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CarmenSinCity: Men’s Fashion at the WSOP

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Those of us who have played in a live poker game at a casino know that there is usually a pretty standard uniform among the men. Generally you see a lot of t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, hats and of course sunglasses. Often times you see a player at the table sporting his favorite team jersey, and more times than not you'll see logos from online poker sites like Full Tilt, Bodog and PokerStars.

All of these clothing choices are pretty generic and rather dull, yet safe. These outfits won't get you on any best dressed lists, they won't make much of an impact on anyone, but you won't have to worry about people laughing behind your back either.

So, today as I was walking through the Amazon Room, searching for subjects for my fashion article, I found myself struggling for material. Most of the men were playing it safe! That is, until I ran across Dan Alspach.

Dan is wearing a matching shirt and visor. Normally I would say that a coordinating outfit is a good thing, if the pattern is small. However, if you are wearing a loud shirt, with a large pattern, I would suggest that you skip the matching hat. In fact, in most cases, I would stay away from very large patterns in general. Everything should be done in moderation. If you are wearing a pattern on top, it's usually a safe bet to wear a solid on bottom.

One of the things I've noticed from watching poker on T.V. and then even further from walking around the Rio is that some players have their own personal image. Is this just a comfort thing, is it a superstitious thing or is it just lack of imagination? Well, I think that each player would have to answer that question separately. I remember watching Steve Dannenman playing during the main event in 2005 and he told a reporter that he wouldn't change his shirt from day to day because it had been such a good luck charm for him. I get that!

We all have our "things". Chris Ferguson always wears a black trench and a cowboy hat; this works for him. I can find Andy Bloch across a crowded room at any given time because he always wears a speckled snakeskin hat. If I was his girlfriend, I'd be very appreciative that I could find him so easily. Phil Helmuth wears black and yellow, and Greg Raymer likes to wear socks with his sandals. These guys have found their "thing," and they stick to it.

I was really hoping to find some men that were taking a chance, mixing things up and going for broke. Sammy Farha is one of those guys! He wears nice shirts in bold colors and, although I didn't touch him, his shirts look soft and silky. I can imagine that he's very comfortable and he looks fantastic! Sammy, I thank you for adding a little color and excitement to an otherwise drab poker room.

Although I'm not a fan of this hat, I give this gentleman props for mixing it up. I mean, how often do you see a person wearing a straw hat with an alligator on the top?? This is a first for me and I'm not going to hate on him for taking a chance.

Yes, I've seen some do's and I've seen some don'ts, but by far my pick for best dressed guy at the World Series of Poker goes to Robert Williamson. This is a man that knows how to dress. How many men can pull off a purple ensemble? Not many.

Robert is the epitome of style and masculinity. This is the kind of look you'd see in GQ or on a runway in France. I'm so tickled to see someone with flare sitting in the Amazon Room. Keep up the good work Robert. You've certainly got my attention.

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