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WSOP Event #3 Pot Limit Holdem Final Table

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Rafe Furst knocked out Rocky Enciso, flopping two pair to win his initial World Series of Poker title and $345,984.

With blinds at $8k/16k and five players with under $150k in chips, any player entering a pot had to consider that it may be his last pot. The first casualty of the day was Alan Gilbert. Short stacked, he moved all in with 10h-10s but was dominated by Can Kim Hua’s Qs-Qh. The board never scared Hua’s higher pair, and Gilbert was out in 9th ($33,845). John Juanda was the most feared player at the final table, having sat at sixteen previous World Series of Poker final tables. He picked up a big hand early, pocket queens against Hua’s Ac-Kd. It was a race that would impact the table greatly when Hua caught a king on the flop. Juanda exited in 8th ($37,606) and Hua took the chip lead from Eric “Rizen” Lynch.

Chips were shoved back and forth; several players could see their exit in front of them only to catch miracle cards. Burt Boutin sucked out and doubled through Rocky Enciso, catching two pair with As-2c to Enciso’s Ah-Qh. A few hands later, George Bronstein doubled through Rizen catching two pair with big slick (A-K). These hands electrified the vocal railbirds, as the cheers resonated over the other poker tables. Enciso then doubled through George Bronstein with a very tough call. Enciso bet the pot only to be raised all-in by Bronstein. Enciso finally called, showing Qc-10c to Bronstein’s 9s-9d. He was pot committed and had to call, and the flop immediately saved his hide Kd-Qd-7s-3c-Jc. Richard Chase was hounded out of the tournament after doubling up Bronstein. Chase held Ah-4s to Bronstein Ac-7s, and with the kicker playing Chase was out in 7th on the next hand ($45,127).

A hand between Hua and Furst can only be described as incredible. First, Hua raised and was called by Furst. Hua bet out at a flop of Qd-7s-7h and Furst called. The 3c on the turn card led Hua to bet enough to put Furst all-in, and he quickly called showing As-Ah. Poker bloggers call Hua’s hand - 7-2o - The Hammer and raise religiously with it. It is the worst starting hand in poker, and Hua indeed had trapped Furst perfectly with 7d-2s. Furst’s day was done, as there were only two aces that could save him from his slow-played pocket aces. The Ad fell to the felt, and the room just erupted as Furst doubled up with a full house. With the shortest stack, Hua made a play at the pot a half hour later, with Boutin coming over the top to put pressure on Hua. He called with 7h-5h as he really couldn’t get away from the pot. Boutin had him dominated with Ac-7s, and Hua was out in 6th ($52,648). Boutin soon followed him, sent to the floor by Enciso, in 5th ($60,169).

The tangles continued, with everyone basically doubling each other up. Bronstein doubled through Rizen, catching a set of sixes on the turn vs. Rizen’s pocket nines. Enciso with Qc-10h doubled through Furst’s pocket Jacks, catching a miracle queen on the river. Furst in turn doubled through Rizen with As-5s vs. Ad-4s and an ace on the flop. Rizen with Ad-Kd doubled through Enciso’s 10s-10h when an ace flopped. Bronstein doubled through Furst and Enciso on successive hands as the two callers tried their best to end the madness. Finally, Rizen and Furst ganged up on Bronstein, both calling his all-in and Furst catching two pair to take the pot and eliminate Bronstein in 4th ($75,212).

When they returned from a dinner break, Rizen sat at $890k, Furst at $640k, and Enciso was short with $172k. Enciso doubled through Furst, bringing their chip counts closer together. After that came a critical chopped pot between Furst As-8s and Rizen’s Ad-Kd. When the flop came Jh-10c-6h, it looked like Furst would be gone in third place. Incredibly, running 6s-Jd brought the board two pair, so both aces played and split the pot, keeping Furst alive. Furst made Rizen pay for the lifeline, doubling through him when Furst flopped a straight after all the money was in again. Furst then went on a tear of small pots, accumulating enough chips for the chip lead.

All three players got their chips in a few hands later, and it looked like Furst would knock them both out for the victory. Furst held Ad-Kd, Enciso flipped over Kc-Qd, and Rizen was dominated with Ac-7h. The flop of Kh-Jd-3h looked to seal everyone’s fate at the table. No one could hear anything after the Qs hit the turn, and the 5c that followed, tripled up Enciso with two pair and sent Rizen out in 3rd ($104,544).

Furst would finish Rocky Enciso off soon after. With a flop of 10h-8s-4h, Enciso bet $80k and was min raised by Furst. After a call, the turn came 10s. Enciso this time bet at the pot for $400k, and Furst forced Enciso’s last $12k in chips. Enciso had J-4o and Furst held 8d-4d for a better two pair. A blank hit the river, and a new WSOP winner was crowned.

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