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WCOOP Event #11

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Nearly 1,200 masochists signed up for the $215 Razz event in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker , taking their shot at lowball immortality and the gold bracelet. Their goal was simple, make a collection of the worst five cards out of a seven card stud hand, and get someone to pay you off when you do.

1,200 players winnowed down to 8 for the final table, with widely disparate chip stacks, and high blinds meaning that someone was going to go home unhappy if they bricked out on a hand that started well. Here are the chip stacks as the final table began -

Seat 1: lvstraddle (261940 in chips)
Seat 2: JAMEST1 (755997 in chips)
Seat 3: OnlyPlayRagz (645519 in chips)
Seat 4: larki1 (943582 in chips)
Seat 5: needabanana (303132 in chips)
Seat 6: tsudneves (147628 in chips)
Seat 7: atactor (284122 in chips)
Seat 8: Ima_QT (186080 in chips)

Ima_QT was the first to fall when exactly that happened - a good draw went bad and Ima_QT made a 9-low on seventh street, not good enough to stand up to larki1's 8-low, and Ima_QT was bounced in 8th place for $5,409.60.

After Ima_QT's elimination, lvstraddle was the seriously short stack, but managed to double up to fight another day (or at least hour), and hung on for a little while longer. While lvstraddle was clinging to chips by his fingernails, tsudneves opened for a raise with a 5 in the door, ending up all in on fifth street against OnlyPlayRagz. When the boards ran out, OnlyPlayRagz made a 9-6 low, not great, but good enough to beat tsudneves' 9-8. Tsudneves finished in 7th place for $7,761.50.

Lvstraddle could only parlay his double up into one step up the money ladder, as he got all his chips in with a deuce on 3rd, but could make no better than a K-low to OnlyPlayRagz' 10-low. Lvstraddle picked up an extra couple thousand bucks for his timely double up, heading to the rail with $10,113.60 for his 6th-place finish. OnlyPlayRagz obviously was in search of more scalps for his belt, busting atactor with an 8-6-5-4-2 in fifth place. Atactor's Q-low was good for 5th and $12,465.60.

OnlyPlayRagz took another victim when he caught nearly perfect to bust JAMEST1. OnlyPlayRagz had the bring-in with a King showing, and JAMEST1 raised with a 9 in the door. OnlyPlayRagz called, and all the chips were in the middle on fifth street, when JAMEST1 was ahead with a Q-low. OnlyPlayRagz finished up with a 6-low, and JAMEST1 was done in 4th place ($15,240.96).

With JAMEST1's exit, the chip stacks were so close and the limits so high, that the three remaining players cut a deal to leave $7,000 for first, and secure the following payouts for themselves.

OnlyPlayRags - $34,136.80
larki1 - $29,759.09
needabanana - $37,296.11

It took longer to finish up the final three spots than the rest of the final table combined, as the last three standing contested for the bracelet and the extra $7K. Larki1 fell in3rd when needabanana made a 9-low by seventh street and larki1 bricked out after starting with an Ace in the door, but finished with a J-low.

OnlyPlayRagz lived up to his name, claiming his first WCOOP bracelet after 14 hours of lowball fun and lousy cards. He knocked out needabanana in 2nd place and claimed the extra $7K left over from the deal. Here are the final table finishes and payouts for Event #11 - $215 Razz.

1. OnlyPlayRagz (United States) $41,136.80
2. needabanana (United States) $37,296.11
3. larki1 (Norway) $29,759.09
4. JAMEST1 (United States) $15,240.96
5. atactor (United States) $12,465.60
6. lvstraddle (United States) $10,113.60
7. tsudneves (United States) $7,761.60
8. Ima_QT (United States) $5,409.60

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