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WSOP Main Event Day 3: The Bubble Bursts and Dario Minieri Grabs the Chiplead

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Day 3 was a play in three acts. Act I was Getting to the Bubble, shrinking 797 players to 635. Act II was the Bubble, getting rid of the fourteen players necessary to make the money. Act III was The Main Event Day 3: the Dario Minieri Show.
Gus Hansen had the chip lead and the glory of the ESPN Feature Table and why not. He's one of the fan favorites, and his table draw was sick, with Gavin Smith and Juan Carlos Mortensen joining him on stage. For the short stacks in the room, the job was to do whatever it took to get to the money. Shannon Hudson was immediately knocked out by Mortensen, while fellow short stack Shirley Williams turned her 28k into 59k with pocket aces.

Play moved to 1.5k/3k with a 400 ante, and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson moved all-in with {A-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} for 60k after William Childs raised to 7.2k. He called with queens to knock out the 2000 Main Event Champion.

Kenny Tran broke the 1.0m chip threshold in a big hand with Andy Philachack. The flop came {9-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{7-Diamonds}, and both players checked. {J-Clubs} brought a bet of 20k from Philachack. Tran raised to 60k, then Philachak made it 120k. Tran moved all-in, and Philachack called with {K-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Tran had {Q-Hearts}{10-Spades} for the nut straight. {J-Hearts} on the river sent Philachack out short of the money and sent the massive pot to Tran.

Play broke for thirty minutes as the floor colored up the black chips and prepared for hand-for-hand play. Blinds moved up to 2k/4k with a 500 ante for the 635 players, and they needed fourteen players to leave for the cash bubble to burst. They played fifteen hands over seventy-five minutes to get there. Each table handled the bubble differently. Ted Forrest was the first to go, pushing on a flush draw flop vs. pocket kings at a fairly straight-forward table. At Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan's table, he used his 810k in chips without discretion.

For Bob Thompson, the bubble was one about survival. He was down to 1.4k in chips only to climb to 13.5k when he picked up {A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} vs. {8-Diamonds}{3-Spades}. He gradually got blinded and anted down again until he had a lone 2k in chips to make his ante and half of his big blind. He was only up against the small blind but couldn't connect and was gone short of the money.

Jared Hamby's table was the maniac table. "The 8s doubled me up with aces vs. A-Qo" said Sam Simon. On the next hand, an A-Jo short stack was called by the same guy, this time with 9-8o. Next, Gregory Owen in the 7s raised to 12k only to see John Laurence (pictured above) move all-in again for 45k. Owen took some time but called with {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}, and Laurence showed {A-Diamonds}{A-Spades}. You've seen this movie and know how it ends, but it's called runner-runner: {10-Clubs}{4-Spades}{2-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{10-Hearts}.

Back at Thompson's table, rocker Sully Erna got involved in a fith for his survival with an aggressive player on his right. "He just keeps pushing and pushing," he told me after the hand. Erna moved over the top of his raise all-in on the {8-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{10-Spades} flop, and the raiser called with {A-Spades}{9-Hearts}. {J-Hearts} came on the turn as camera crews, players, and media fought to see the cards. Erna couldn't believe it was happening, then {8-Clubs} brought a euphoric scream to Erna.

John Sigan was the last man walking as he was eliminated one short of the money. Everyone grabbed cell phones and broke into smiles, even the most seasoned pros giving high fives to their fellow players. For many in the room, it was a 19k+ payday as they satellited into the Main Event. An extra hour was added to the level, much to the delight of everyone.

The flat payout structure ripped apart the dam holding back the floodwaters of departures. Gavin Smith and Tony Hachem led a group of seventy players taking home $20,320. Another seventy players took home $25,101, including Joe Reichenberger and Amnon Fillipi. Fifty-two player made $34,664, including Daniel Heimiller, Chip
Jett, Leif Force, John Strzemp, and Robert Mizrachi. Positions 351st-338th paid $39,445, and Harrah's will pick up there tomorrow. With all the bustouts, someone had to be accumulating chips. Jeff Weiss, Kenny Tran, Robert Nehorayan, Jeff Banhart, Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, Rep Porter, William Spadea, Gus Hansen, and Atlan Nicolas all moved above 1.0m in chips. It was the rocket-like rise of Dario Minieri who stole the show and the chip lead.

Minieri had aces cracked on Day 2 and got very short-stacked. He fought hard to get to 347k entering Day 3, good for 57th place in chips. He'd built that to 1m after the dinner break, then he went on a massive chip grabbing spree to end the evening at 2.4m. He took four big pots of 480k, 470k, 465k, and 240k. It was a display of timely aggression combined with a table mixed with passivity and fed-upness. Read more in Table 48: Dario Minieri .

No one is ready to hand the title to Minieri. Juan Carlos Mortensen, Julian Gardner, Jared Hamby, Mimi Tran, Bill Edler, Darrell 'Gigabet' Dicken, Chad Brown, Sorel 'Imper1um' Mizzi, Scotty Nguyen, Huck Seed, and event Robert Varkonyi are in hot pursuit of Minieri. Some players may be thinking of sneaking up a level, but the real players have one goal squarely in their sights: getting through Day 4, then making a run to the Final Table.

A complete list of players still alive:

Dario Minieri 2,398,000
Jeff Weiss 1,533,000
Jon Kalmar 1,410,000
Hevad Khan 1,319,000
Kenny Tran 1,175,000
Steven Jacobs 1,127,000
Brock Parker 1,089,000
Robert Neitrayan 1,058,000
William Spadea 1,057,000
Nicolas Atlan 1,057,000
Gus Hansen 1,044,000
Phillip Liou 975,000
Rep Porter 974,000
Senovio Ramirez, III 947,000
Clint Schafer 940,000
Andrew Barnes 932,000
Jimmy Blevins 855,000
Jon Moonves 854,000
Jim Lucas 836,000
Conor Tate 800,000
Isaac Haxton 791,000
Jeff Banghart 789,000
Kirk Morrison 772,000
Francois Safleddine 748,000
Evan Marshall 742,000
Jerry Yang 738,000
Bart Hanson 738,000
Lee Watkinson 737,000
Dagmartin Miikkelsen 734,000
Justin King 714,000
Kristian Obbarius 704,000
Sven Abelsson Runing 703,000
Suerre Sunbo 702,000
Richard Weisman 696,000
John Bird 686,000
Scott Freeman 683,000
Bjorn-Erik Glenne 679,000
Elie Said 677,000
Mao Qiu 675,000
Bill Edler 673,000
Ryan Lawrence 671,000
Christian Togsverd 666,000
Justin Rollo 661,000
Pete de Best 649,000
Tuan Lam 642,000
Matt Stout 639,000
Paul Spitzberg 629,000
Chris Lovelace 627,000
Kevin Kim 620,000
Justin Sadauskas 618,000
Stephen Ma 614,000
Billy Willis 606,000
Sord Mizzi 603,000
Henry Ma 603,000
Tom Peterson 601,000
Terry Kane 600,000
Tommy Le 600,000
Hoa Nguyen 599,000
Zachary Clark 599,000
Philip Hilm 597,000
Thomas Barnard 596,000
Brett W. Kimes 591,000
Naseem Salem 589,000
Thomas Koo 589,000
Kenneth Smith 584,000
Robert Damiano 582,000
Karga Holt 580,000
Matt Sterling 577,000
Charis Anastasiou 575,000
Alan Keating 566,000
Kelly Jo McGlothlin 563,000
Jim Kasputis 560,000
Cory Carroll 554,000
Thierry Vanden Berg 552,000
Robin Bergren 550,200
Mickey "Mouse" Mills 545,000
Huck Seed 544,000
John Armbrust 544,000
Mickey Seagle 539,000
Cliff Pappas 535,000
Lamar Wilkinson 521,000
Esfandiar Dara 520,000
James Williams 517,000
Reagan Silber 514,000
Ed Betlow 501,000
Ken Evanowski 493,000
Richard Murnick 484,000
Mathew Olim 483,000
Mario Ho 481,000
John Dutchak 480,000
Willie Tran 475,000
Roy Winston 475,000
Ayaz Mahmood 472,000
Julian Gardner 471,000
Samnuel Padgett 467,000
Jeff Tunkel 467,000
Raymond Rahume 463,000
Ang Pang Leng 459,000
Rodney Knight 458,000
Steven Garfinkle 457,000
Chad Brown 454,000
Jason Sell 453,000
Martin Miller 453,000
Kevin Farry 449,000
Adam Weiss 446,000
Matt Keikoan 442,000
Tim Begley 441,000
Paulo Loureiro 440,000
Jason Lester 439,000
Mark Ellerbe 434,000
David Tran 434,000
Imran Ahmad 431,000
Joe Pharo 430,000
Robert Varkonyi 424,000
Peter Darvill 420,000
Jason Welch 415,000
Alex Michaels 409,000
Hal Lubarsky 409,000
Theodore Park 408,000
Randal McLoughlin 405,000
Brandon Adams 403,000
John Spaavecchia 402,000
Alex Melnikow 401,000
Allan W. King 400,290
Josh evans 400,000
Randy Holland 400,000
Sebastian Zink 397,000
Karim Vegas 393,000
Avi Cohen 390,000
David Wells 388,000
Chris Overgard 386,000
Andrew Gunderson 381,000
Mark Sanchez 380,000
Jared Hamby 379,000
Gustav Lundholm 376,600
Richard Harris 374,000
Matt Cohen 374,000
William Childs 373,000
Markus Gongalves 373,000
Zhuang Han 372,000
Alex Kravchenko 371,000
Neil "Bad Beat" Channing 371,000
Deb Blair 371,000
Jac Arama 366,000
Raj Verma 363,000
Greg Huffman 362,000
Fernando Reyes 358,000
Francis Cagney 347,000
Danny Smith 347,000
Jason Koshi 346,000
Ovenson Benoit 346,000
Thor Hansen 342,000
Bob Lauria 336,000
Cyrus Farzad 335,000
Paul Kershaw 333,000
Terris Preston 328,000
Alfred Megrahyan 325,000
Stig Tap Rasmussen 323,000
Gary Friedlander 322,000
Scotty Nguyen 321,000
David O'Neal 321,000
Lauchlin McKinnon 321,000
Ray Henson 319,000
Alan Levin 316,000
Ut Nguyen 314,000
Robert Starkey 313,000
Matthew Hilger 310,000
Warren Karp 309,000
William Wood 303,000
Brian Tracy 301,000
Allen Patatenyam 301,000
Phi Tran 300,000
Yuval Friedman 300,000
Daniel Alaei 299,000
Marco Mills 294,000
Ronald Kluber 292,000
J. Franklin Benjamin 291,000
Joe Shield 291,000
Jason Mellross 288,000
Kenny Rundh 287,000
Priyan De Mel 285,000
Laurence Hughes 285,000
Peter Feldman 284,000
Diego Cordovez 284,000
Carlos Mortensen 284,000
David Flusfeder 282,000
Bryan Curtis 277,000
Lewis Pilkington 277,000
Joe Brandenburg 270,000
Ben Lamb 267,000
Takeshi Takii 267,000
Jim McCrink 265,000
Daniel Melan 263,000
Karlo Lopez 263,000
Jason Peed 262,000
David Levi 262,000
Daniel Elozonto 262,000
Nicholas Botta 261,000
Seymour Guiberson 261,000
David Names 259,000
Tristan McDonald 257,000
Kenneth Siead 257,000
Gary Benson 256,000
Brad Mills 255,700
Adam Noone 255,000
Brent Catalane 250,000
Art Cole 249,000
Troy O'Brien 248,000
David G. Conway 248,000
Wolbert Bautlema 241,000
Erian Miller 239,000
Guang Pu Lu 236,000
Scott Mayfield 234,000
Patrick Huse 234,000
Dennis Perry 231,000
Bob Poole 229,000
Mikkel Madsen 226,000
Nick Binger 226,000
Philip Yeh 224,000
Steve Austin 220,000
Ed De Haas 220,000
Kit Manoel 219,000
Sang Kim 217,000
Bryan Swanson 216,000
Darrel Dicken 215,000
Roger Tichenon 213,000
Daniel Quach 212,000
Cody Slaubaugh 211,000
Humberto Brenes 210,000
Peter Hill 208,000
Alexander Dietrich 205,000
Jason Heidema 205,000
Al Riccobono 204,000
Berry Johnston 203,000
Rami Boukai 203,000
Stefan Mattsson 201,000
Richard Crowell 196,000
Hopfner Moritz 195,000
Sven Heinecker 194,000
Pat Atehison 189,000
Amanda Baker 188,000
Tor Helness 188,000
Mike Souza 187,000
Stephen O'Dwyer 185,000
Ryan Elson 183,000
Tristan Wade 179,000
Travis Belles 179,000
Ketul Nathwani 177,000
John Eckerd 176,000
Chris Vox 174,000
Luis Velador 173,000
Sam Simon 172,000
Noah Schwartz 171,000
Roy Thung 170,000
Andreas Krause 168,000
Frank Schram 165,000
Doug Gehring 161,000
Justin Sellers 160,000
Mitch Garshofsky 158,000
Ken Gacek 157,000
Jeff Bryan 156,000
Steve Crockett 156,000
Mark Weitzman 155,000
Mike Laing 155,000
Vinod Jadav 154,000
Ken Dickenson 153,000
Dapo Fedeyi 153,000
Zachary "Carter" King 153,000
John Matwey 153,000
Michael Zinna 152,000
Hyon Kim 145,000
Kevin Howatt 145,000
Derek Thorpe 144,000
Mimi Tran 144,000
Mark Muchnik 143,000
Rick Munro 143,000
Mans Montgomery 143,000
Craig Edwards 142,000
Bob Preston 141,000
Mark Kim 140,000
Salvatore Erna 135,000
Dave Terry 133,000
Sean Walter 133,000
Salvatore Passariello 133,000
Gonzalo Flores 132,000
Jim Geary 131,000
Tobey Maguire 131,000
Christopher Lines 130,000
Bob Slezak 130,000
Floyd Clark 130,000
Al Rapoport 130,000
Michael Yoshino 129,000
Hasan Habib 127,000
Claude Cohen 127,000
Roy Vanderswis 127,000
Sylvester Geoghegan 127,000
Ira Mazie 126,000
Donna Blevins 123,000
Bo "Legato" Sehlstedt 122,000
Jerouios Dabul 121,000
Wayne Johnson 121,000
Jason Glass 120,000
Ken Lawrence 119,000
Jonathan Campbell 118,000
Gregory Owen 117,000
Steven Lynch 116,000
Eddie Ray Stutts 115,000
Tinten Oliver 115,000
Matt Brady 114,000
Steven D'Argenio 111,000
Christoph Stiehler 108,000
Randy Jacobson 108,000
Keith Ogren 107,000
Petri Pollanen 106,000
Bill Baxter 105,000
Rchard Klein 104,000
Sean Boles 102,000
Carl Olson 101,000
Ryan McClean 97,000
Donnacha O'Dea 95,000
Jeff Diambrosia Allen 93,000
Antonio Arie 91,000
Ken Weiner 87,000
Richard Sun 83,000
Daniel Schleben 81,000
Matt Shepsky 77,000
Timothy Debenport 71,000
Patrice McLean 71,000
Dave Smart 68,000
Hans "Tuna" Lund 68,000
Steve Sung 64,000
Leonard Pruzanosky 63,000
Steven Prentky 52,000
Steve Miranda 42,000
Nasser Hamedani 31,000
Adam White did not report
Voidim Triucher did not report

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