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Ultimate Bet Puts a Beat on Bad Beats!

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What exactly is a bad beat? According to some players you listen to, it's when a pair of Aces get beat. According to Ultimate Bet, it's when the worst hands comes from behind to beat YOUR better hand. According to some of the rest of us, it's when a player has to catch perfect to beat a big hand; something like a flop of A-2-4 of spades and you are holding pocket Aces. The turn is an Ace giving you quads and the river is the 5 of spades and your opponent shows you 3-6 of spades after you've put every chip in the pot that you had on the table and offered to raise the stakes with your Rolex and the keys to your Mercedes.

That's where Ultimate Bet has stepped in to ease the pain and give you a real story to tell when you get a big hand beaten. Of course there are restrictions, there always are, and Ultimate Bet's run like this:

"If you lose with quad Eights or better you'll take home a hefty cut of the Bad Beat Jackpot that grows by leaps and bounds with every hand that's dealt at our Bad Beat tables. We collect $.50 from every raked pot at our Bad Beat tables to build up the Jackpot until some desperately unlucky soul gets coolered by a cold deck...and wins a bundle!"

The really good news is that when a jackpot is hit, everyone playing at that limit and game type will share a part of the jackpot. Yes, you must be dealt in the hand to qualify for part of the jackpot but you don't have to play the hand.

More really good news is that the jackpot never starts over at -0- because when a jackpot is hit, 25% will remain as seed for the new jackpot.

After the 25% deduction for the new jackpot, and the 10% to the house for handling fees and providing poker to all of us, the unlucky stiff that got beat gets really lucky. That player will receive half of the rest of the cash. The player that did the beating and won the pot will get 25%, and the other players dealt in the hand at that table will get $1,000 each. The remainder of the jackpot is disbursed equally to all the other players, playing that limit and game, that were dealt in that hand.

The following are provided on Ultimate Bet's website and required reading if you intend to participate:

"Terms and Conditions
• Not all tables qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot. Texas Hold'Em Bad Beat Jackpot tables will be noted with the word "jackpot" written in brackets after the table name and will be categorized in red text in the lobby.
• In order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, four or more players must be dealt in the hand and rake must be collected.
• The losing hand must contain four eights (8888) or better.
• Players sitting out at the Bad Beat Jackpot table are not eligible for the jackpot.
• Both hole cards must be included in the winning and losing hand.
• The hand must go to a showdown in order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
• If there are two or more hands that qualify for the jackpot within one hand, then the two highest hands will be considered for the jackpot, with the highest hand being the winning hand (the winner) and the second highest hand winning the bad beat (the loser of the hand)
• Should two qualifying jackpot hands hit at precisely the same time, the jackpot will be awarded to the hand that began first according to the UB game time.
• UltimateBet does not tolerate collusion. All players must act independently and not reveal their hands to other players, nor tell them how to act. Failure to abide by these rules will result in automatic disqualification from the Bad Beat Jackpot."

Ultimate Bet has a lot of things to offer and they are all ‘good beats'. Download and deposit from this link and receive a 100% up to $650 sign up bonus when you use ‘PNETWORK' in the bonus code. It's only a minimum of $25 deposit for the 100% deposit bonus. *Conditions apply* Ultimate Bet also offers play money games and free roll tournaments and a wide variety of games 24/7.

No one likes to suffer a bad beat but it happens. Give yourself the opportunity to win a lot of money when it does by playing Ultimate Bet's Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

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