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New Games at Pokerstars and Full Tilt

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While some folks are frantically pulling out of the US market, stalwarts like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker are taking in abandoned customers with open arms, and offering them new games and different ways to play their favorite games.

Pokerstars has debuted two new games with a new style of interface this week. With the new interface now ready for public consumption, Pokerstars has offered Draw Poker for the first time to its customers. The game you learned at your grandfather's knee is now available online in limit, pot limit and no limit formats from one of the leaders in online poker.

Five card draw is simple, as depicted in countless films. Players are dealt five cards, followed by a round of betting. Players may then discard and redraw a portion of their hand in hopes to improve. There's another round of betting, and the best hand wins.

2-7 Triple Draw is a lowball version that is based on the creation of the worst hand. The best possible hand in 2-7 is 2-3-4-5-7, and Aces are always high. This is sometimes confusing to Razz players, where Aces are low. Players are dealt five cards and have three opportunities to redraw to improve their hands. There is a round of betting after the initial deal and after each draw round.

While Pokerstars is offering new games, Full Tilt Poker is offering different ways for their customers to play Texas Hold ‘Em. In addition to full table, 6-person and Heads-Up cash games, Full Tilt has offered two new types of Hold ‘Em games - Cap No Limit and Deep Tables.

Deep tables are just that, tables for deep stack play. With a normal table on Full Tilt, the minimum buy-in is 20 Big Blinds and the maximum buy-in is 100. With the new Deep Tables, the minimum buy is 50 Big Blinds and the maximum is doubled to 200. This offers players more flexibility in their games selection, and the opportunity to apply more pressure with bets, not to mention larger possible wins!

The Cap No Limit tables are played like regular No Limit games, but the maximum that any player may wager on a given hand is capped at 30 Big Blinds. So for a $.50/$1 No Limit game, the cap is $30/hand. This mimics the structure of some of the biggest games in the world, and allows players who may be transitioning from limit to no limit games to get their feet wet with a little bit of a safety net. It also encourages players to "take shots" at games that might ordinarily be outside their bankroll, generating more action at all levels.

Join me at the tables on Pokerstars and Full Tilt , I can be found most evenings at the $.50/$1 Cap No Limit tables!

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