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UltimateBet’s Aruba Poker Classic

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Devon Miller pulverized his opponents in the final field of the 2006 Aruba Poker Classic, sponsored by UltimateBet. In so doing, he bested 511 other players, winning $774,690.

On the way to the televised final table of six players, he steamrolled over his opponents busting the 10th place finisher, Sorel Mizzi, with A-Q against Mizzi's pocket tens. He took out the 9th place finisher, Konstantine Sobel, with pocket nines against Sobel's A-7. Next, he busted Alec Torelli, who held K-J and flopped a gutshot, with pocket kings. Finally, Miller's pocket fours held up against 7th place finisher Sumeet Batra's J-T.

The final table would prove to be no different, with Miller busting four out of his five fellow players.

As players met at the final table, the chip counts were as follows:

  1. Devon Miller, 2.94m
  2. Jared Brintz, 661k
  3. Terry Eischens, 541k
  4. Joe Sebok, 466k
  5. Cliff Josephy, 457k
  6. Jason Atwood, 141k

First to fall was the short stack, held by Jason Atwood, who picked up pocket eights and wound up losing to Jared Brintz' pocket queens. Atwood received $69,530 for sixth place.

Pocket eights also proved to be the ultimate hand for Joe Sebok, whose all-in was called by Miller, with A-Q. A queen on the flop sent Sebok packing in fifth place, which was good for $99,330.

With the blinds at $20k-$40k and a $5k ante, Miller proceeded to eliminate his next victim, Joe Brintz. The two held the biggest stacks at that point, Brintz having earlier doubled through Miller with K-4 against Miller's K-J on a flop of K-6-4. In this hand, after a flop of 3c-9c-4d, Miller, the preflop raiser, bet $100k, Brintz raised to $400k, and Miller went all-in. Miller's two pair, nines and fours, became a full-house with a nine on the turn, counterfeiting Brintz' flush draw with Ac-Tc. The latter's fourth place finish yielded $136,565.

Miller continued his rout of the field by knocking out Terry Eischens, whose J-7 proved no match for Miller's pocket eights. Eischens took home $235,905 for third place.

When heads-up play commenced, Miller held a chip lead of $4.48 million to Cliff Josephy's $730k. With an uphill battle in front of him, Josephy made at least one all-in play that caused his opponent to fold, but it did not take long for the final showdown to occur. Holding 10d-8c, Josephy raised preflop. Miller called with 4s-2s. The flop brought Miller two pair once again, as it showed 4c-7c-2c. Miller bet out, Josephy raised all-in, Miller called and the two saw the 6s on the turn. This gave Josephy several more outs, as he had picked up a double-belly buster to go with his flush draw. But it was not to be, as the river brought the irrelevant king of hearts. Josephy received $446,975 for his second place finish.

Following his win, Miller wasted little time in jumping into the pool for a victory lap. This young player had certainly earned it. It is worth noting that, at age 21, Miller was not even the youngest of the players. The final eight included a 19 year old, Alec Torelli, and third-place finisher Terry Eischens is just 20. Sumeet Batra is 22 and Jared Blintz 25, meaning that at age 40, Cliff Josephy could be considered the elder statesman of the field.

The UltimateBet Aruba Poker Classic will be televised on GSN.

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