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Poker News | World Series of Poker | WSOP2007

Cash Game Report: When It Rains It Pours

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The cash games at the Rio during the WSOP run 24 hours a day, save for maybe three hours a week when officials have to make room for the start of tournaments with more than 2,000 players. During the rest of the time, there are certain ebbs and flows to the action on the tables - and over the past few days, it has become rather flooded.

Just about every cash table in the Amazon is full, with plenty of new players to come in. Usually these games begin to break as night rolls on, but this week, instead of starting to thin out, come 2 am and they are still all full - with the average stacks on the table more than twice as big as in a typical game of whatever stakes.

Some of the players spotted playing cash in the Rio poker room over the past few days:

The distinguished veteran TONY MA seems to have a hard time pulling away from the $75/$150 Omaha Hi Lo game. World Poker Tour tourney director LINDA JOHNSON has also made herself a regular at this game (while not playing Chinese poker). And 1986 main event champion BERRY JOHNSTON has been sitting at these Omaha tables, too.

Cruiserweight pro TEDDY MONROE (above) had become a blinged-out fixture in the $100/$200 Hold'em game - usually sitting behind growing mountains of green. He disappeared from the Rio for a few days, but now is back killing the game. "There's a new guy at the table just giving money away," he said. "I can't go home."

GREG DINKIN, the literary agent responsible for inking more poker book deals than any other finally showed up at the WSOP and started his action at the Rio with some $10/$20 Omaha.

JAY GREENSPAN, one of Dinkin's clients, also arrived this week - and he's having a hard time not sitting down for some $2/$5 Pot Limit Omaha. This game is playing rather big - more like a $5/$10 pot-limit game, and Greenspan says he is having a hard time not playing ... because the tables "are really soft" and full of playersrelatively new to this variety of Hold'em. Greenspan is author of Hunting Fish: A Cross-Country Search for America's Worst Poker Players.

LEE WATKINSON has been playing the $10/$25 No-Limit Hold'em game. Last we checked he was sitting comfortably with about $12,000 in front of him.

STEVE WONG, an up-and-coming Chinese-Dutch pro (who happens to speak perfect English) was playing Chinese Poker for $50 a point. (Full disclosure: Wong is on my fantasy poker team.) Also at his table was circuit pro DAVID LEVI. Said one of Levi's friends sweating him: "He's up $55,000!" Levi shook off the assertion with a dismissive smile, looking down at about $5,500.

ROBERT MIZRACHI also was seen playing Chinese Poker for $50 a point. He looked frustrated and had a single $5,000 Bellagio chip in front of him - for some reason other casinos (and players) seem to have no problem accepting these in high denominations - and eventually he had to make change.

Meanwhile, CAN KIM HUA was not playing Chinese Poker. He moved to a $200/$400 mixed games table. Not sure what the game change means - he's been playing Chinese almost non-stop in between tournaments - but it might just be because the $200/$400 mixed games just recently opened up.

Other players of note in recent cash games include OKLAHOMA JOHNNY HALE ($10/$20 Omaha Hi-Lo), SHIRLEY "David's Mom" WILLIAMS ($2/$5 No Limit Hold'em), and MICHELE LAU (right, $2/$5 No Limit Hold'em).

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