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Poker News | World Series of Poker | WSOP2007

Amnon Filippi and Freddy Deeb Lead the Final Table at the $50k HORSE Event

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With Gabe Kaplan's elimination in ninth place, the Final Table of eight players was set for the $50k HORSE title. Incredibly, the top six players heading into Day 4 made it to the Final Table, with chipleaders Amnon Filippi (left photo courtesy of PokerNews) and Freddy Deeb joined by Barry Greenstein and Thor Hansen on life support.

It was a day of heartbreak with monster hands cracked by monster hands. Typical of the day was a Omaha hand between David Singer and Steve Wolff. On a flop of {K-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}, the players re-raised until the pot was capped. When {K-Clubs} turned over, they did the same until Wolff was all-in. Singer confidently turned over {6-Clubs}{6-Spades}{5-Spades}{2-Clubs}, but he was drawing dead when Wolff showed {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}{10-Hearts}{10-Spades}. The only river card that could save him was a fifth six, but that's another deck, for another game, for another day.

Five players needed to leave before they reached the money for the top sixteen, but all had their sights higher than just cashing. Many of the stars who wanted this title badly left early. In a Seven Card Stud hand, Bruno Fitoussi paired his three on seventh street to give him aces and treys, a better two pair than Daniel Negreanu's jacks and eights. He was gone in 21st.

In Stud 8 or Better, Mark Gregorich knocked out Patrick Pezzin with a better flush on seventh street. Pezzin was one of the short stacks at the beginning of the day but couldn't get chips when he needed them. They reached the bubble with the departure of Max Pescatori in 18th and Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo in 17th. They went hand-for-hand five times to lose the last player and reach the money.

In Omaha, Filippi raised to 50k, Matusow and Raymer called. Filippi bet 25k into the {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{3-Clubs} after Raymer checked from the big blind, and Matusow raised. Both players called, and {J-Diamonds} came on the turn. Matusow again bet, and both stayed in. {10-Diamonds} on the river brought a bet from Raymer. Filippi folded, and Matusow reluctantly called. Raymer showed A-K-Q for a flopped top two pair that hit runner-runner straight. It got Raymer healthy at the expense of Matusow, who was left with 75k. On another table, Tim Phan knocked out Noah Jefferson, who Michael Binger had been following for the two days.

Tables were redrawn as even these seasoned players celebrated making the money. Amnon Filippi still had the chip lead at 2.35m, with Kenny Tran (1.9m) and Bruno Fitoussi (1.8m) close behind. Day 2 chipleader John Hanson (280k) joined Matusow on a short stack.
ESPN Feature Table

1s Chris Reslock (227k)
2s Amnon Filippi (2.35m)
3s Dewey Tomko (340k)
4s David Singer (948k)
5s Kenny Tran (1.9m)
6s Steve Wolff (731k)
7s Mike Matusow (75k)
8s Barry Greenstein (1.09m)
Table 66
1s Bruno Fitoussi (1.8m)
2s Mark Gregorich (700k)
3s Greg Raymer (750k)
4s Tim Phan (1.1m)
5s Thor Hansen (500k)
6s Gabe Kaplan (500k)
7s Freddy Deeb (1.1m)
8s John Hanson (280k)

Wolff knocked out Matusow on the final hand of Omaha, catching the A-2-3-4-5 wheel straight for the high and low to close the Mouth in 16th ($88,800). They switched to Razz with antes of 7k, a 10k bring-in, and bets of 30k/60k. Any hand could be critical in such a gambly game, and several players avoided Razz like the plague. Chris Reslock was short and got all his money in with {5-Diamonds} showing and 4-2 in the hole. Barry Greenstein stayed in with him with {7-Spades}{6-Diamonds} showing and 7-4 in the hole. Reslock smiled until three tens followed for him on the board, and he was done to Greenstein's 7-6-5-4-A. Chris Reslock finished 15th ($88,800).

These fourteen men stayed together for quite awhile. John Hanson was down to nothing before doubling through Mark Gregorich. His 10-7-6-2-A held up against Gregorich's Q-9-8-4-A. Filippi extended his lead, taking down a big four-way pot with 7-5-4-3-A. On Table 66, Raymer and Kaplan went to the end, with Raymer betting seventh street with 4-K-5-4 showing. Kaplan mucked his 6-10-Q-8, and they headed to Seven Card Stud and Stud 8 or Better. As they moved into Hold-Em, the chip counts were:

ESPN Feature Table

1s Bruno Fitoussi (900k) -900k
2s Amnon Filippi (2.08m) -270k
3s Dewey Tomko (515k) +175k
4s David Singer (1.90m) +950k
5s Kenny Tran (1.0m) -900k
6s Steve Wolff (590k) -141k
8s Barry Greenstein (1.33m) +240k
Table 66
2s Mark Gregorich (170k) -530k
3s Greg Raymer (610k) -140k
4s Tim Phan (420k) -680k
5s Thor Hansen (1.05m) +550k
6s Gabe Kaplan (950k) +450k
7s Freddy Deeb (1.7m) +600k
8s John Hanson (750k) +470k

Singer, Deeb, and Hansen had made the biggest moves forward during the three stud rounds while Fitoussi and Tran had shed almost 1m chips each.

Hold-Em and Omaha 8 or Better had blinds of 20k/40k with 40k/80k bets. Raymer lost a couple hands and was out in 14th ($103,008). There truly is no won as courteous to fans as Raymer. Once he signed a fossil between hands, and he always asks who he should make the autograph out to. He's also shown that his Main Event title was no fluke, and he should be in contention for many more bracelets before he decides he's done with poker. Two other players left as they switched to Omaha 8 or Better before the dinner break.

Phan, Kaplan, Deeb, and Hanson saw a flop of {J-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{7-Spades}. Hanson folded as Deeb bet with Kaplan and Phan calling. {6-Clubs} brought another bet from Deeb, and Phan raised all-in to hopefully triple up. Kaplan and Deeb both called. {J-Hearts} came on the river, and both players checked. Kaplan showed A-3 for the low, and Deeb had 9-10 for the street. Phan folded, out in 13th ($103,008).

Wolff, Tomko, and Tran were involved in a three-bet pot pre-flop. {10-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} came on the flop, and Wolff moved all-in for 30k. Tomko called, but Tran raised to 70k, which Tomko also called. {10-Diamonds} brought a check from both players, then Tomko bet 80k when {A-Clubs} came on the river. Tran called, and Tomko showed A-10 for a full house. Tran had 6-4 for the 6-4-3-2-A low, and Wolff mucked as he was out in 12th ($117,216).

ESPN Table

2s Amnon Filippi (2.95m) +870k
3s Dewey Tomko (820k) +305k
4s David Singer (1.18m) -125k
5s Kenny Tran (1.62m) +620k
8s Barry Greenstein (1.81m) +465k
Table 66
1s Bruno Fitoussi (940k) +40k
2s Mark Gregorich (220k) 50k
5s Thor Hansen (1.18m) +175k
6s Gabe Kaplan (1.19m) +235k
7s Freddy Deeb (1.7m) +10k
8s John Hanson (1.18m) +425k

Play started back with Razz, antes of 10k, a 15k bring-in, and bets of 50k/100k. Mark Gregorich had nursed his short stack masterfully like an injured puppy while Filippi extended his lead. Gregorich finally gave in during Razz, out in 11th ($117,216). Dewey Tomko left in 10th ($131,424), leaving David Singer as the lone member of last year's Final Table. One more player needed to leave before the Final Table was set. The pots in the three stud games with the big boys were monsters.

Tran used 3-2 in the hole to make 6-4-3-2-A and take a 1m pot from Singer. In Seven Card Stud, Singer used 6-5 down to make a nine-high straight for a 1.1m pot with Greenstein. Deeb took 1m with a full house to beat out Fitoussi for a pot. No one wanted to leave, but one had to go.

It would be easy to dismiss Gabe Kaplan as a sentimental favorite, what with his fame from the 70's classic "Welcome Back Kotter." He's been a poker player for many more years than he's been an actor. He was supremely focused throughout the last two days, rarely glancing at the railbirds seeking autographs or a smile. One of the few times he spoke to a railbird was when I offered to get a Gatorade for him when a confused cocktail server didn't know how he could find one. As he handed me a five-dollar bill, I fished into my pocket for two dollars in change. "I guess you don't want a tip, do you?" he asked. I handed him the two bucks, and he nursed the drink through the last hour of Day 3. His bustout hand was a fitting end of a wild day.

He got all his money in on fourth street as Hansen and Deeb bet feverishly until the end, with Hansen raising on seventh street only to see Deeb three-bet it.

Hansen 3-J-Q-4
Deeb 5-6-K-J
Kaplan J-7-10-Q

Hansen had 3-3-4 in the hole, and he knew his full house was good until Deeb three-bet it. When Hansen called, Deeb said, "Four sixes," and turned over the mark of the beast, 6-6-6. Hansen was down to 40k, and Gabe Kaplan was out in 9th ($131,424). Had they played NLH as they did last year at the Final Table, Kaplan would have made it to the end. This year, they'll ride HORSE throughout the Final Table.

1s Kenny Tran (2.45m)
2s David Singer (1.33m)
3s Bruno Fitoussi (895k)
4s John Hanson (1.99m)
5s Freddy Deeb (3.5m)
6s Thor Hansen (40k)
7s Amnon Filippi (4.02m)
8s Barry Greenstein (750k)

Filippi showed he wasn't ready to self destruct as he extended his chip lead, while the massive last pot put Deeb in great shape for a big run. John Hanson came from the felt to finish squarely fourth in chips, and Thor Hansen will try to add a new chapter to the chip-and-a-chair mythology that is the World Series of Poker.

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