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Jared Hamby is HOT!

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Jared Hamby, better known online as TheWacoKidd, is taking no prisoners. The 25 year old kid has already cashed online for a half a million and within less than a year on the professional tour has made an amount equal to that as well as two first place victories. Find out which he likes better, as well as where you can find him playing online.

KL: Which do you like better, online or live?

Jared: With my recent success playing live I think it's a little more fun when you are doing it live. It's a little more tangible; the chips are there, the people are there, it seems a little more real and it's a little more satisfying. A lot of people said yeah I could win online but could I do it live and now I have proven I can do both. I still would say, though, on a day to day basis I enjoy playing online poker more because of the freedom it gives me, I can just do whatever I want to do around the house. I can play three or four tournaments at once. I love them both so I would say when things are going good, you can't beat live poker but I definitely still love playing online poker a lot. I play every day when I'm not playing live.

KL: Where do you like to play?

Jared: When I first started playing I played nothing but Party Poker and it was still pretty much my home site. I did branch out to PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Ultimate Bet a little bit. Now, pretty much I just play all the big tournaments on PokerStars and a couple of big ones on Full Tilt a week. Every now and then I play a Sunday major on Bodog or UB but right now my home site is PokerStars with a little Full Tilt on the side.

KL: What is your favorite game?

Jared: Without a doubt, no limit hold'em tournaments are my favorite.

KL: How hard is it to be consistent in tournament poker?

Jared: It's extremely difficult. Luckily for me somehow I am very patient. I am not very patient in all aspects of life but I am a very patient person on the poker table. A lot of people when they get short or when they think they are short and they really aren't they make drastic moves they don't have to make. A lot of people, after they take a bad beat, they will go on tilt. That's something that I don't really have a problem with, although that did happen to me in the Main Event and I'm kind of upset with myself. I was kind of angry and made a borderline play because I got pushed around in a couple of pots previously and I was a little on tilt. So, it does happen to me too but it is something that I have pretty much mastered so no matter how bad the beat is I just move on to the next hand or the next tournament. It's not something a lot of players can do; you have to have a lot of self control in this game. It's definitely hard to be consistent. A lot of players, their game is a winning game, but they are not winners in the long run because they are not always playing their ‘A' game. They tilt, they move up limits when they are losing and you just have to have self control, discipline.

KL: What is your strategy for those huge fields?

Jared: I don't really have a strategy because I play differently depending on what the table is playing like. Generally I play pretty tight early on, I only play premium hands. I will try to limp and see a few pots early on but mostly I am just waiting for the premium hands until the antes kick in. Then, when the antes kick in I will open up my game a little bit. That's when you need to be able to change gears then. Early on I am playing pretty tight and then turning up the pressure when the antes kick in. It does depend on your table, though. If the table is playing really loose then I will probably tighten up but if the table is playing really tight I will loosen up. I play every tournament differently; I just go hand by hand depending on how the table was going.

KL: How did the money change things in your life, winning so much live and online?

Jared: It obviously made things a lot easier. It allowed me to move out to Vegas. I bought a house in Henderson with the money that I won from online poker. I had already bought a house before I even won any money live. I knew I could win enough money eventually if I just worked at it, so I decided to quit school and just work on poker before I had the money. I obviously play the game for the money, that's why we all play. I would rather win; the Main Event was all about winning for me. I would rather win Player of the Year than win ten million dollars this year. It is more important to me, the competition and the satisfaction to me. The money is obviously good; it makes life a lot easier. Being financially secure for the future is nice. As long as I am responsible I will never have to worry about money again. It is a pretty good feeling.

KL: How are you with bankroll management?

Jared: I am definitely one of the best. That's something my friends admire, and something I am constantly preaching to other players online. When I first started out I didn't have anybody over my shoulder, I didn't read any forums, I didn't even know what bankroll management was. If I was winning I just wanted to play bigger and bigger. All I wanted to do was keep moving up. Eventually I would go broke. I ran through five or six different $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 dollar bankrolls on Party Poker. I would go broke and have to do it all over again, rebuild. It was really bad. At this point in my career, that's what I am known for with my friends. I do not give money back, I am not a donator. Once I win money I keep it. I invest a lot of my money; I don't play big cash games. I don't gamble, and if I do play blackjack or craps it is with a small amount of money. I would say it is definitely one of my strong points. I don't even play cash games, I just play tournaments. It is hard to go broke playing tournaments.

KL: You wear the green hat a lot, is it lucky for you?

Jared: It's not a lucky thing; I'm not superstitious at all. I had a hat in high school that I wore for three or four years, I lost it and didn't wear one for awhile. Then, I got this one and started wearing it and now it's like such a big deal that I can't change it now. So many people ask me about it and if I didn't wear it everyone would wonder where the hat was. At the live tournaments I have friends that will come up and rub it on breaks; they think it's real lucky. It's my hat, it's working for me. If it's not broke don't fix it. Maybe if I lose a million dollars I will get a new hat. Until then I think I will stick with it. I only wear it when I'm playing poker, it's not like I have it on 24 hours a day.

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