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Jennifer Harman Rides the WSOPE HORSE

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Out of the 51 players returning for Day 2 of the WSOP Europe L2,500 HORSE championship, 36 of them went home disappointed, eight of them went home with cash and were still disappointed, and eight more went to bed with visions of gold bracelets still dancing in their heads. Kirk Morrison took over the chip lead at the end of Day 1, with the top ten chip stacks looking like this -

Kirk Morrison - 40,000
Jennifer Harman - 37,500
Yuval Bronshtein - 35,400
Jan Sorensen - 33,000
Scott Fischman - 33,000
Alex Kravchenko - 31,500
Pascal Perrault - 31,200
Marc Goodwin - 30,000
Gary Jones - 29,500
Jan Ola Brandborn - 29,1000

Joe Sebok was finally spotted in the casino after missing all of Day 1. Sebok's chips were removed from play early in the day, but both he and his father Barry Greenstein registered for the tournament early and never showed up to claim their seats. Greenstein's chair needs a few more lessons with Vinnie Vinh's WSOP chair before it goes pro, as Greenstein's empty seat lasted past the Day 1 dinner break but did not survive into Day 2.

Gus Hansen lasted only minutes into Day 2, followed quickly to the rail by Eli Elezra, Mel Judah and Jeffrey Lisandro. Annie Duke, David Williams and Scott Fischman joined the early-elimination crowd, as nearly half the field headed to the rail to beat the rush for the dinner break. Mark Tenner went out on a heartbreaker when he made a full house, but was no good against Barny Boatman's quads on sixth in Stud Hi.

Max Pescatori didn't have time to get comfy in his chair after the redraw for the final three tables before he busted in 24th. After Pescatori's elimination, the final three tables looked like this -

Table 11:
1. Jennifer Harman 53,500
2. Jan Sorensen 74,000
3. Nikolaus Jedlicka 11,500
4. Tom Nightingale 26,500
5. Marc Goodwin 47,000
6. Alex Kravchenko 39,000
7. Jimmy Fricke 35,000
8. Barny Boatman 64,000

Table 12:

1. Brandon Adams 20,000
2. Open
3. Rafi Amit 35,000
4. Gary Jones 90,000
5. John Juanda 58,000
6. Kirk Morrison 46,000
7. Stephen Ladowsky 15,000
8. Chris Ferguson 35,000

Table 13:

1. Yuval Bronshtein 46,000
2. Michael Tsamis 27,000
3. Thomas Bihl 65,000
4. Jeff Madsen 34,000
5. Joe Beevers 48,000
6. David Levi 23,000
7. Mark Vos 68,000
8. Eric Dalby 18,000

Brandon Adams busted Pescatori, but couldn't pick up enough chips to stick around, as he busted in 23rd, followed by Jeff Madsen in 22nd, right before the dinner break. After dinner, bubble play and good food slowed the pace of the game down a bit, with the money bubble nearing at 16th place. Stephen Ladowsky went to his room to digest his dinner and his bubble finish when Chris ‘Jesus' Ferguson sent him to the rail in 17th.

An almost palpable sense of relief covered the short stacks once the bubble burst, and the short stacks Marc Goodwin, Tom Nightingale and Jimmy ‘Gobboboy' Fricke all slid into the money with not much between them and the felt. It took not long at all for the field to near the final table bubble, with Fricke, Nightingale, Goodwin and John Juanda all busting in quick succession as the money bubble burst.

Barny Boatman was next to fall in 12th place when 3 bricks in a row in Razz sent him to the rail, and one-time chip leader Mark Vos fell in 11th to Chris ‘Jesus' Ferguson in Omaha Hi/Lo almost immediately after. Due to the structure of the WSOPE HORSE event, it was possible for players on different tables to be playing different games at the same time, as the game changed based on number of hands played, not a set time limit. So Ferguson's table was still on ‘O' (Omaha Hi/Lo) while Boatman's table had already moved on to ‘R' (Razz).

Kirk Morrison flirted with the chip lead all day, and finally used his stack size to dispatch Eric Dalby in 10th to create the final table bubble. Morrison drew nearly perfect in Razz to bust Dalby with ({4-Diamonds}{10-Spades})-{6-Spades}{7-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}-({3-Hearts}) for a seven low to send Dalby to the rail with ({6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs})-{3-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{8-Spades}-({5-Diamonds}). The final table bubble only lasted half an hour before Jennifer Harman solidified her chip lead by taking out former chip leader Jan Sorensen in Omaha Hi/Lo. After Sorensen's elimination, the final table seating assignments and chip stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: Jennifer Harman - 204,000
Seat 2: Gary Jones - 30,000
Seat 3: Joe Beevers - 74,500
Seat 4: Kirk Morrison - 172,500
Seat 5: Thomas Bihl - 130,500
Seat 6: Yuval Bronshtein - 185,500
Seat 7: Alex Kravchenko - 114,500
Seat 8: Chris Ferguson - 142,500

Harman holds a slight chip lead as final table play begins, but she faces a tough table from top mixed game competitors like Chris Ferguson, Kirk Morrison, Yuval Bronshtein and Alex Kravchenko, who seems to dominate any tournament with the initials WSOP in 2007.

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