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Are you Listening?

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The guy in the five seat thinks he’s a comedian. He grabs the house phone from the wall by the poker table, “Hello…is this the Chicken Ranch? Yes…this is Joe. Is my wife there? *pause* What do you mean she’s laying down on the job?” *he laughs*

The woman in the three seat is glaring at the dealer, “You never deal me anything. I don’t know why I play when you’re dealing…I must be crazy.”

The Seven Seat talks incessantly about nothing in particular and everything in general and you have to keep turning your head away from him because his breath could destroy the fine tissues in your nasal passages.

The Ten Seat knows everything about all the high limit players and how they play, what they wear on Friday, what they drink on Saturday, what they do in their spare time, how they got to the limit they play at now, and wants to make sure that everyone knows he knows.

The One Seat has just taken a beat and starts chastising the person that beat her for chasing all the way to River with bottom pair. “How could you call? Moron! You must hate money.”

Perhaps you have played with some of these people on a daily basis for a few years and you know what they are going to say before they open their mouth. Perhaps these people are all strangers to you and/or you are new to the poker room. It is possible that even if you move around and play in different casinos in different areas, you can almost match someone at the table you are at now with someone you played with a few days ago in another state. Their behavior patterns and reactions are so similar that you could swear they were clones.

The key question here is are you listening to what is going on behind the conversation? In order to take control of your game, you must be aware of all factors in a game. A major factor is what you are hearing. And in listening, you have an advantage.

The Five Seat has just told you that he is there, win or lose, to be the center of attention. The Three Seat has just told you that she can never win with this dealer, and it is probably true with all the dealers. The Seven Seat is there to socialize, playing poker gives him a captive audience. The Ten Seat needs to feel important. The One Seat thinks she is a great player but she is ready to steam.

Listen. And while you are listening, do not give information about you and your play by doing as they do.

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