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CarmenSinCity: A Smile Goes a Long Way

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I had an opportunity to speak with some of the people working in the service industry here at Harrah's during the World Series of Poker. Many of the people I talked to didn't actually work for Harrah's, they are here working for outside vendors.

As a former cocktail waitress, bartender and beer tub girl, I take it very personally when I see rude people giving the staff a hard time. I can remember working at the MGM on fight night, scrambling to take care of guests, running my legs off to make everyone happy, doing everything humanly possible to provide a good experience and totally stressing out when a customer wasn't pleased. I think I had complaints from customers maybe twice in my life and I let those complaints totally ruin my week. What I've come to learn through the years is that you can't please everyone no matter how hard you try.

After talking to the people that show up day after day here at the Rio I realize that things are still the same. You have your good customers, they are patient and understanding, these people make it a joy to come work at the WSOP. And then, you have your bad customers, they are impatient and crabby, and make coming to work a little more challenging.

The poker room is crazy at the Rio - and it should be that way, this IS the World Series of Poker!! We are all trying our best to work hard, have fun and make this an enjoyable experience - but sometimes things happen and I believe that it's how we handle the bad moments in life that show our true character. Everyday when I walk into the Amazon room I swear the room is a little smaller and a lot more crowded. Are they adding more tables during the day when I'm not here?? I can't imagine having to walk around and wait on all of these players - wow - what a tough job.

A few of the females told me that guys were pinching their behinds, and I have to ask, are we in kindergarten?? Just because some of the girls are dressed like they belong on the streets, let's remember that they are here doing a job and that job doesn't involve being groped by anyone. In confidence, one of the girls told me that a very famous player slipped her a room key out of the clear blue and she certainly didn't ask for it (does his wife know about this?).

It's not only the ladies that are taking the abuse. I spoke to a few of my dealer friends as well, and you know what? They aren't surprised to hear these stories because they deal with it all the time too. How many times have we heard horror stories about players yelling at the dealers? Better yet, how many times have you sat at a table and witnessed an unhappy player making rude comments to a dealer? I am embarrassed for the players and horrified for the dealers when I see these outbursts.

Over and over again I've heard stories of players not tipping dealers, being rude to management and harassment towards the females. A player can manage a buy-in of $1000 to play in a game but can't tip a cocktail server? These people work for tips. They aren't in there busting their tails for the pleasure of seeing your sweet little faces at the table everyday. The list goes on and on, comments that are out of line, x-rated language, and all kinds of foolishness.

Don't get me wrong, this is not the norm. Most of the players are true sweethearts and realize the value of having a pretty girl there to give them a massage, a congenial waiter bringing them an energy drink, or a dealer with a quick hand to move the game along. I'm glad! I don't want all poker players to get a bad rep! We need to step it up - tip our dealers, bartenders, beer tub girls, masseuses, waiters, waitresses, chip runners - better yet, it should be a law. Just remember, we all had to start somewhere and a smile goes a long way!

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