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2007 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

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The chat boxes were jumping with all kinds of extremely important information that pertains to the play of the game...especially if you're a blogger and you're playing the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker:

irongirl01 [observer]: lol drizz
DrPauly [observer]: tequila mom = way cooler
EF_Hutton [observer]: No one wants books lol
Dealer: Game #12631819820: Kevicool wins pot (82500)
bitaobr [observer]: radiola
yestbay1 [observer]: read 'em all?
EF_Hutton [observer]: You were all laughin in that meeting eh?
EF_Hutton [observer]: Let's give the bubble books!
radio75 [observer]: Parreira POMBAL is Portugal???
Bloody P [observer]: So Pete played in a play money tourney and came in first place!!! LOLOL!!!
Dealer: bighair83, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
LParreira: yes
Dealer: Player bighair83 has requested TIME
radio75 [observer]: ok
TaO_514 [observer]: ouch
radio75 [observer]: we have a pombal in brazil too

Soon the chat would be turned off. After starting with 1,337 poker bloggers, they were down to 23 players on three tables. The prizes were great, but everyone wanted #1. Of course they wanted #1 because it is a great prize. Thanks to PokerStars' generous annual hosting of the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker, the prizes went clear to 81st place.

But back to first place, this is what it looks like (with a condition).

"1st place -- $12,000 Prize Package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

You want something worth blogging about? How about a trip to the Bahamas to play for life-changing money and a chance to be on international television? The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is now an EPT event and will be held at the biggest and best resort in the Caribbean, Atlantis on Paradise Island. Winning this prize will give you a hotel room, traveling money, and an entry into main event. That's something to write home about.

Note: This package is reserved for players who agree to wear PokerStars clothing for the duration of their tournament play. You must be 18 or older to play in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. "

But first place isn't only about the dough. It's about being top dog on the blogger totem pole. There are a lot of poker bloggers keyboarding their way across time and space now on the internet. Not only do they play poker, they write about it, they get together twice a year and do wild and crazy things as they play in live blogger tournaments, and they share part of themselves and their experiences with everyone. And they've taken 7-2 off and turned it into a HAMMER.

OK, in this particular hand, nickdugas, mistook 6-3 off for 7-2, possibly believing that he could magic it into a big hand. But he ran into A-A and finished 14th instead.

The final table ran four handed for quite some time, with ulan-ude, lborba, mathwise, and LPaireira battling back and forth. With blinds at 50K-100K, ante 10K, ulan-ude picked up K-K at the same time that LPaireira picked up A-A. The board was Q-7-9-6-J and LPaireira won a pot with over 3M in it, after going all-in. Ulan-ude had barely over 1M left after that hand and was out shortly after that.

Next to go was lborba holding A-8 against LPaireira's K-J with a board of 5-6-J-10-10.

The tournament had been running a little over eight hours and blinds were at 65K-130K, antes 60000, as mathwise and LPaireira faced off for first place and the top two great prizes.

The final hand took place with LPaireira on the button holding 10-6 and mathwise holding 9-8. The board came 10-9-4-5-2 giving LPaireira first place, and the prize noted above, and all the bragging rights he has wind for and strength in his fingers to keyboard it out to the world. For a great battle and well played tournament second, mathwise receives a Pioneer 50-inch Plasma TV. The following list of the top nine finishers supplied by PokerStars:

1. LParreira (Portugal) -- $12,000 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package
2. mathwise (Canada) -- 50" Plasma TV
3. lborba (Brazil) -- 24" computer monitor, a Canon Rebel digital SLR camera, and a Sony Camcorder
4. ulan-ude (United States) -- poker table, a deluxe 500-piece clay chip set, Sunday Million ticket
5. Abellyus (France) -- Eight $215 Sunday Million tickets
6. NileFever (United Kingdom) -- $1,050 and $530 Sunday Million tikets
7. stakaman1962 (Greece) -- $1,050 Sunday Million ticket
8. BoreN =P (Norway) -- Canon Rebel Digital SLR Camera
9. fourflushers (United States)- Luxury Poker Chip Set

Congratulations to all 1,337 bloggers for showing up and playing. PokerStars , the bloggers of the world thank you!

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