs from iPods to custom jerseys, so I guess the Mini Cooper is out.

The promo only lasts 7 days, through Sept. 7.

The nice thing about this promotion from FT’s perspective, is that they get players to return every day for 7 days, and maybe if they win while earning their 7 points, they’ll stick around. It also encourages play money players to dip their feet into real money, maybe with the new Gatorpay payment processor.

From the player’s perspective, it’s only 7 points. Odds are pretty slim of winning, but the odds are better than Mega Millions and it doesn’t cost anything extra.


Speaking of points, by the end of today I’ll have enough to qualify for FT’s Aussie Millions freeroll.

I’m hoping and guessing fewer than 150 players will qualify. Figuring I can outlast 50 of those just by folding, that puts me at 50:1 at winning one of those $18,000 packages.

Better odds than Mega Millions and Lucky 7 combined!

If too many more people qualify and play the freerolls, I’ll just go for the 100 Iron Man medals instead of the freeroll.

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  1. herly says:

    what is the gatorpay payment processor you are talking about?