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WSOP Day 3: Prelude to the Race for the Cash vs. Chip Stacking

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For the first time at this year's Main Event, everyone in the field will be in the same room. 1,159 players start the day, and 286 will be busted before the players are in the money. The last nine players who bust will play a SNG for a seat to next year's World Series of Poker Main Event. Blinds start at $600/1200 with $200 antes for an hour then increase to $800/1600 with $200 antes. Here are some of the things to watch for before this important day.

Top Tables by Chip Count

- Table 11 ($1,293,100): Daniel Negreanu sits on $331k, but six other players have over $100k in chips. This table holds a lot of potential for Kid Poker.

- Table 38 ($1,223,000): Jason Strasser ($319k) is 7th in chips with Matt Maroon ($208.9k) and Akshay Kumar ($249.6k) in the wings. Three of the top 35 in chips sit here, with one player at $101k and everyone else below $90k.

- Table 135 ($1,297,600): Jon Lane has $405k, good for 3rd place, but with Allen Cunningham at $197k, this could be an opportunity to see the chip leader emerge by the end of the day.

Bottom Tables by Chip Count

- Table 24 ($395,100): Three players with less than $10k in chips

- Table 13 ($364,300): Everyone sits between $20-50k in chips

NOTE: Collusion is illegal at the World Series of Poker; however, if Tables 13 or 24 decided that the button would raise 3x the bb every hand and everyone else would fold, then these twenty people would be guaranteed $14,597.

Pros to Watch

- Surindar Sunar: Table 4 ($599k), $77k, no one has more than $100k in chips, so Sunar has a lot of opportunity to excel here. Many folks trying to sneak into the money

- Nam Le: Table 6 ($893k), he holds $91k with three over $140k

- Joe Hachem: Table 7 ($812k), $114k with Vaughn Sandman at $163k to his left; could be a deliberate table unless Hachem busts Sandman

- Daniel Negreanu: Table 11 ($1.293M), $331k, no one close to bubbling. Look for a lot of tight play until the bubble bursts

- Cyndy Violette: Table 12 ($830k), $79k with one player at $178k and two below $40k

- Tex Barch: Table 19 ($935k), $19.8k so Barch needs to double through someone. Five players above $100k and two others below $50k

- Freddy Deeb: Table 21 ($762k), $64.5k with four players below $40k, Deeb could chip up here and get in the thick of things

- Tom McEvoy: Table 25 ($433k), $60.5k remarkably puts him $5k off the chip lead in second place at this table. This could be like having a hawk work as a supervisor in a chicken pen. Look for McEvoy to own this table.

- Chris Ferguson: Table 37 ($531k), $55.2k with no one over $80k. Everyone will be encouraging him to play as many pots as he wants; that way, each hand will take ten minutes to play, bringing everyone closer to the money.

- John Gale: Table 42 ($651k), $146.5k gives him almost a quarter of the chips in play at the table. He knows how to use chips.

- Hoyt Corkins: Table 47 ($495k), $67.9k and six players under $35k means either no action or lots of action.

- Ted Forrest: Table 54 ($1.1M), $130.9k puts him in great shape to make a serious run at this title.

- Kathy Liebert: Table 68 ($843k), $48.5k has her below average in chips, with the person on her left the only other short stack at the table with $39k

- Darrel Dicken: Table 75 ($627k), $69.3k with Debra Lalor at $156k, so Gigabet has a great table to build his stack

- Mark Vos: Table 126 ($787k), $81k with top 15 chip count of Michael Lynn at $291k, as well as Annie Duke at $67k. Duke could bust out before the bubble as she tries to chip up.

- Prahlad Friedman: Table 128 ($844k), $49k puts him short but not on life support, with one player at $19k and six including Friedman between $40-60k

- David Grey: Table 133 ($786k), $46k puts him low with three others at the table. He should build momentum at this table if he doesn't get knocked out quickly.

- Allen Cunningham: Table 135 ($1.3M), $172.9k gives him the ammunition to play how he likes. He could make a big move today if the cards fall right for him.

- Tony Ma: Table 136 ($686k), $98.5k and his aggressive style could build a nice stack as players try to bubble.

- Layne Flack: Table 137 ($1.0M), $19.5k means he has to double or triple up quickly or he and his visor will be sitting in the FullTilt lounge.

- Phil Ivey: Table 138 ($673k), $23.4k puts him in the same boat as Flack, but only Sean Johnson at $191k has any chips here.

- Juan Carlos Mortensen: Table 140 ($983k), $77.6k is almost exactly average in chips, but look for him to quadruple that in the first three hours or bust out.

- Tony Bloom: Table 145 ($692k), $82.5k puts this English champ in good shape to make some noise.

- David Pham: Table 154 ($746k), $112k gives the Dragon all he can eat, so look for him to make a nice move up.

Check back frequently for more insight and up to date reports. You can always see the latest action at Quest of a Closet Poker Player.

*Photo courtesy of PokerPainter.Com*

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