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The Dreaded Kiosk

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Being the avid shopper that I am has caused me to stumble upon a growing and very disturbing trend. It's the attack of the mall kiosks. Ladies, I think you know where I'm going with this. You are strolling through the mall, always a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon, taking in the sights, smelling the aromas, and doing a little window shopping, when all of a sudden a rude and obnoxious sales person jumps in your path and wants to slather some body butter on your hand. You smile, say "no thank you" and try to move along. Ah-h-h-h, another disaster averted. A few steps later the jewelry cleaning guy throws himself in your path and he wants to clean your ring, or the girl selling the hair care products wants to straighten your hair with the latest in straight iron technology.

It's gotten so bad at the Fashion Show Mall, that I have to either walk through the mall staring at the floor, careful not to make eye contact with anyone, or I have to pretend to talk on my cell phone the whole time I'm there, so that I can make it through the mall without being interrupted. Sometimes I will even steer clear of entire sections of the mall so that I can avoid a kiosk encounter.

When did this happen and more importantly, how does this relate to poker? Well, through years and years of braving the elements and the aggressive sales people, I have decided to share my experience with you.

Kiosks can be our friends. Remember during the World Series of Poker, you walked through the Rio and you were bombarded with stand after stand of poker swag, but this year it wasn't free as in previous years? Day after day I walked through the hallways and I saw stands with poker memorabilia, WSOP sweatshirts, kiosks selling poker chips displaying your picture, stands selling poker related drinks, and even a few people selling oxygen. Well, ladies and gentleman, the good thing about kiosks is that they will haggle with us. That's right. Generally, the operating costs at a kiosk are lower, which allows us, as the shopper to bargain our way into a deal!

Another good thing about kiosks is that often times you can find items that you wouldn't otherwise find in the department stores or normal gift shops. Kiosks offer one of a kind, sometimes hand-made, exclusive merchandise that you most likely won't find anywhere else. Case in point, I scored a light purple tank top this summer when the Rio set up the swag room the week of the NLHE Main Event. I had never seen this tank top before, it was studded with beautiful silver crystals that read "All In", and it seemed to be the only one of its kind at the stand. The gentleman behind the counter said the tank top would cost me $20; however, he would be willing to sell me two shirts, for the low price of $35. After a little debate, I talked him into selling me two shirts for $30 and we both walked away feeling like winners. The beauty of haggling!

So, when you win your Aussie Millions package on Full Tilt , make sure to head to the nearest kiosk at the Crown Casino, be firm, stand your ground and bargain your way into a deal!

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