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Poker News | World Series of Poker | WSOP2007

Eli Elezra Takes the Lead in the $50k HORSE Event

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The most anticipated event of the World Series of Poker got off to great start with every big name at poker sitting in the Amazon Room. Eli Elezra made an early, gambly surge then built his stack to take the chip lead.
Defending champion Chip Reese got play started after all the players milled around, the twenty table corral looking more like a family reunion than arguably the most important poker tournament of the year. Much like a political fundraiser, players learned that they had a menu to choose for their complimentary meal, a nice touch for their $2k in juice.

Blinds started at 300/600 in LH, so pots quickly became meaningful for the 141 men and 7 women who were seated together. Arguably the toughest table was Table 16. Kirk Morrison and Mike Sexton joined four players at last year's Final Table: TJ Cloutier, David Singer, Dewey Tomko, and Phil Ivey. For good measure, Todd Brunson was switched to Table 16 as he was originally seated in the big blind when his father had the button.

Some players played very conservatively early on while others gambled it up. Eli Elezra was the latter. In a
four-handed Razz hand with 1200/2400 bets, the cards shown were fairly amazing:

Eli Elezra: {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{7-Spades}
Chad Brown : {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}
David Chiu: {7-Hearts}{7-Spades}{4-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
Tuan Le: {A-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{9-Spades}{8-Spades}

Elezra bet blind on seventh street, and every player called. He flipped over the dealt card and screamed, "Deuce!" He had {2-Hearts}{3-Spades}{4-Clubs} {5-Clubs}{7-Spades} for a 75 low and scooped a 115k pot. Tuan Le was shell-shocked as he stumbled to Chip Reese and Howard Lederer at the next table. "He had three fives on the board," whimpered Le, and there really wasn't anything to say.

A few players made hasty exits. Jeffrey Lisandro busted out then headed over to the $1.5k NLH/LH Mixed Event,

promptly finishing Day 1 second in chips. Others out on Day 1 included Johnny Chan, Sammy Farha, Josh Arieh, Andy Black, Chau Giang, Gus Hansen, David Benyamine, and Mark Vos. The young Aussie Vos was sleeping on a bench on the way to the Rio thirty minutes before the tournament started, probably not the best way to prepare for the event.

Others had roller coaster rides. In Stud, Phil Hellmuth bet out on a x-x-{Q-Spades}{5-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{10-Spades}-x board and was promptly raised by John Hennigan with x-x-{8-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}-x. Hellmuth called after David Benyamine folded, and Hennigan showed the Mark of the Beast as his down cards, {6-Spades}{6-Clubs}{6-Hearts}. Hellmuth finished at 158k, while Hennigan sat at 97k.

127 players made it into Day 2, with Eli Elezra on top. The top ten in chips:

Eli Elezra (561k)
Bruno Fitoussi (359k)
David Oppenheim (302k)
Gavin Smith (261k)
Phil Ivey (260k)
Alex Kravchenko (219k)
Barry Greenstein (212k)
Erik Seidel (190k)
Toto Leonidas (188k)
Scotty Nguyen (186k)

Some of the big tables from today:

Table 41 (1.35m) Eli Elezra (561k) makes this one top heavy, but he'll be a locomotive with John Juanda (176k), Rafi Amit (171k), and Dewey Tomko (134k) trying to slow him down.

Table 17 (1.04m) This is currently a six-handed table, so it should be either broken down or take on a player or two. With Bruno Fitoussi (359k) and Gavin Smith (261k), it has two of the top four chip leaders.

Table 47 (1.00m) A very balanced but tough table. Barry Greenstein has largest stack (212k), but Matt Hawrilenko (178k), Darrell Dicken (165k), Chris Ferguson (120k), David Chiu (118k), and Joe Cassidy (120k) are in hot pursuit.

Table 24 (941k) It has Phil Ivey (260k). Any questions?

Heading into Day 2, here are the remaining players and their tables.

Mike Sexton (14k) 5 1
Steve Sung (74k) 5 2
Alex Kravchenko (219k) 5 3
Dan Harmetz (10k) 5 4
Mike Matusow (178k) 5 5
Greg Mascio (159k) 5 6
Noah Jefferson (103k) 5 7
John Duthie (55k) 5 8

Marco Traniello (100k) 6 1
Justin Bonomo (135k) 6 2
MJ Partin (116k) 6 3
Jeff King (55k) 6 4
Jim Bechtel (36k) 6 5
Allen Kessler (104k) 6 6
Huck Seed (158k) 6 7
Matt Lefkowitz (115k) 6 8

Annie Duke (179k) 11 1
Soheil Shamseddin (160k) 11 2
Brad Helm (133k) 11 3
Max Pescatori (116k) 11 4
Isabelle Mercier (85k) 11 5
Patrik Antonius (147k) 11 6
Ali Eslami (73k) 11 8

Freddy Deeb (130k) 12 1
John D'Agostino (51k) 12 2
David Sklansky (119k) 12 3
Ariel Schneller (36k) 12 4
Bari Sklar (122k) 12 5
Benjamin Lin (12k) 12 6
Tuan Le (74k) 12 7
Abraham Mosseri (182k) 12 8

Robert Mizrachi (115k) 17 3
Gavin Smith (261k) 17 4
Ralph Perry (74k) 17 5
Bruno Fitoussi (359k) 17 6
Greg Meuller (140k) 17 7
Rob Hollink (92k) 17 8

Thor Hansen (149k) 18 1
Gabe Kaplan (124k) 18 2
Mark Tenner (107k) 18 3
Doyle Brunson (108k) 18 4
John L Cover (87k)18 5
William Chen (80k) 18 6
Sherkhan Farnood (84k) 18 7
John Hanson (123k) 18 8

Andy Bloch (138k) 23 1
Erick Lindgren (169k) 23 2
Brandon Adams (13k) 23 3
CR Kaelin (102k) 23 4
Jesse Jones (2k) 23 5
Mike Wattel (88k) 23 6
Neal Friets (149k) 23 7

Tom Franklin (140k) 24 1
Robert Williamson III (102k) 24 2
Phil Ivey (260k) 24 3
Luke Neely (83k) 24 4
Jason Lester (96k) 24 5
David Singer (158k) 24 6
Kirk Morrison (39k) 24 7
Thomas Weideman (63k) 24 8

Michael Mizrachi (36k) 29 1
Howard Lederer (107k) 29 2
Scotty Nguyen (186k) 29 3
Chris Reslock (153k) 29 5
Phil Laak (179k) 29 6
Joe Tehan (79k) 29 7
Ted Forrest (118k) 29 8

Nikolaus Frangos (118k) 30 2
Bill Edler (63k) 30 3
David Levi (62k) 30 4
Maureen Feduniak (44k) 30 5
Keith Lehr (150k) 30 6
Daniel Shak (77k) 30 7
Mark Gregorich (147k) 30 8

Chris Gentile (161k) 35 1
Jennifer Harman (41k) 35 3
John Phan (50k) 35 4
Ray Dehkharghani (99k) 35 5
Vladimir Troyanovskiy (10k) 35 6
Pat Pezzin (161k) 35 7
Daniel Negreanu (135k) 35 8

Kristy Gazes (127k) 36 1
Tom Schneider (35k) 36 2
Tony Cousineau (135k) 36 3
Sam Grizzle (118k) 36 4
David Williams (106k) 36 5
Allen Cunningham (159k) 36 6
Bill Gazes (107k) 36 7
Tim Phan (171k) 36 8

Greg Raymer (148k) 41 1
Chad Brown (93k) 41 2
Tony G (64k) 41 3
Phil Hellmuth (158k) 41 4
Erik Seidel (190k) 41 5
Carlos Mortensen (54k) 41 6
Cyndy Violette (87k) 41 7
Eli Elezra (561k) 41 8

John Juanda (176k) 42 1
Dewey Tomko (134k) 42 2
Victor Ramdin (74k) 42 3
David Grey (94k) 42 4
Bart Hanson (54k) 42 5
Rafi Amit (171k) 42 6
Harry Thomas Jr (87k) 42 7
Bueno Patrick (26k) 42 8

Barry Greenstein (212k) 471
Stephen Wolff (80k) 47 2
Chris Ferguson (120k) 47 3
Darrell Dicken (166k) 47 4
Tad Jurgens (7k) 47 5
Matt Hawrilenko (178k) 47 6
David Chiu (118k) 47 6
Joe Cassidy (120k) 47 7

Kenny Tran (123k) 48 1
Mickey Appleman (79k) 48 2
Roy Thung (79k) 48 3
Steve Zolotow (107k) 48 4
Chip Reese (154k) 48 5
TJ Cloutier (36k) 48 7
Farzad Bonyadi (100k) 48 8

Unidentified Table and Seats
David Oppenheim (302k)

Toto Leonidas (188k)

Amnon Filippi (162k)

John Hennigan (98k)

Todd Brunson (93k)

Hasan Habib (79k)
Ted Lawson (55k)

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