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WCOOP #18 – Stud Hi/Lo

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Nearly 600 people ambled up the virtual felt for Event #18 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. The game was Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, considered by some to be the most complete of all the games of poker. Requiring near-total recall and instant calculation of pot odds, Stud 8 or better is not a game for the faint of heart. After 11 hours of play, eight of the top players in the field were left standing, with chip stacks that looked like this -

Seat 1: theowl48 (193105 in chips)
Seat 2: BigLL (116329 in chips)
Seat 3: mysticaces (215596 in chips)
Seat 4: TheActionKid (179319 in chips)
Seat 5: pinfishtom (218792 in chips)
Seat 6: Sensor (81840 in chips)
Seat 7: motor1963 (489027 in chips)
Seat 8: crazyjanie (299992 in chips)

Sensor made the final table on the short stack, and made his move early with ({6-Clubs}{6-Clubs})-{5-Diamonds}. Motor1963 made the call with a deuce in the door, and finished Sensor off with trip threes by seventh street to bust Sensor's Aces up. Sensor picked up $5,681 for making the final table.

Motor1963, took a big chunk out of TheActionKid's stack a few hands later, and TheActionKid couldn't recover and got all his chips in the middle on third street with ({3-Hearts}{5-Clubs})-{A-Spades}. Motor1963 called with ({2-Spades}{A-Hearts})-{2-Hearts} and made trip deuces by seventh to bust TheActionKid in seventh place for $8,730.

As the tournament progressed and the limits grew higher and higher, an average chip stack risked a greater percentage of his stack just to see all seven cards. Theowl48 was the first to fall to the rising limits and bigger stacks, finding himself all in with a pair of Kings to start in a three-way hand with mysticaces and motor1963. Motor1963 made trips once again for the high, and mysticaces picked up a better low than theowl48's 8-low, and theowl48 was busted in 6th place ($11,661). After claiming his fair share of the scalps at the final table, motor1963's luck ran out a few hands later and he busted in 5th for $14,950.

Pinfishtom rode the mantra ‘tight is right' all the way to fourth place, when he picked up a pair of fours in the hole and busted to mysticaces Aces up. Pinfishtom picked up $18,567 for finishing in 4th.

The three players remaining jockeyed for position for a while, but no one could gain enough ground to take crazyjanie's chip lead. After a bit of discussion, the players cut a deal that left $9,000 on the table for the winner to go with the WCOOP bracelet. The deal guaranteed the following payouts for the remaining players -

BigLL: $39,367
mysticaces: $38,712
crazyjanie: $49,473

Once the deal was in place, the aggression at the table went to a whole new level. BigLL obviously decided that he wanted the extra nine grand and the bracelet, as he went on a rampage, driving to the chip lead in the first ten minutes after cutting the deal. Just a few minutes later, BigLL busted crazyjanie after crazyjanie missed a flush draw.

BigLL's chip lead didn't last long in the slugfest of a heads-up match with mysticaces, but he finally prevailed when he finished the final table and the tournament by making trip deuces and a six-low to bust mysticaces and claim the bracelet.

Here are the final table payouts and finishing order -

1. BigLL (United States) $48,367.00
2. mysticaces (United States) $38,712.00
3. crazyjanie (United States) $49,473.00
4. pinfishtom (United States) $18,567.90
5. motor1963 (Germany) $14,950.00
6. theowl48 (United States) $11,661.00
7. TheActionKid (United States) $8,730.80
8. Sensor (United States) $5,681.00

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