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Atlantic City Poker Rooms – The Borgata

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It's the biggest, it's the busiest, it's the prettiest, and it has the hottest cocktail waitresses. Where do you start with the Borgata poker room? The Borgata has dethroned the Trump Taj Mahal, long considered the room to play in AC, as the top poker room in town, and there are a number of very good reasons for it.

To start with, it's simply bigger. With 85 tables spread throughout an enormous room, looking into the poker room at the Borgata feels more like standing at one end zone and looking across a football field. The Borgata is the second-largest poker room in the East, only trailing Foxwoods, and is considerably larger than any other AC poker room. With tons of space between tables, there's never a problem getting to your seat or getting comfortable.

The lists are all computerized and move very quickly. You'll seldom find a dealer sitting a dead spread at the Borgata, as they are quick to open tables when the lists get long. In my trip I was 15th on the list for a $2-5 table and waited less than fifteen minutes before they filled five spots ahead of me and opened a brand new table. I wasn't crazy about having to do my initial buy-in at the cage rather than at the table, but with the amount of action around the room, it makes sense to keep fills to a minimum by having players detour to the cage after locking up their seats.

The décor is beautiful, as well, with faux beach scenes painted on the walls to resemble windows and help with the claustrophobic feeling of most poker rooms. Chairs are very comfortable, even in a long session. The only place I've played that has better seats is The Venetian with their infinitely-adjustable rolling chairs. There are large bathrooms located right inside the poker room; that adds to the comfort and convenience level of the room.

The players are a good mix of tourists and locals, and there's no lack of action, at least at the No Limit tables. I watched multiple $50 preflop raises get called with stellar starting hands like J-9o, and had my $350 all-in get called with K-10s on a rainbow board of A-J-6. I enjoyed my session immensely, erasing an entire trip's worth of losses in that hand.

The cocktail waitresses are attentive and in appearance, a welcome improvement over many AC casinos. Frankly, they're universally beautiful. I don't know if table-side dining was available, but I didn't see it from anyone. The food court is located down the escalator right outside of the poker room, though and has offerings like Fatburger, so why would you not take 30 minutes away from the table and have a Fatburger? Comps are $2/hr, so it takes about 5-6 hours of play to earn a decent lunch.

The dealers I had were all great, ran the game smoothly, dealt with side pots well (and given the astounding number of all-ins I witnessed, there were a lot of side pots) and kept the game moving. The chips are a very nice Bud Jones composite chip, which doesn't stack as well as the traditional Paulson clay chips, but stays much cleaner due to its slick finish. I suspect that it's part of the maintenance of the room to wash the chips somehow as well, because they all looked nearly brand new, with none of the traditional casino grey grime you usually find on chips.

I'll certainly venture back to the Borgata on my next trip to AC, because I found it friendly, profitable and comfortable. It was by far the most attractive room I played this trip, and with the surface parking lot right outside the poker room casino entrance, the easiest to find as well!

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