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“Kid Poker” vs. “Dreamclown”

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As a regular on internet poker forums, I get the opportunity to read about a variety of topics going on in the poker world. Often times, these forums give me a good topic to write an article on. Lately, the best topic on the net has been about the grudge match between Daniel Negreanu a.k.a. “Kid Poker” and an internet pro known only as “Dreamclown.”

This all started one day when Negreanu sat down at a $500-$1000 heads up, limit holdem game online. His opponent would be a player he knew nothing about: Dreamclown. Negreanu had “only” $20,000 to play with, and at these limits, in a heads up game, this just isn’t enough. Dreamclown quickly dominated the match, and before he knew it, Negreanu was down to just $5000. At this point, Dreamclown refused to keep playing unless Negreanu reloaded his bankroll. Not having the proper funds online, Negreanu couldn’t get any more chips and Dreamclown quit the game.

The next night, with another $30,000 the game started again, with the same result. Dreamclown, once again having gotten Negreanu short stacked, refused to play unless Negreanu bought some more chips. This greatly upset Negreanu and the “war” was on. In the few sessions they have played since, Negreanu has made it clear that he simply does not like this kid or respect his play. I would like to share an excerpt from the blog that Daniel Negreanu writes. It can be read in its entirety at

So far against the Clown I have started out in front for most of the way. Aside from the first two sessions when I started short stacked and he refused to play me, I have won each day and have been ahead probably 90% of the time.

Today when I woke up late in the afternoon I logged on and waited for the Clown to show up. He finally did, and in a 2 hour session I won $20,000.

He was rather upset that I quit on him without notice, but as I learned from him initially, I'm not, "throwing him a bone" by playing when I don't want to.

I was up about $60,000 during that first session and the momentum was clearly shifting in his favor. He was regaining confidence, so I decided to take a break.

Of course I didn't tell him I'd be back, I wanted him to fume for a little while before I started up with him again.

We played another 2 hour session and I booked another $25,000 win bringing my total to $73,000 to the good after losing those first two times.

Once again, I quit on him with absolutely no warning whatsoever. I'm playing by "internet rules" I guess you could say, and the Clown taught me well.

Now, that's not something I would do to anyone I respected. When I play in the big game and it gets short handed, I always let people know how long I can play for. Or, if it's three handed and it's my button, I let people know that I'm quitting after the hand so if they aren't going to play heads up they wouldn't HAVE to post their blind.

It's simply good etiquette. However, once someone does me wrong then etiquette gets thrown out the window. It becomes no holds barred, no prisoners, do what you gotta do poker.

Some call it a "hit n' run," but mind you, I've already stated that I won't play for much more than 4 hours a day online so it's not like he should be surprised by me quitting after 4 hours of play. The first session lasted 1h 40 min and the second session lasted 1h 47 min, just shy of 4 hours.

I made no "deal" with him. I made no "contract" or agreement to play him for a set amount of time. That would be an entirely different situation.

Apparently he has a $400,000 bankroll at FCP and if he doesn't lose it to Neverwin first, then that will be my new bankroll to play some of the big NL games on the site.

That may sound a little harsh to some of you, but I don't want to sugarcoat it. The kid is in over his head and will burn through the whole wad. It's only a matter of time.

-- Daniel Negreanu

I actually believe that grudge matches like this one are good for poker. Two very skilled players that just don’t like each other, going head to head, on an online site so that everyone who wants to can watch. Hopefully, it will remain a close match so that they will continue to want to play each other. I know that I will be tuning in.

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