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More Proof A Lady Won’t Win the Main Event.

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If any of you want proof that a woman will not win the Main Event of WSOP anytime soon, you only need to have watched some of the recent ladies only events on TV. Last month Poker After Dark gave us Ladies' Week and this week we have the final table of the 2007 WSOP Ladies' event. Both illustrated the weak-tight style used by most women poker players and discussed in "Is She a bad poker player?"

A few weeks ago the producers gathered six of the top rated women poker players in the world, (I often wonder why we don't see players like: Linda Johnson, Susan Isaacs, and Kathy Liebert?) and their play simply supported my contention that women aren't aggressive enough to win in the Main Event structure. After the first hour, the chip leader was up only 10% and the short stack was down only 15%. Two hours and the short stack was down only 35%. The first player busted out at the end of the 4th hour. All of the players played good tight-aggressive poker and none of the ladies got involved with out premium hands until blind pressure forced them in. They continued to swap blinds until a good string of cards gave Clonie Gowen a relatively super stack and she was able to land each of the short stacks in succession. Although she played the cards very well, she did have the cards to play.

Now I'm watching the final table of the Ladies' Hold'em event at the WSOP. All of the players are simply pushing in their cards and blinds, and folding to any pressure at all. It has gotten so bad that the announcer concludes that the most exciting thing was watching the players eat bananas.

The Ladies just will not take a chance. Even Liz Lieu the color commentator is a bit disgusted. The only player that has shown any inclination to make a move has been Vanessa Selbst. She had a significant stack (2nd) and, took a couple of shots with Ax, and based on her other hands those where the best she picked up.

Katja Thater's big stack has allowed her to make a few moves, but after a long stretch of nothing and making a couple of real bad plays, has been reduced to an average stack, (5th). As expected they've all demonstrated that weak-tight style favored by most ladies. Play seems to be a single bet and all fold, and as the blinds got big, desperate pushes by short stacks and almost reluctant calls by the other players. Most are simply playing not to lose, and to move up one more spot.

The most entertaining portion of the broadcast was probably the commentary between Howard David and Liz Lieu. Well Lieu has been replaced by Lacey Jones, and the larger blinds have forced the small stacks to move in one after another. Now there are only two left. The stacks are 1.6 million vs. about 1 million and the blinds at about 100k, this might not last long. Now the play changed drastically. It seems both players had been told to bet big with any Queen. They actually swapped stacks several times before one got unlucky and didn't hit the flop. The new Ladies champ is Sally Boyer.

I'm not implying that the ladies aren't winning poker players. In any normal game, when the guys are there to push the action, their style of play usually earns some money. In these two games no one is pushing the action, and the one that catches the cards will win in the end.

All the nets are in the water but there is nothing else there unless a couple of boats collide and someone falls in. This style will not win the ME. The large fields and super stacks gathered by the super aggressive players combine to overload the nets and pull the "fisherwomen" into the water with the sharks.

In the ME, you can't wait for something to fall into your trap. You've got to go out and KILL something. If you have read "Is She a bad poker player?", you know that I said the only women that have a chance of winning are those of Vietnamese descent. Just for your information Liz Lieu is Vietnamese.

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