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The Round Table – Jordan Morgan’s Road to the Final Table

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On his drive out to the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Tunica, Jordan Morgan and I spoke on the phone and he decided to join The Round Table. He agreed to let the readers into his life during the circuit event and called daily to give the updates on his experiences at the tables. Let's just say this turned out to be a worthwhile drive for him.


"I showed up four or five minutes late so I missed the first three hands. The fourth hand was my first hand and I looked down at pocket aces. We started with 10,000 chips and the blinds were 25/50. There was a limper so I made it 400. The guy behind me called and it came 6-6-7. I checked, he bet 500, I made it 1400 and he called. The turn was a nine, I bet 2600 and he called. The river was a jack and I was a little bit worried that he might have pocket jacks and he rivered me, but I felt that he had a hand he could probably pay me off with and that he might just from reading him at the table. I went all in for 5600 or so and he thought for awhile and then called. I showed my pocket aces and they were good. He said he had pocket kings but we never saw them. So, that was how my tournament started!

I was up to 20,000 right off the bat and then I chipped up for the next level or so and then I won a big pot against an online player named John, I believe his screen name is ‘believer82' and what happened was he limped on my big blind and I had {7-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. The flop came {Q-Hearts}-7?-{4-Hearts} so I flopped middle pair and a flush draw. I checked to him, he bet and I check-raised him and he put in another raise for about a fifth of his chips. That's a hand that I like to get aggressive with so I went all in and he ended up calling me with {K-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and I hit trip sevens on the river and my hand held up and that put me up huge to 44,000 at the 100/200 level.

After that I went on a little bit of a down swing, I lost a sizable pot to Bill Edler, paying him off on the river in a spot that maybe I shouldn't have with top two pair. Then I doubled up another guy when I had aces and he had 9-10. He flopped an open-ended straight flush draw and beat me. That took me back down to about 13,000 and from there I just played small pot poker. I ended the day with 44,000.

We ended the day a little before midnight and I went for a drive. I usually go for a drive when given the opportunity to clear my head. Then I got back to the room and went to sleep pretty early."


The original 138 entries were whittled down to 27 and Jordan was ready to start his day two with 44,000 chips.
"I usually roll straight out of bed and go to the tournament but this morning I was given the opportunity to go golfing. I have been golfing a lot lately and Peter Feldman and Gavin Smith invited me to play 9 holes with them, so I made it out to the golf course early in the morning. I knew it was going to be a short day, there were only 27 players left and I wanted to get up early and be awake fully for the start of the day. I only got in a few holes of golf before the day.

I didn't really get much going for me early on; the blinds were kind of large to start the day. I got down short, I tried to pull off a bluff against a guy and he moved all in on me. I think he hit a backdoor flush and so I was down to 8 big blinds at the 1000/2000 level. I had 16,000 and I went all in from the cutoff with J-10 off and Shannon Shorr was in the big blind and he had a ton of chips and he called with A-4. I spiked a jack to stay alive and that put me up to just under 40,000 and then the next round I was in the cutoff again and I had A-Q. I raised Shannon's blinds and he moved all in on me and I called. He had A-4 and I hit a queen on the flop to double back up to over 70,000. From there it was a lot of small pots until I was up to about 90,000. I got pocket aces in the big blind. There was an open raise and the guy in the small blind reraised to 17,000 and I just called from the big blind and it came A-Q-4 and he bet and I read him for a really strong hand so I reraised him and he went all in with a set of queens. So my set of aces doubled me up to over 200,000 and that was about where I stayed for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day I went out for a nice dinner, relaxed, and tried not to think about poker. My mom made the trip with me to Tunica, so we went to dinner and had some mother son bonding time. After dinner I went back to my room and went to sleep early."


"My toughest opponent at the final table was definitely Glyn Banks. He was sitting on my left and he played really well all day. In one of the levels he could have gone broke to me twice. The first hand he made trip queens against my queens full and he saved a ton of chips by just calling me on the river. On another hand I limped with pocket kings and he raised with J-J and I limp raised him. He thought for awhile and then folded the jacks. There aren't a whole lot of players that can fold that hand there and I was really impressed with his play. He got kind of unlucky to lose his chips and go out, but I was thankful to see him go out fifth.

The key hand at the final table for me was when I had A-10 and Brian Rutland just limped and the flop came A-Q-10. We ended up getting all our chips in on the flop. He had K-J and I spiked a ten on the turn to make a full house and double up. That gave me a commanding chip lead and from there it was pretty much all over."

After the win Jordan drove back to Oklahoma to see his wife. He said they were both really excited about his win and he was taking her on a little shopping spree. He isn't going to have too much time to celebrate, though, as he is catching a flight this weekend to play in the Borgata tournament in Atlantic City.

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