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The Round Table – Annie Duke

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Like a wheel, the Round Table is a circle of adventures and victories, beats and stories, and life as it unfolds with a cast of characters that may, or may not, have joined you in your home on a local TV program. There's so much more to poker than what you see on TV. Although I won't use canvas, I will paint the full picture for you as I follow the lives of some of your favorite (and some unknown) players. The Round Table is an ongoing series of life, viewed full circle.

Annie Duke - One Series Down - One to go

One of poker's most accomplished females, Annie Duke, has become a good friend of mine in the past few years. After a lackluster WSOP last year Annie came into this years' Series ready to earn...and that she did.

"I was very pleased with my World Series. I didn't win a bracelet but I made a good amount of money. There are so many people playing in it now and there are so many pros that are having bad years because there are so many players. It isn't surprising for a really good player to play twenty events and really not have good results or be anywhere close to a money-making year. I did really well in that regard. My buy-ins were low and I cashed for $120,000 so I was very lucky and it was a good money maker for me."

Spending an entire month playing poker all day, every day can wear on a person. Annie has found herself trying to get her life back to normal away from Las Vegas and finding some time to relax.

"The World Series is like a black hole. I spend the month after the Series recovering, physically, mentally, work-wise. The only poker I have done is for charity events and I have been playing a bunch of tournaments on Club UBT, trying to build my points up which is fun. I have also had a lot of meetings. I have also been trying to get healthy again, doing a cleanse and making sure that I work out a lot, like five days a week. During the World Series I don't have a chance to work out."

This I can vouch for as Annie and I have become work-out buddies. Spending a lot of our time climbing the hills of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, I have witnessed her drop of fifteen pounds already.

Annie has also taken the break in the schedule to hang out with her kids. She is currently in Laguna Beach relaxing with them for a week before she has to prepare for the WSOP Europe.

"The WSOP Europe is a lot smaller. I think a lot of the pros are excited about it because they feel like it is a throw-back to the smaller events that used to occur at the World Series. The Main Event is only going to be able to have about 700 people. While the large events are exciting because it is a lot of money and it's cool to have that many people participating in something. It will be really nice to play a Main Event at the World Series where you can win a World Series bracelet that has 700 players in it. That's going to be really awesome like the old days. I think a lot of people go into the Main Event at the regular World Series thinking, ‘wow if I get really lucky that would be pretty awesome.' Because I don't care how good you are, you have to beat 6000 people. It's just a lot to wade through. In Europe to feel that the minute you sit down that you have a good chance is really cool."

Annie also has another event to look forward to at the WSOP Europe. She is bringing her widely successful charity tournament, Ante up for Africa , to London. After earning over $300,000 at the inaugural event at the Rio, she is hoping to bring continued support to Darfur.

"As part of the kick-off party for the WSOP Europe, we are doing another Ante up for Africa tournament in London on September 5th. We are going to have a few tables with celebrities, pros and anyone else who wants to buy in for the £500. First place is going to be an entry into the $5000 Ante up for Africa tournament at the 2008 WSOP and a hotel room and the rest of the money will go directly to charity. Our goal is to raise a million dollars this year for Darfur and the only way this problem is going to be solved is if the world comes together."

Thanks for hanging out at The Round Table and be sure to stop back by and find out how Annie's WSOP Europe went as well as news from the other pros.

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