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It took nearly 20 hours for the 2,872 players who started the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Event #17, 6-max No Limit Hold Em to winnow down to a champion, but that didn't equate to a sedate tournament pace. Quite the contrary. With 6-max No Limit, the keyword is aggression, and the nearly three thousand players that put down their $320 entry fee knew all about it. After 14 hours of play, the final six settled in around the final table, and their chip stacks looked like this -

Seat 1: Pillars (1334972 in chips)
Seat 2: PeachyMer (3065033 in chips)
Seat 3: AcEGoDD (1226016 in chips)
Seat 4: jejune524 (441688 in chips)
Seat 5: pape85 (1720515 in chips)
Seat 6: pes4fans (830776 in chips)

Jejune524 started the final table on the short stack, and amped up the aggression, getting all the chips in the middle preflop with A-10. No luck on stealing the blinds this time, as AcEGoDD woke up with Aces, and quickly called. Nothing came on the board to help jejune524, and he busted in 6th place ($11,204.70).

All the early bustouts left the remaining players with very deep stacks, allowing them to tighten up and play real poker without having to resort to a push-monkey style. Pillars was next to fall more than half an hour later when he ran pocket eights into Pes4fans' pocket Aces, and Pillars didn't make a two-outer. Pillars busted in 5th for $19,823.70.

After the next level change, AcEGodd decided that {A-Hearts}{4-Hearts} was good enough for a preflop shove, and he was called by PeachyMer with Q-Q. No ace or hearts on the board, and AcEGoDD was gone in 4th place with $37,061.

PeachyMer went back and forth from the short stack to the chip lead as the three remaining players jockeyed for position. She doubled up through Pes4fans, and then bled away some chips. She'd double up again, then bleed away some chips. All three players played a round-robin of passing chips around until pape85 got in two rough hands in a row. After doubling up PeachyMer, pape85 put the rest of his short stack in the middle with K-J. He ran into pes4fans' Q-Q, and headed home in 3rd place ($62,918).

PeachyMer turned down a chop despite the 2-1 chip lead pes4fans held, and the two remaining players put on a tough heads-up battle until finally both players hit a flop hard, and the tournament ended. On a flop of 3-3-Q, PeachyMer led out and pes4fans called. The same pattern continued on the turn, when the A hit, and PeachyMer put the last of her chips in the middle when the river brought a 6. She tabled A-Q, no good against pes4fans' 5-3 and flopped trips. PeachyMer finished up in 2nd place and pes4fans took down WCOOP Event #17.

Here are all the final table places and payouts.
1. pes4fans (Germany) $167,553.36
2. PeachyMer (United States) $98.946.12
3. pape85 (Finland) $62,918.70
4. AcEGoDD (United States) $37,061.70
5. Pillars (United States) $19,823.70
6. jejune524 (United States) $11,204.70

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