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Absolute Poker – Still Awaiting Official Statement

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On Thursday, October 18th, Absolute Poker called a member of the PocketFives team to confirm suspicions that cheating had occurred at the site. The word was that an official statement would be released soon thereafter.

Players who have done intensive investigations, players who purport to have been cheated on Absolute Poker, members of the poker media who realize the implications this situation could have on the poker community at large, and mainstream media outlets who have picked up the story all continue to wait for an official statement.

The saga of Absolute Poker cheating allegations and subsequent investigations have been chronicled previously on PokerWorks here and here .

In the second of the aforementioned articles, an anonymous source at Absolute Poker reportedly spoke to MSNBC and claimed that the culprit was a rogue player who hacked into the system, exploited a flaw in the security system, and gained access to hole cards. Supposedly, none of the monies won through cheating was withdrawn from the accounts used in the scheme, and the security breach had been closed.

Some of that information, along with an apology from Absolute Poker , was sent to players from the site's management team, but this was the last official communication from Absolute before the weekend began.

ABC News ran a story on their website on Friday, October 19th after interviewing Marco Johnson, the 21-year old Las Vegas player who was e-mailed the now-infamous hand history (and other private IP and e-mail address information) by Absolute Poker. He told the reporter, Russell Goldman, that after taking second place in a tournament, "there were just too many weird hands at the final table. My friends thought I got cheated..."

What Johnson received confirmed his suspicions and set into motion the player-initiated investigations that led to Absolute Poker finally agreeing to a third-party inquest into the cheating allegations. The information that Johnson received also led to rumors that possibly a company employee - a whistleblower, perhaps - intentionally leaked the document. "Why would they send me this whole file?" he asked in the ABC interview. "A regular hand history just shows the cards you had, but this was the master copy of a file in Excel. It showed 14 tables, every person at every table in the tournament."

While the possibility of a whistleblower may never be confirmed, Absolute Poker made quite sure to let its chosen media outlets know who was not the hacker - Scott Tom, one of the original founders of Absolute Poker. However, Tom has not come forward with any type of statement denying his own involvement. This has led to more speculation on poker forums that Tom was actually involved but Absolute may be covering it up due to the severe implications that development would have on their reputation.

According to posting member of the PocketFives discussion forum, Absolute Poker did take some action on Saturday, October 20th, by calling everyone in the tournament in which the cheating allegedly took place and offering them $500 for the "accidental" release of their personal information in the Excel spreadsheet.

Still, official confirmation or a statement of any kind has yet to be released by Absolute Poker. Whether the poker community will believe what is released is an entirely different sort of speculation, but at this point, any statement is better than none.

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