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Women Poker Players - Lynette Chan

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A beautiful lady of Asian descent from Canada who moves to Vegas and takes the poker scene by storm. You’ve heard of Evelyn Ng, but you might be surprised to learn about fellow Canadian Lynette Chan. Although she’s not as recognizable, her game has progressed rapidly. We’ll be hearing more in the coming months from this rising star.

CC: Tell us how you got started in poker.

Lynette: I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’ve been living in LA for the past six months and recently moved to Las Vegas. I used to watch my friends play and realized that I understood the flow of the game and seemed to ask the right questions. I gave it a try and was able to win consistently.

CC: How did your game progress?

Lynette: I started off at a local casino in Vancouver playing 6/12 for a few months, then 10/20 for a couple of months. I started playing 3/6 no limit right before I played 20/40. I’ve been playing 10/20 NLHE and 40/80, 80/160 and 100/200 since moving to LA. I am able to decide which game is good for me based on my bankroll and the consistency of my wins. I started playing tournaments since the LAPC this year. I play fulltime now. Prior to LA and Las Vegas, I did contract work for Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. I did not make a clear decision to play full time – it really just happened. I was able to make money - consistently - playing so it was the right thing to do. In LA, I play at Commerce Casino, usually playing the 10/20 NLHE game and also the always juicy 40/80 or 100/200 game. In Las Vegas, I play the 10/20 NLHE and the 80/160 at Bellagio.

CC: Tell us about your live play vs. online

Lynette: I play probably 95 % live, 5% online. If I had more time, I would love to play online more. Live play allows me to read my opponents and use my intuition. Online is more about odds and playing your cards.

CC: Is there such a thing as a typical day for you?

Lynette: Each day is unpredictable. A typical week would include three or four poker sessions. I try to golf at least once a week. I also like to get involved in volunteer work, specifically working with animal humane societies once a week also.

CC: What have been your greatest learnings during your time playing fulltime?

Lynette: I would have to say it would be the $2500 event during the LAPC. The field was challenging and I met and played with the world’s greatest. There was one specific table where I played with the Grinder, Men, Mike Wong, Minneapolis Jim – and it was the most incredible learning experience. I have just started playing tournaments and look forward to all the ones in the next coming months. Tournaments will make more of my regular play this summer.

CC: Where have you seen the greatest improvements to your game?

Lynette: My greatest improvement has definitely been in my no limit cash game. The caliber of play in LA and Las Vegas is much more challenging than play in my past.

CC: What criteria would you recommend that someone should use before deciding to play poker for a living?

Lynette: The first criteria would be strong mental and emotional health. There are a lot of swings in the game and whether it’s good or bad, you have to handle it well. Secondly, you have to have good money management and knowing your limits and being disciplined with it. It is also very important to have an open mind and always the desire to learn.

CC: It sounds very glamorous to actually play poker professionally. What does it really mean to you?

Lynette: It is more empowering than glamorous to me. Playing poker is hard work and is very mentally straining so when I have a successful session it gives me a great sense of fulfillment. People don’t seem to realize the hard work and luck that is involved to even make the money in a tournament. I hope one day, in the near future, I am able to enjoy the true glamour – winning a major tournament.

CC: I don’t want this to be the typical women in poker angle, but you are obviously an attractive, female poker player. How does being a female impact the table and your play?

Lynette: Being female, there are many advantages and disadvantages. I seem to get a lot of action - plays are always being made and I always get called down. Some men are just happy to have a female presence, so they play me softer. Although I experience a lot of bad beats from all the unnecessary action, overall it works to my advantage.

CC: Do you have a network of poker colleagues that you work with, or are you alone?

Lynette: I do not have a 'network' of poker colleagues but I’m very fortunate to have made friends with some of the world’s best. They all know who they are! :-)

CC: In some ways you’re every man’s dream: a beautiful, poker playing woman. How has poker impacted you and your relationships?

Lynette: I think dating any poker player is very hard. Poker can be a selfish game that involves a lot of time away from home, family and friends. It is a challenge to keep a good balance.

CC: Where do you see the future taking you?

Lynette: At this point, the future has no limits. I cannot even begin to predict with all the poker hype. My goal this year is to play and be successful in tournaments.


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