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Women’s Fashion at the WSOP

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Sunday is Ladies Day at the World Series of Poker, and what better day to look at the fashion statements being made-or missed-here at the Rio.

Fashion is always of the utmost importance to me. I feel that it's very important to look the part, and different situations call for different looks. Obviously what is acceptable at a night club isn't always appropriate for work. If I was attending an evening wedding at the Ritz, I'd dress differently than if I was attending a day wedding on the beach in Mexico. You get my point. In most cases there is a steadfast set of guidelines to be followed, and if you aren't sure what to wear to your cousin's christening, you can always ask Miss Manners.

In poker there doesn't seem to be a set of rules for fashion, and people are basically all over the place with their clothing choices. I've seen everything from prom dresses to stained t-shirts and sweats.

Today was Day One of the Ladies Event at the Rio, and I spent a good deal of time on the floor walking up and down the aisles checking out fashion do's and dont's for the ladies. Just call me a knock off version of Glamour Magazine.


I love that some of the girls are taking a chance (see above)! Who among us doesn't like to be noticed?? I love attention as much as the next guy, but sometimes being TOO over the top sends out the wrong message. I think that bright pink hair is going a little far, but who am I to talk? I have blonde, red, more red and brown shades in my hair. I think they all blend, but who knows? Maybe my hair will be in the "don't" section of someone's blog next week.

Hats are playing a major role in female and male fashion choices this year. We've all seen Jesus Ferguson , Hoyt Corkins and Doyle Brunson wearing cowboy hats. I had the pleasure of seeing a few pink and red crystal studded cowgirl hats on the heads of many female players today. I enjoy anything that sparkles so I don't have a problem with those hats, but I'm not a big fan of flamboyant Sunday brunch and Kentucky Derby hats at the poker tables. I was surprised to see quite a few of those today and it was quite disturbing. A lot of females can pull off a cute painters cap (Cindy Violette) and a few others look great in baseball caps. Of course I'm a fan of the Bebe studded hats, but that goes back to my obsession with sparkly things and I think we already covered that.

It's important that I mention how cold it is here at the Rio, and I understand that a lot of people choose warmth and comfort over stylishness. However, I'm here to tell you that warmth, comfort and style are all compatible! I know it sounds crazy, but I promise you can be warm and look hot too.

This girl has my look perfected!!!!!! Note that the cleavage is popping (above), yet she has a very stylish and comfortable jacket on for warmth. Impressive! I'm also a fan of wearing sunglasses that fit your face. Just because Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton are slaves to the newest accessories that doesn't mean we can all pull off the oversized sunglasses look. I think it's more important to wear things that flatter our features instead of always choosing the latest trends. Most of the time these trends go out of style for a reason.

Okay Kathy, we get it (above). Everyone knows that you are a serious poker player and you don't need to flash any cleavage to get respect. Yes, we understand that respect is earned and looking good is definitely not a necessity at the poker table. However, would it hurt to slap on a little mascara, some blush and maybe an outfit that matched? Come on, lift that hat up a little and show us that pretty smile. You know you wanna! I'm pretty sure Change100's (link) offer for a makeover is still open. It'll be fun!! We can have a pajama party afterwards. Hey - that could be a whole new article for me!! Give it some thought and get back to us Kathy.


Well played Evelyn Ng (below). She was like "screw being warm - I have a hot body and a beautiful face and I'm going to flaunt it". She had the sunglasses on her head, Bodog shirt tied up to show a nice flat stomach, and beautiful silver hoops to match her sexy belly ring. Evelyn is my new fashion hero at the WSOP! We all have to have our aspirations right?

This is CarmenSinCity always bringing the hard hitting news to your desktop! Next week we'll talk about men's fashion!!

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