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The 12th event of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker was the $215 HORSE event, drawing over 1,600 players to try their hand at mixed game glory. Once relegated to the bigger mixed games in Las Vegas, HORSE has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years, with the $50K HORSE event in the WSOP and the $5K event at last year's WCOOP drawing great crowds and building interest in the format.

The final table of Event #12 featured seven weary competitors, and one surviving member of Team PokerStars , as Lee Jones tried to duplicate Greg Raymer's feat and pick up a WCOOP bracelet for the home team. Here are the chip stacks as final table play began.

Seat 1: Hikkespett (121290 in chips)
Seat 2: Cactus Benny (1161571 in chips)
Seat 3: TheBigViking (193611 in chips)
Seat 4: JJJanet (872019 in chips)
Seat 5: LeeNelsonP* (258981 in chips)
Seat 6: Phillyho (870321 in chips)
Seat 7: BBwinz (137704 in chips)
Seat 8: jaliks (1301503 in chips)

BBwinz was the first to fall, but the deliberate pace of play in this limit tournament meant that nearly an hour would pass before the first elimination off the final table. BBwinz started off with a pair of sixes in the hole in Stud Hi-Lo, but he was well behind Cactus Benny, who started the hand with Aces. Even though BBwinz made two pair on fourth street, Cactus Benny made a bigger two pair on the same street. No further help for BBwinz, and he went out in 8th place ($6,883).

Cactus Benny kept on claiming scalps and he took out Phillyho next. With A-Q in Hold Em, Phillyho had to think he was in good shape when the A hit on the turn. Unfortunately he wasn't in as good a shape as Cactus Benny, who was packing A-K. Phillyho picked up $9,934.00 for his 7th-place finish

After being cold-decked for the entire final table, Lee Nelson got the last of his chips in the middle during the Razz hand needing to draw perfect to survive. No perfection, and Team PokerStars lost their last member in 6th place, for $13,112.

JJJanet also fell to Cactus Benny, also during the Razz round. After starting strong with A-4-7, JJJanet could only complete a rough 7-low, with a 7-6, not good enough to beat Cactus Benny's smooth 7-4 low. JJJanet finished in 5th place for $16,717.

Cactus Benny had claimed almost every scalp at the final table, but in a limit tournament, as the bets get big, the big stacks can dwindle quickly. That's exactly what happened to Cactus Benny, and he found himself on the short stack in the Stud Hi round. Drawing thin from the beginning with 10-10 against Hikkespett's Jacks, Cactus Benny found no help on later streets and went to bed in 4th place, with $20,651.40 for his night's work.

TheBigViking rode his short stack all the way to third place, when he finally ran aground on Hikkespett's two pair. After starting the final table in last place, he finished the event in 3rd, good for $27,683.00. Jaliks went wire to wire as the chip leader, starting off as the big stack, and finishing up as the king of the mountain. After leading most of the long final table, jaliks finished off Hikkespett in short heads-up fashion, making a straight on sixth street in Stud to bust Hikkespet, who picked up $42,614.00 for his 2nd-place finish.

Jaliks, from the Netherlands, picked up the gold bracelet and the $72,116.00 first place prize money after a marathon tournament in WCOOP Event #12 - HORSE. Here are all the finishing orders and the final table payouts.

1. jaliks (Netherlands) $72,116.00
2. Hikkespett (Norway) $42,614.00
3. TheBigViking (Norway) $27,863.00
4. Cactus Benny (United States) $20,651.40
5. JJJanet (United States) $16,717.80
6. LeeNelsonP* (New Zealand) $13,112.00
7. Phillyho (New Zealand) $9,834.00
8. BBwinz (United States) $6,883.80

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