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WCOOP Event #20

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729 people signed up for the $530 No Limit Hold Em Triple Shootout - Event #20 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. In a shootout, players play single table tournaments to their completions, then the winners of that round, of one table competitions, meet in single table tournaments. In round three, the nine winners of round two, all meet at the final table with exactly even chip stacks, one thing that makes a shootout tournament unique from all other tournament formats. These nine players all won their first two tournaments, and met at the final table.

Seat 1: adotlee
Seat 2: lyerly_
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB
Seat 4: Cobra234
Seat 5: Nutedawg
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock
Seat 7: THE__D__RY
Seat 8: AJunglen7
Seat 9: pannipha

With even chip stacks and low blinds, the nine competitors had plenty of play in the early levels. One hand of note had "Dumping"KGB and lyerly_ all in preflop with both players holding pocket Aces. The 3-spade board looked ugly for "Dumping"KGB, but the river didn't give lyerly_ a four-flush and the players chopped. A few hands later all the chips went in again, this time with Cobra234 and AJunglen7 tangling. On the flop of 10{c]-{2-Clubs}{4-Spades}, Cobra234 re-raised Ajunglen7 all in, and AJunglen7 quickly called with his set of fours. The flopped set held up to crack Cobra234's pocket Kings and Cobra234 was done in 9th place ($3,645).

Soon afterwards lyerly_ got all his chips in the middle again, butting heads with adotlee with both players holding A-K. Lylerly_ had the spades, though, and the river gave him the nut flush and sent adotlee to the rail in 8th ($6,561). It only took a few more minutes for another big confrontation to develop, this time AJunglen7 reraising Nutedawg all in with {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} and Nutedawg calling with A-10. Three spades on the flop and Nutedawg was done in 7th place for $10,206.

After a break, play tightened up a bit as Zock'n'Rock went on a tear, accumulating nearly half the chips in play with aggressive pre-and post-flop action. THE__D__RY managed to get all the chips in the middle in a dominating position over lyerly_, holding pocket Aces to lyerly_'s {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}, but the flop of 9-10-J set the stage for a suckout. The river complied, bringing the King for lyerly_'s straight and busting THE__D__RY in 6th place for $14,580.

Pannipha made it all the way to 5th place with squeaky-tight play, but his tight play left him too short-stacked to push out AJunglen7 when he came over the top of AJunglen7's preflop raise with A-K. AJunglen7 made the call with Q-4 and when he hit a 4 on the turn, Pannipha was done in 5th place for $20,047. After that hand AJunglen7 had a sizable chip lead, as the final four stacks looked like this -

Seat 2: lyerly_ (4953 in chips)
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB (1897 in chips)
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock (12190 in chips)
Seat 8: AJunglen7 (7960 in chips)

"Dumping"KGB was looking for a hand to double up with and thought he found it in A-10. Unfortunately he pushed all in right into Zock'n'Rock's pocket Queens. No ace for "Dumping"KGB, and he was done in 4th place for $27,337.

Zock'n'Rock held the chip lead when play went three-handed, and it took a while before another elimination came. Finally, after lyerly_ had managed to climb into second place, he called an all in move from AJunglen7 with pocket 10s. AJunglen7 tabled A-9, and the 10 on the flop sealed his fate and moved lyerly_ into a heads-up battle with Zock'n'Rock for the bracelet. AJunglen picked up $36,450 for his 3rd-place finish. Zock'n'Rock took a chip lead into heads-up play, as the stacks looked like this -

Seat 2: lyerly_ (10693 in chips)
Seat 6: Zock'n'Rock (16307 in chips)

After a long back-and-forth battle, lyerly_ finally took over the chip lead, only to have every internet player's worst fear come true - he lost his internet connection. Zock'n'Rock waited through six hands for lyerly_ to reconnect before asking the tournament directors to pause the event until his opponent could reconnect. Lyerly_ quickly raced to a friend's house to use the internet, and Zock'n'Rock exhibited amazing sportsmanship in not taking advantage of the situation. His show of good character didn't win him any points on the table, as he was still very short-stacked when lyerly_ finally was able to get back online, but he definitely earned the undying respect of his opponent and the online poker community.

It only took a few hands after lyerly_ reconnected for him to put the final nail in Zock'n'Rock's coffin, busting him with pocket sevens to claim the WCOOP gold bracelet and the $76,545 first place prize. Here are all the final table finishes and payouts for Event #20.

1. lyerly_ (United States) $76,545.00
2. Zock'n'Rock (Germany) $51,030.00
3. AJunglen7 (United States) $36,450.00
4. "Dumping"KGB (United States) $27,337.50
5. pannipha (United Kingdom) $20,047.50
6. THE__D__RY (United States) $14,580.00
7. Nutedawg (United States) $10,206.00
8. adotlee (United States) $6,561.00
9. Cobra234 (Denmark) $3,645.00

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