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Borgata Winter Poker Open results

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The field of 381 players for the $10,000 Championship event at the Borgata Winter Poker Open in Atlantic City, NJ produced a very exciting final table, featuring several of the tournament trail’s best players, including Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, who finished second at the Gold Strike WPT Championship in Tunica, MS, just over a week earlier.

Players and chip counts for the Borgata’s final table were as follows:

Erick Lindgren $2,635,000
Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi $2,040,000
Josh Spiegelman $1,635,000
John D'Agostino $1,340,000
Stuart “The Donator” Patterson $1,060,000
Amnon Filippi $820,000

After several exciting hands, including one in which D’Agostino, holding pocket Kings doubled through Mizrachi, who missed his flush draw, Stuart "Donator" Paterson was the first casualty. Paterson moved all-in for about $500,000 after Mizrachi’s opening raise. “The Grinder” called. Paterson, with A-T, had a hand that was dominated by Grinder’s A-K. The board of the K-7-6-5-K gave the win to the Grinder. Paterson, from Boca Raton, FL, took home $110,871 for sixth place.

Then John D’Agostino went on a tear and proceeded to knock out Josh Spiegelman in fifth place, Amnon Filippi in fourth place and Erick Lindgren, who led the field with well over $2.5 million in chips coming in to the final table, in third place.

Spiegelman, holding Kd-Qd, called D’Agostino’s all-in. D’Agostino showed Js-8s, and the flop of Qc-Jd-8c brought him two pair to Spiegelman’s pair of queens. With a 5s on the turn and 10d on the river, Spiegelman was out, winning $147,828 for third place.

Spiegelman’s elimination was followed by two exciting hands. First,
D'Agostino doubled through Mizrachi when the former moved all-in with pocket Queens and the latter called with pocket Nines. The flop came K-Q-10, giving D’Agostino a set and Mizrachi a gutshot straight draw. The turn brought the case queen.

Shortly afterward, Mizrachi doubled through Lindgren. With As-Qc, Lindgren raised to $300,000. Mizrachi, holding pocket Fours moved all-in. With a four on the river, Mizrachi’s set beat Lindgren’s flopped pair of queens, and put Mizrachi back in action.

On the next hand, Amnon Filippi went all-in after a raise from D’Agostino, who called with As-Ks. Filippi was holding Ac-8d, the dead man’s hand, and his chances were killed when the board came Kd-8d-3h-9h-Ah. Filippi, from New York City, took $184,785 back to the Big Apple for fourth place.

Soon after Filippi’s elimination, Mizrachi doubled through Erick Lindgren when he called Lindgren’s $300,000 raise. Both players checked the flop of Js-5h-4s. The turn brought the Qs. Lindgren bet $240,000, Mizrachi raised to $740,000, Lindgren pondered and then moved all-in. Mizrachi called. Mizrachi held Ks-3s for a flush; Lindgren showed As-2h for the nut flush draw. No spade appeared on the river and Lindgren was facing a severe chip shortage.

Two hands later, Lindgren was all-in for $100,000 in the big blind. Both Mizrachi and D'Agostino called. The flop comes As-Kd-7c. D’Agostino bet $75,000; Mizrachi folded. With Kd-6h, Mizrachi has the lead. Lindgren has a backdoor flush draw with Jd-8d. The turn is the 3d, but the river is the Ts. Lindgren took down $282,721 for third place.

It was heads-up. Mizrachi held a small chip lead of less than half a million chips. With approximately 9,600,000 chips in play, the Grinder won a pot of over $1.5 million on the second hand against D’Agostino. When the flop came Kc-4d-2d, D’Agostino called a bet of $500,000 with over $600,000 already in the pot. The turn was the 3s and D’Agostino folded to pressure from the Grinder. After that, Mizrachi gradually wore down his opponent, putting continuous pressure on D’Agostino’s shorter stack.

The final hand demonstrated the difficulty facing a short-stacked player in a heads-up confrontation. With approximately $7,500,000 in chips to D'Agostino’s $2,100,000, Mizrachi called the big blind and his opponent checked. On a flop of Jc-9h-6s D’Agostino again checked, then called Mizrachi’s $120,000 bet. The turn brought the 2s. D’Agostino checked, and this time, when Mizrachi bet $425,000, he moved all-in. Mizrachi called and turned over Jh-6c for two pair. D’Agostino showed Ks-10d, revealing his all-in move to be a semi-bluff with a gutshot straight draw. The river brought the 10h: Mizrachi’s two pair were good. John D'Agostino received $591,312 for his second place finish.

The win gave “The Grinder” $1,173,373 in prize money, along with a $25,000 entry into the WPT Championship and a 2006 Cadillac Escalade. This was Mizrachi’s second victory on the World Poker Tour: his first came last February at the LA Poker Classic. More importantly, Mizrachi’s baby girl, Julie, was born the day after his win.

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