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The Round Table – The Hottest Hostess in Poker – Serinda Swan

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KL: Give us a little background on you.

I'm Serinda Swan, 23 years old, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Actually fully born and raised there, I was born in a house in Vancouver. I started modeling when I was 14 and moved to Hawaii for a few years. I loved it but it was kind of slow, it was a small island, not a lot going on. I came back to Vancouver and started my modeling and acting career back up again and its going good! I booked Absolute Poker and that was about a year and a half ago. That was my first poker related job and it was actually this or a Colgate commercial that I was going out for. The Colgate commercial was about 45 minutes farther away than the Absolute Poker gig so I decided to go to the Absolute audition. It just kind of developed and I am still doing modeling on the side.

KL: What happened after you got the job for Absolute?

It started off as a weekly newsletter online for Absolute Poker , it was an internal promotion, and it only went out to Absolute players. It was kind of an update of what was going on in the industry, who had won the TLB's, who had lost; it was just kind of an update on what had happened. So then we started to get some good feedback and interaction from people. They said a lot of the players liked seeing a face for Absolute so they decided to make me the face of Absolute and kind of a spokesperson. So now I do everything from their ad campaigns, to their television commercials to fly out for guest appearances, and hosting, things like that. They made me definitely a presence in the poker field and it's cool. I didn't see that, especially from Monday mornings walking down from 9 till 11 and reading a little teleprompter to sitting in Aruba in the Penthouse drinking Dom Perignon with Phil Hellmuth.

KL: How is your poker game coming along?

It's getting there; actually I played with Phil Hellmuth when I was in Aruba. We were playing 1/2 no limit, which is kind of a low game for him but perfect for me. It's definitely getting there, I am learning things. Everyone jokes about that I'm a sponge. Everyone yells at me to have fun because I just sit there, but I am having fun, I'm just absorbing and trying to learn. I think it's very important to understand the game, I have to talk to people, I have to play and it's really important to be knowledgeable. Also, it's really fun, what other job can you also make a profit on the side? I actually won when I was playing with Phil, I won $300! So, my game is definitely getting there.

KL: What are some of the promotions you do with Absolute?

I've got certain little things I'm doing. I've got Serinda's Corner which is just a bio update of everything that is going on, what movies you can catch me in, all that stuff. There are Sunday's with Serinda which are online from 2-4 Eastern time. I have a Serinda Swan table and you can just come on and play, it's 1/2 no limit again, cause that's my favorite. You can just come, sit, and play with me. There is a chat box and you can talk to me, tell me what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, what you want to see, what you don't. It's actually a lot of fun.

KL: What are your future plans in life and in poker?

My future plans in life would definitely be pursuing an acting career, I love it. I think it's something that I thrive on. I just find that when I'm in it, around it, doing it, I'm just so happy, I love it. I definitely want to pursue that as far as I can take it and I'm happy for however far it goes. As for poker I think it's actually going to be an element that stays in my life. Especially now you see a lot of the celebrity poker tournaments and things like that so no matter what aspect of my life, I think I am defiantly going to keep poker around. It's kind of an addicting game!

KL: Don't leave the men in suspense; don't you have a calendar coming out?

The calendar is in the works right now. We did some shots when we were down in Aruba so there should be some of those pictures coming out as well as a lot of new ad campaigns featuring shots they took in Aruba.

KL: What is your funniest or most fun poker experience thus far?

I would say the funniest poker experience was Mark Seif and I having a cracker eating contest last year in the Bahamas. We had to take those Premium crackers, the ones that come with the soup, and we had to eat 4 of those and see who could whistle first. He won but I still claim that he cheated because he had a huge drink of green tea right before hand so I think it wet his mouth and was easier. I just spit crackers everywhere when I tried, so that was definitely the funniest. The best poker moment I had in Aruba, when I was playing with Phil. I bluffed some chick out of a $100 hand with Phil's help. I managed to represent that I had an amazing hand. She thought about it and thought about it and everyone talked her out of it, she was going to do it. Finally she was like ‘I believe you' and threw her hand away. I turned over and showed I had nothing and it was a really cool moment.

KL: Do you have a website fans can check out?

Yeah, I have a new website coming out, . AP is just putting that one up, so that will have all the new Guess campaign pictures up there, it will have all the new movies that I will be coming out in and things like that. If people want to know more they can just check that out.

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