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CarmenSinCity Plays Limit Hold-em at the Rio

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No-Limit Texas Holdem is my game of choice. $2/5 NL Holdem is the smallest game of no limit that the Amazon Room at the Rio spreads. I'm not comfortable with those stakes, so I decided to take a chance with CC backing me and play some LH.

I put my name on the list for $4/8 and then took a seat and waited for about thirty minutes. It was Sunday evening around 7:00PM,. and that place was packed. The later it gets, the more crowded the room becomes.

Sitting back and waiting for your name to be called isn't always a bad thing. There is always something to see, and I take full advantage of these times. At Table 148, I saw a 70 year old man proposing to a 25 year old blonde. Was he kidding around? Maybe! I guess we can't be sure. Two tables over I witnessed a very drunk and belligerent lady slam her cards on the table, cuss out another player and stomp out of the room. An announcement was made congratulating yet another unknown bracelet winner, and I saw Jennifer Tilly glide by in her cowboy hat talking on her cell phone, heading toward the desert. Just another day at the Rio.

My name was finally called, and I took my spot at Table 159, Seat 6. Almost instantly I was on mega tilt when the dealer, Shai informed me that I need to make only one motion to throw out the chips. I'm like "excuse me?" he goes on to explain to me the do's and don'ts of betting and raising when I finally said to him "Isn't this $4/8 limit?" He turned about three shades of red and apologized. It seems that he mostly deals no limit and was a little confused.

To my left, Christian from Oliente was playing in seat 7. He was a jovial guy, started chatting me up right away and gave me a few tidbits about the table. He mentioned that the guy in seat 5 to my right was a serious no-nonsense kind of guy, and he barely muttered a word the entire game. Okay, does mister no-nonsense realize that we are playing a very low stakes game of limit hold-em? What is there to be so serious about? I find it hard to be hard core about a game that finds six callers chasing straights and flushes to the river on every hand.

Sitting directly across from me was a cute little old lady with Mardi Gras beads around her neck. I instantly took a liking to her. She reminded me of Grandma, and I miss mine! She was all-in almost as soon as I sat down. I think she just liked to say "all-in". She was from Phoenix and that became her new nickname. "Phoenix - I'm rooting for you - good luck!" I chimed. She laughed about her new nickname, but I must have brought her some good vibes because she won the hand. "Nice hand maam," said the 8s. Nobody wants to see a social security check go down the drain so quickly. She could at least save some of that money for the slots when she's over watching the Carnival and catching more beads.

Seats 2 and 3 were from the East Coast and they were making prop bet. They were wagering on if the flop would be rainbow, all face cards, no face cards, no hearts, all diamonds, etc. I guess that's one way to liven up a game of limit. On one particular hand that the 2 seat was involved, he flopped a flush, and checked it. Very sneaky! On the turn he started betting and eventually won the pot. He talked about how well he played that hand for the next half hour. "Nice hand sir - well played". At least he can tell all of his friends back in nowhere, Virginia about that "huge pot" he won in the Amazon Room at the World Series of Poker.

All in all, I lost $100 buy-in in about an hour because my set got beat by a flush, my two pair was beat by a straight and my aces were cracked. That's poker. I'll stick to playing NLHE at the MGM Grand with drunk tourists who realize it's just a game.

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