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Bellagio Casino

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The World Poker Tour started here and ends here every year with a $25,000 Championship Tournament…Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Long before the World Poker Tour took the world by storm through televising the final event of major poker tournaments, Bellagio hosted the largest games in the world.

Poker runs 24/7 at Bellagio in a newly redesigned and remodeled poker room. Inside the poker room is a private poker salon called Bobby’s Room. The room is named after Bobby Baldwin and holds two poker tables and seating for players waiting to play. Bobby’s Room is reserved for limits of $2,000-4,000 and higher.

Bellagio hosts three major poker tournaments each year. The Five-Star World Poker Classic begins in April, the Festa al Lago starts in October, and the Five Diamond World Poker Classic starts at the end of November.

But Bellagio is not only about high limit poker games; the room hosts all limits and games. You can easily enter a $4-8 limit Holdem game and sit beside all the big name players you have watched compete on television for major tournament titles.

Many people find casino poker to be a little intimidating, even though they want to play; they are not sure how to make the first step. First – even though the poker room is enclosed, you are quite welcome to enter and walk through the room. You can even stop and watch some of the action at the tables, except in high limit. You are welcome to walk slowly through high limit but not welcome to stand and watch the game, as some of the players are uncomfortable knowing someone is standing behind them. This invitation does not include a ‘walk through’ of Bobby’s Room. Only serious players are welcome there.

If you elect to take the ‘walk through’ of the room, you will notice a game plaque on the table on the left of the dealer, this denotes, the limit, the game, the buy-in required, and the percentage the house takes for hosting the game AKA ‘the rake’ or ‘the drop’. On the right of the dealer is a drop slot for the house’s take of the game and on top of the drop slot is a number, that number denotes the table number and identifies where you will be seated if you are called for a game.

While the room resembles something of beehive with all the people, tables, games, and activity going on, it is fairly simple to navigate once you know what you are looking for. At the main entrance is a podium that normally has two list attendants available to answer your questions and take your name for lists in the lower limit games. Those games would include $4-8 and $8-16 Holdem, and $2-5 Blind No Limit Holdem.

The center podium list attendants handle the middle limit games, $15-30, $30-60 Holdem, $20-40 Omaha 8 or Better with a Half Kill (which means if one player wins the whole pot, and the pot is $250 or more, the winner must post a $30 Blind from any position, the Small Blind is still $10 and the Big Blind is still $20 but the limit for THAT HAND is $30-60), and a $40-80 Mixed Game (Mixed games are generally Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud 8 or Better, Razz, Omaha 8 or Better, Holdem, and Deuce to 7 Triple Draw, although the game may be started with less or more of the above listed games).

The raised, enclosed, higher limit area has its own list attendant and podium. The games here are generally $60-120 and $80-160 Holdem (although an occasional higher limit Holdem game may be running), $10-20 Blind No Limit Holdem and higher, and a variety of higher limit Mixed Games.

Bobby’s Room has its own list attendant and podium.

A poker cashier’s cage (you may buy/cash out chips at the poker cashier) and a phone attendant (will page you if you receive a phone call) are at the back of the poker room along with the poker office.
Most casino poker rooms are similar to the operation of Bellagio’s Poker Room but Bellagio is the poker destination of the playing world.

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