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Poker News | World Series of Poker | WSOP2007

Dan Webster Toasts to the Big Win

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Stateline, NV - Dan Webster has a life that many people would envy. He is a 66-year-old part-owner of a successful winery in Napa Valley. He also owns two gourmet restaurants in his home city of San Francisco. And now, Mr. Webster has won a major tournament on the World Series of Poker Circuit. It just goes to show, the rich get richer.

Webster played marvelous poker over a two day period. The $550 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament - part of this fall's WSOP Circuit on the south shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe -- began on Tuesday and concluded on the following day. After 154 players were eliminated over the first 11 hours, nine survivors returned the following afternoon to battle for the championship at the final table which was played out on the second floor at the Harvey's Casino and Resort. From the onset, Michael Klayer stood out as the player to beat, with a hefty chip lead of 178,000 -- to 132,500 for Becky Billeci in second place. She was vying to become the first female ever to win an open event in the four year history of the WSOPC at Harvey's Lake Tahoe. The eventual winner, Mr. Webster started off in fourth place. All the other players had less than 70,000 in chips. Players and chip counts began as follows:

Seat 1: Jason Reed 34,000
Seat 2: Becky Billeci 132,500
Seat 3: Dan Webster 69,500
Seat 4: Jared Frank 14,500
Seat 5: Tony Barchetti 59,000
Seat 6: Michael Klayer 178,000
Seat 7: Jeremy Joseph 70,000
Seat 8: Dan Chung 66,000
Seat 9: Darin Honorof 28,500

Players were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place - Jared Frank went out quick. Lowest in chips, he lasted about 15 minutes before busting out in ninth place. Frank received $1,660.

8th Place
- Tony Barchetti went out soon thereafter, losing to pocket kings on his final hand. The former South Lake Tahoe local who now lives in Las Vegas, has several cashes and two tournament wins on his impressive poker resume. In fact, Barchetti has now cashed at least once in each of the four years here at the WSOPC series at Lake Tahoe (perhaps the only player to hold that distinction). In this tournament, Barchetti had to settle for eighth place, which paid $2,293.

7th Place - Next, Dan Chung moved all-in and lost with 10-10 to Jason Reed's A-3. Chung moved all-in with the pocket tens after the flop came A-6-2. It was certainly a bold move, betting one's tournament life with an underpair. Reed thought long and hard and finally called (for about half his stack). Chung showed immediate disappointment and sheepishly turned over the dominated hand. He failed to improve and picked up $3,083 in prize money. Not a bad payday for the poker dealer from Sacramento.

6th Place - Darin Honorof arrived low in chips and doubled up a few times within the first tow hours, increasing his stack up to 92,000. One hand key was against Jeremy Joseph, as Honorof spiked a jack on the river holding K-J in his hand against Joseph's A-8. Then, he got involved in one of the most critical hands of the entire tournament. Honorof was dealt A-Q and raised all-in pre-floop. Michael Klayer (who later said he had A-Q) smooth called the raise. Then, out of nowhere Jeremy Joseph re-raised from the big blind, holding 10-10. Klayer decided to fold, saving his last 35,000 for a later battle. That put Honorof and Joseph into a race - A-Q versus 10-10. Ka-boom! The flop broght a ten, giving Josepha set of tens. With that stake driven through the heart, Honorof was bounced from the final table in sixth place. An interesting side note -- at one point in this tournament, Honorof was down to just two chips (with 26 players remaining). In an odd case of deju vu, Honorof also finished sixth in this same event last year. The florist from S. Lake Tahoe, collected $3,874.

5th Place
- Michael Klayer had clearly made the correct decision on the previous hand. But a short time later, it didn't matter as he moved all-in with his last 30,000 in chips holding K-K. Klayer seemed to be making all the right moves late in the tournament. But Jason Reed had A-9 and ripped out Klayer's heart by snaring two pair on the flop. The aces and nines held up and Klayer staggered away from the table as the fifth-place finisher. The transportation supervisor from Lodi, CA earned $5,020 for his efforts. This was Klayer's first WSOP-related final table appearance, although he has previously cashed in other poker tournaments.

4th Place
- Jeremy Joseph had about half the chips in play when the tournament became four-handed. He lost about half of those chips to Dan Webster over the next half hour. Becky Billeci had survived three all-ins during her stay at the final table. But ultimately, she busted out in fourth place. On her final hand of the night, she took A-10 up against Dan Webster's K-K. She caught a ten on the flop, but improved no further and exited the arena. Bellici became the third female to make a final table appearance in an open event at this year's event. The business owner and mother of five from Brentwood, CA collected $6,641 in prize money.

3rd Place
- Dan Webster and Jeremy Joseph traded chips back and forth on a few big hands before Jason Reed finally ran out of chips and had to settle for third place. Low in fuel, he ran out of gas and was forced to play a weak hand as the blinds and antes escalated, and the two larger stacks consistently applied pressure. Reed, from San Diego, exited with $9,566.

2nd Place - When heads-up play commenced, the chip counts were about even. The two rivals continued to battle for half an hour before the final decisive hand was played. After Mr. Webster gained the chip lead he won the final hand of the night with an A-4 against Joseph's Q-J. Neither player made a pair, so Mr. Webster's ace-high played. The runner up was Jeremy Joseph, from Buffalo, NY. The 22-year-old poker player also cashed in the 2007 WSOP main event. Second place paid $13,914.

1st Place
- Dan Webster won $23,752 for first place. He is a full partner in the V.Sattui Winery, located in St. Helena, in the heart of Napa Valley. The winery was established in 1885 and makes many award-winning wines. His two restaurants are called "Chili-Up!" As one might imagine, the restaurant specializes in different chili recipes. This was Mr. Webster's third major tournament victory. He won previous events at the Bay 101 Open and the Pot of Gold tournaments in 2006.

The WSOP Circuit events will continue at the Harvey's Casino and Resort through November 18th.

For more information, please contact:
Nolan Dalla -- WSOP Media Director at (702) 358-4642
Or visit our official website:

Jeffrey Pollack - Commissioner, WSOP
Ty Stewart - Director, Sponsorship and Licensing, WSOP
Craig Abrahams - Director, Broadcasting and New Media, WSOP

Tournament Director - Janis Sexton
Harrah's Lake Tahoe Race and Sportsbook Manager - Steve Schorr
Harvey's Lake Tahoe Poker Room Manager - Vince Contaxis

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