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Down to the Wire in the $10,000 Los Angeles Poker Classic Main Event

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The final table of six players in the LA Poker Classic $10,000 Championship Event convenes today at 3:30 PM Pacific time at the Commerce Casino. The field boasted a whopping 791 entrants, which set new records for a $10K WPT Main Event. Each player at the final table is guaranteed at least $257,425 (the prize for 6th place), with the winner slated to receive $2,429,970 million. The runner-up will earn $1,177,010.
Players and chip counts going in to the final table are as follows:

JC Tran: $3.47M
Paul Wasicka: $3.39M
Jacobo Fernandez: $3.37M
David Bach: $2.27M
Eric Hershler: $2.16M
Chau Giang: $1.37M

JC Tran has held the chip lead since the end of Day 4 on Tuesday February 27th. It was a somewhat bumpy road for him to that point, as he held the lead going into Day 3 but relinquished it on a bluff against Jacobo Fernandez. With a possible straight and flush on the board, Tran, with Ace-high, bet enough to put Fernandez all-in on the river. Fernandez called holding A-A and took down the monster pot. After the dinner break, however, Tran regained the lead from the same opponent when he rivered a full house holding A-2 offsuit. Fernandez hung on and comes in today in third chip position.

On the way to this final table, Wasicka made what is widely considered to be one of the best calls of the tournament. On Day 3, he raised preflop with Q-9 offsuit from the small blind and got heads up with the big blind, Parimal Parmar. The flop came {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}. Wasicka checked, Parmar bet 24K and Wasicka called. He check called a bet of 51K on the turn, a {4-Diamonds}, as well. The river brought the {5-Diamonds} and a lot of possibilities. Wasicka checked again. This time, Parmar bet out 150K or roughly 75% of his stack. Wasicka thought for awhile. When he finally called, his opponent mucked. The hand put him at over 800K and the chip lead.

Yesterday, Wasicka capped several days of great play by winning two pots worth $2 million each. He raised preflop with A-10 offsuit and called an all-in from Bill Edler. Edler, who had him covered, held Q-J offsuit, and Wasicka doubled up. Soon after, he trounced Vinny Procopio, who moved in with pocket Queens and lost to Wasicka's A-K offsuit when a King flopped.

The list of entrants for this event reads like a veritable "Who's Who" of poker. Among the notables were Alan Goehring, who won this event last year, Allen Kessler, Allen Cunningham, Amir Vahedi, Anahit Galajian, Anthony Reategui, Antonio Esfandiari, Arash Ghaneian, Barry Greenstein, Barry Schulman, Bill Edler, Brad Booth, Can Kim Hua, Captain Tom Franklin, Chad Brown, Chau Giang, Chip Jett, Chip Reese, Chris Karagulleyan, Cindy Violette, Clonie Gowen, Dan Alspach, Dan Harrington, Daniel Alaei, Daniel Negreanu, David Benyamine, David "the Dragon" Pham, David Levi, David Plastik, David Sklansky, Davidson Matthew, Devon Miller, Erick Lindgren, Erik "Rizen" Lynch, Erik Seidel, Erika Schoenberg, Evelyn Ng, Feming Chan, Frank Kassela, Freddy Deeb, Gavin Smith, Gus Hansen, Hans "Tuna" Lund, Huck Seed, Isaac Haxton, Isabelle Mercier, James Van Alstyne, Jamie Gold, Jason Strasser, Jean-Robert Bellande, Jeff Cabanillas, Jeff Madsen, Jeff Shulman, Jerry Buss, Joe Awada, Joe Bartholdi, Joe Cassidy, Joe Hachem, Joe Sebok, Joe Tehan, Johan Storakers, John Juanda, Jordan Morgan, Kathy Liebert, Kelly Griggs, Kristy Gazes, Layne Flack, Lee Markholt, Marcus Stranzinger, Mark Gregorich, Mark Newhouse, Mark Seif, Marsha Waggoner, Martin de Knijff, Max Pescatori, Men "the Master" Nguyen, Michael Binger, Michael Mizrachi, Mike Matusow, "Miami" John Cernuto, Mimi Tran, Minh Ly, Minh Nguyen, Nam Le, Nenad Medic, Nick Shulman, Patrik Antonius, Paul Darden, Paul Wasicka, Phil Laak, Prahlad Friedman, Quinn Do, Ray Davis, Richard Tatalovich, Sean McCabe, Sean Sheikhan, Shane Schleger, Shannon Shorr, Steve Dannenman, Ted Forrest, Ted Lawson, Thomas Keller, Todd Brunson, Toto Leonidas, Tuan Le and Vanessa Rousso.

More than half the field was eliminated on Day 1, as Day 2 resumed with 368 players. By the end of that day, the field had narrowed even further, to 152. Among those departing in the first two days were Smith, Liebert, Newhouse, Schleger, Brown, Lynch, Kessler, Lindgren, Men the Master, Brunson, Benyamine, Laak, Cassidy, Deeb, Antonius, Sebok, Mercier, Schoenberg, Bartholdi, Franklin, Sheikhan, and de Knijff. Daniel Negreanu busted out on Day 1 after his pocket Aces got cracked on two of the last three hands he played. Michael Binger and Mike Matusow also busted out when their rockets got cracked.

Day 3 saw the departure of Greenstein, Seidel, Ly, Forrest, Leyser, Leonidas, Alaei, Do, Tehan, Medic, Dannenmann, and Friedman, along with 86 others, as they played down to the money.

The event paid 54 entrants, with money finishers thus far:

7 Bill Edler $189,840
8 Vinny Procopio $151,870
9 Ben Johnson $121,500
10 Jay Chang $91,125
11 Tad Jurgens $91, 125
12 Jason Strasser $91,125
13 Chris Bell $72,140
14 Joe Cordi $72,140
15 Juan Alvarado $72,140
16 Kristy Gazes $58,470
17 Shan Jing $58,470
18 Rick Munro $58,470
19 Can Kim Hua $45,560
20 Hans "Tuna" Lund $45,560
21 Suk Sung $45,560
22 Nam Le $45,560
23 Nick Schulman $45,560
24 Sung Yi $45,560
25 Isaac Haxton $45,560
26 Jeff Cabanillas $45,560
27 Babak Razi $45,560
28 Matthew Gianetti $35,690
29 Lee Markholt $35,690
30 Markus Stranzinger $35,690
31 Ted Lawson $35,690
32 Sean McCabe $35,690
33 Joe Awada $35,690
34 John Galbraith $35,690
35 John Little $35,690
36 Michael Carson $35,690
37 Roland Weedon $28,855
38 Daniel Idema $28,855
39 Avdo Djokovic $28,855
40 Lester Naquin $28,855
41 Robert Nehorayan $28,855
42 Greg "FTB"Mueller $28,855
43 Edward "Bolivia" Moncada $28,855
44 Gary Kainer $28,855
45 Richard Tatalovich $28,855
46 Jeffrey Anderson $22,780
47 Nhut Minh Tran $22,780
48 Dan Harmetz $22,780
49 Alan 'Bodog Ari' Engel $22,780
50 Peter Getten $22,780
51 Stan Jablonski $22,780
52 Steve Yoon $22,780
53 Daniel Woodward $22,780
54 Nick Binger $22,780

Check back for the finale.

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