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IGGY at PokerWorks

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Just when you thought the Blog Father was going to lay down his pen, and people were writing of his demise and eulogizing his epitaph, and speculation was running wild in blogdom about the man that ruined work place productivity for the last three years, the dwarf/housewife/mystery writer of Guinness and Poker has given up his future writings on blogspot and has moved over to join the PokerWorks blogging team .

Although Guinness and Poker will remain active, and all of his previous posts are there for the lurker and incentive for future poker blogging generations, IGGY moves to PokerWorks.

To make the story even better, one would have to see the picture from this writer's perspective. A bit of background: When I began writing and publishing tales of playing and dealing on PokerWorks, I was a lone entity. Blogger was not a household word, and in truth, I didn't even know such a term would ever become a monumental, tidal wave in cyberspace. I wrote out of a need to vent. That's the basics, no glorification, no point in thinking that it was for any other reason, it wasn't. I would like to believe that people blog now for basically the same reasons. Writing must be done because one needs/wants to write, not because there is a $ line waiting at the end of a sentence...otherwise the writing never paints a picture of what the writer is trying to portray. You do not have to reach, if the writing is pure, it tells it all, and that's what I believe blogging is all about.

I've received many an email from many a reader over the years. I want to share a small portion of this email:



I am a huge fan and have been reading you for what seems like years. In fact, you inspired me to start my own poker blog. I write at and it's not NEARLY as cool as yours. I am embarrassed to even include my blog in this email, actually. I'm sure I've sent some good traffic because I always state your diary is my favorite on the web.

There was a lot more to that email than the opening paragraph. But that paragraph gives one the background for an earth shattering, cyber rocking blog that has truly destroyed work place productivity and filled readers with all of the select information that one really wants to find on the internet about blogging and poker. IGGY has brought more blogs to life by sending traffic to those that are already cranking, than Carter has Pills (yes...I dated myself by that statement), and he's inspired so many more people to start writing which is a very, very good thing, for the writer and the reader.

If you ain't read Guinness and Poker, you ain't read...that's all there is to it. Now you can do all of your reading here, at PokerWorks. Please welcome *drum roll* the Blog Father !

*heavy sigh of happiness from the Blog Mother*

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