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Reformatting Your Hard Drive

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How many times have you looked at the same cards over and over - never winning a hand or even picking up a hand that would allow you to step into the action? You might be thinking, ‘I haven’t won a pot in hours’. And the player next to you might be cementing the thought into your brain as they complain about their bad cards and keep showing you their 9-4, Q-3, 7-2 - after you fold. You are looking at a bunch of miserable cards in your own hand and now you are forced to look at more miserable cards from the player next to you. Ugh!

You are beginning to wonder if you are stuck in the terminal bad card rut and why the deck is singling you out for this ugly affair. It appears that it is only happening to you – even if the guy next to you is complaining too. You are running so bad, you know if you pick up a hand, everyone else picks one up at the same time and your chips are going to be pushed somewhere…but not back to you…no matter who is dealing or what casino you are playing in.

There is only one solution. It is time to reformat your hard drive. Be sure to back up all the knowledge you have amassed about the game before you reformat. Even pick out a few memories that you really cherish from your poker playing archives and save them too, but in general get ready to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Once the reformat is over, your new, empty hard drive should be ready to reinstall all of your backed up Poker Knowledge Data and should have one specific set of instructions. Instructions that are to be followed without fail, burned into your hard drive so they cannot be lost in any future reformats.

Those instructions are as follows:

1)Play your best game - NEVER deviate. If your game is on, you are not concerned about the long run of bad cards.
2)Stay focused.
3)Poker is an art - create your own design.
4)If you find a useless variable in the instructions, reformat.

And do NOT be shy about telling the player next to you that you can only remember one hand at a time and you are trying to focus on your own play. Although it is true that misery loves company, this is one dance you need to sit out. Do NOT get involved in their pity waltz. Relax and play your best game…as if it were your first - only power packed with your poker knowledge and specific instructions.

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