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Open Letter to Judge Cooper

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Judge Mary Cooper recently heard the case Internet Media Entertainment & Gaming Association vs. U.S Government, and has promised a ruling within 30 days. I wish I had been in the United States. I would have loved to attend the trial. I've always wanted to submit a "friend of the court" brief or what ever it is, but I'm assigned to a U.S. Navy base in Japan and just couldn't make it. There are a few things I hope that she will consider.

The UIGEA bans the electronic transfer of funds by financial institutions to and from "Gambling" Sites. It doesn't ban online gambling. So in all but eight states I can gamble legally but I can't get my money. When I use an ATM at the casino, I'm making an electronic transfer to gamble. Isn't that the same?

The UIGEA provides exclusions that allow several forms of gambling. Actually those exclusions are for some of the worst propositions available for anyone that might want to risk money; Horse Racing and Lotteries. Under the UIGEA, Poker and Sports Betting, the two most favorable propositions for the player are sanctioned. What the heck is the law trying to protect us from?

My father would not make a bet. He wouldn't even buy a school raffle ticket for a quarter. He had his reasons. So, I understand why some people don't want to gamble and they have that right. I even understand that some people believe that it is their duty to God to be their brother's keeper, and feel that they should enforce their beliefs on others. That is the same attitude held by fundamentalist Moslems. They feel it is their duty to bring Sharia to the world, and all women should be kept ignorant and in a burka.

Under our system, States have the right to govern themselves in many situations, and if a state wants to ban gambling, they can. On the other hand, if it the feels obligated to ban gambling, all gambling should be banned. How can you allow Casinos, Horse Tracks, or Lotteries, but ban Internet gambling. If any form of gambling is available in the state, then why can't I gamble in the privacy of my own home?

There aren't many people left that don't gamble in one form or another; many of the propositions are disguised. We get insurance and bet that we will die or get sick and the providers bet we won't. Anyone that has a retirement fund is probably in the Stock Market and that's not a gamble? I wish my portfolio had done as well as my poker and sports betting bankrolls have done over the past 15 years. Of course there are the exotics. Want to play the Futures Market? With the right connections you can turn $1,000 into $60,000 in just a few months. Of course, now FOREX, Foreign Currency Exchange, seems to be the proposition of choice. I've spent 23 of the last 33 years overseas. I have lots of experience with foreign currency exchange. Are there any day traders left?

If the government wants to ban gambling, then ban gambling, but if I can go to the local casino, race track, or convenience store and buy a lottery ticket, I should have the right to sit in my home and place a bet on my computer and have no problem transferring money to and from my accounts.

Orion M Turner AKA jb

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