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Peter Gould Takes UK Open Main Event Title

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Peter Gould bested a field of 32 of Europe's top tournament players, two World Series of Poker Champions, all four UK Open Preliminary Event winners, and his own son to take away the Main Event title last night at the Loose Cannon club in London. The field started with some famous names in the field, including WSOP Women's Champ Jennifer Tilly, 2-time WSOP champ Mel Judah, Dave ‘El Blondie' Colclough, Tony G and Roy ‘The Boy' Brindley.

The £2,600 Main Event was a "double chance" tournament, with each player starting with 5,000 in chips and a yellow "second chance chip," that they could use any time in the first four levels for an additional 5,000 chips. If a player didn't cash in their 2nd chance chip by the end of Level 4, those chips were automatically added to their stack at the break.

The table draws to start the event looked like this -

Table 1
Sunny Osman
Roy Brindley
Maria Demetriou
Tony G
Mel Judah
Darren Woods
Roland de Wolfe
Alexander Roumeliotis

Brian Prescott
Matt Dale
Jeff Buffenbarger
Richard Wheatley
Izak Young
Peter Gould
Gary Jones
Patrik Selin

Table 3
Dan Carter
James Dempsey
Josh Gould
Dave Colclough
Algimanto Hermenegildas
Woody Deck
Lee Watts
James Hart

Table 4 (not in seat order, as it was formed as last-minute entries bumped the total runners to 32)
Mike Conway
Jason Ho
Aryvdas Kondratas
Jennifer Tilly
Tony Poulengeris
Aaron Spence
Dieter Dijkstra
Huseyin Yilmaz

Dave ‘El Blondie' Colclough had a good run at the UK Open, final tabling Event #1 and winning Event #2, and was one of the early favorites for the Main Event. "I haven't played too much since the World Series," commented Colclough, "but I'm having a good time this week."

Colclough and Mike Conway, the winner of Event #1 both fell before the final table when they got all-in against Lee Watts with each former UK Open champ holding A-Q on a board of 5-x-A-x. Watts quickly called all-in on the turn with his flopped set of fives, and Colclough and Conway were sent to the rail.

Tony G shared a table and some banter with Roland De Wolfe early in the event, as De Wolfe told Tony G "I'm going to take everything you have..." Unfortunately for Tony G and De Wolfe, neither man finished with anything in the Main Event, as they busted short of the final table.

As play drew to a close on Day 1, the final table was set, with online free roll qualifier Lee Watts making the final table along with father and son duo Peter and Josh Gould.

The final table looked like this -

Seat 1: Josh Gould
Seat 2: Peter Gould
Seat 3: Dieter Dijkstra
Seat 4: Lee Watts
Seat 5: Darren Woods
Seat 6: James Hart
Seat 7: Dan Carter
Seat 8: Patrik Selin
Seat 9: Jeff Buffenbarger
Seat 10: Jason Ho

Dan Carter started the day strong, but fell to Jason Ho's pocket eights when Carter's {A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} did not improve.
Darren Woods moved all-in blind on the last two hands of the evening determined to either double up and have chips to play with on Day 2, or save himself a trip back to the Loose Cannon club. After doubling through James Hart on his first blind shove, Woods was called by Hart again on the next hand, and Woods {Q-Clubs}{5-Clubs} outdrew Hart's King-high to send Hart to the rail in 9th place.

Eight players returned for the second day of play, including everyman Lee Watts, a small-stakes generator technician from Sunderland who qualified for the main event in an online free roll. Watts was the tournament bubble boy, finishing in 7th place against a field of the top competitors in the UK. He may have missed the payday, but the amateur won some great stories.

Jason Ho was the early table captain on Day 2, playing good hands and bad hands with abandon and building a monster chip lead early in the event. Just before dinner break, Ho doubled up Peter Gould when Gould's pocket Kings flopped a set that Ho couldn't outdraw, and Ho still had nearly double the chips of his nearest competitor when play resumed after dinner.

The final six players returned from dinner to the following chip stacks -

Seat 1: Jason Ho -- 124,000
Seat 2: Peter Gould -- 50,000
Seat 3: Patrik Selin -- 65,200
Seat 4: Josh Gould -- 53,300
Seat 5: Dieter Dijkstra -- 23,900
Seat 6: Jeff Buffenbarger -- 21,400

Dieter Djikstra rode a short stack from midway through Day 1 all the way past the money bubble, but he fell to the rail in 6th place when Patrik Selin called his all-in re-raise with {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}. Djikstra's {K-Diamonds}{J-Hearts} didn't improve, and he was eliminated in 6th place for £3,400.

Jason Ho built a big stack, but it only took two key hands to send him from penthouse to pavement. Ho tangled with Peter Gould and came up short in one big pot, then was eliminated when Patrik Selin flopped trips with {7-Hearts}{3-Clubs} from the big blind on a board of {J-Hearts}{3-Spades}{3-Diamonds}. Ho called Selin's all-in on the turn with {J-Clubs}{9-Clubs}, and did not improve. Ho received £5,100 for his 5th-place finish.

Father and son tangled, and the elder Gould came out on top, sending Josh Gould to the rail in 4th place. After Josh Gould was crippled in a big hand with Jeff Buffenbarger, he raised preflop with {A-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}, only to be re-raised by his father Peter, who held {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades}. Josh called his father's raise, and did not improve as the elder Gould flopped a set on a board that finished out {4-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Josh Gould picked up £8,500 for his work.

It didn't take Peter Gould long to finish off his remaining opponents, sending Jeff Buffenbarger home in 3rd not long after eliminating his son Josh. On a board of {K-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}, Buffenbarger found himself pot committed and check-called all his chips to his Gould's river bet.

"I had K-6," reported a disheartened Buffenbarger. "I tried to represent the flush on the turn by betting out 20k, but found I was betting into a made hand with Peter holding {A-Hearts}{7-Hearts}. He had the hand I was trying to represent. By the river, my stack was pretty small and I had top pair, so thought I had to call." Buffenbarger collected £12,750 for his 3rd-place finish.

It took Gould only another five minutes of play to send Patrik Selin home in 2nd for £21,250. In one key hand, Gould caught two pair on the river with {9-Hearts}{8-Spades} on a board of {9-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}. Shortly afterwards, Selin was all-in preflop from the button with {10-Hearts}{5-Hearts}, and Gould called quickly with {A-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}. Neither player improved and Gould's Ace-high was good enough to win him the hand, the title, the trophy and the £34,000 first place money.

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