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The Round Table - Jonathan Little Takes Over the World

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Jonathan Little was one of the top ranked sit-n-go players when Party Poker was around, and now he is one of the top ranked live tournament circuit players. He has been playing live for about two years and has already cashed for over 2.5 million dollars. There is definitely nothing ‘little’ about this guy.

KL: What do you think is your greatest online poker accomplishment?

I have made it deep in two different Sunday tournaments. I took second once in the Sunday Million on PokerStars and 4th in the one on Full Tilt. Those are pretty big tournament accomplishments. I also was one of the biggest winners of sit-n-go’s on Party Poker until they closed to Americans.

KL: What is the most important thing you have learned from watching a live game and watching other players?

I really never watched live tournament players play all that often until I actually started playing them myself. I learned a lot about online poker by watching other players play and through videos on training sites.

KL: What about other opponents at the table when you are watching them.

You figure out how they play certain hands and I have been paying attention a lot to tells lately and what people do consistently. Usually it is subconscious stuff like blinking or moving their feet, things that most people don’t usually ever think about.

KL: Have you ever made a huge call or a huge lay down based on a physical tell?

Yeah I have done it a lot. I did call with ace high at the final table at Niagara Falls.

KL: What was it about that hand at Niagara that makes you call down with a high? Was it a betting pattern or a physical tell?

It is almost always physical tells. There are some betting patterns but usually those people that make it to the final table usually bet about the same amount every time so it makes it hard to really get betting tells although some people have them for sure. Also there are timing tells where people will bet really quick, or call really quick, and that also can change your decision one way or the other. I’m not sure now what made me call there, if I was to see the hand on TV then I might know.

KL: You have made numerous WPT final tables recently, have any of your episodes aired yet?

Yes, the one from season five in the Bahamas where I took fifth, that was on the Travel Channel already. That final table I don’t think I won any hands. Everything went about as bad as possible. The one at Mirage and Niagara Falls have not aired yet.

KL: When you watched yourself play did you critique yourself?

Certainly, you look and see if you could have done something any differently, but that one I was just getting the bad end of cards every time.

KL: Where do you play online?

I play on Full Tilt Poker .

KL: What is your favorite game?

I like playing no limit hold’em; I usually play $5-$10 no limit. I also like Chinese poker and pot limit Omaha.

KL: Do you follow your play with online trackers?

Yeah I use pokertracker [] to keep up with my results. That way you know how many hands you play and how much you win or lose per certain hands.

KL: Tell me about the ‘Ship It Holla Ballas.’

It’s a group of young online guys. A lot of the guys are still under 21 but most of them are getting a little bit older like Travis Rice; he is doing well on the circuit and so is Allen Sass and most of the other guys are still under 21 so we don’t know if they will be good at live poker yet.

KL: How did the group come about?

We were all friends; we used to get together through the 2+ 2 sit-n-go forum. We just stayed friends and now we get together every time we go somewhere.

KL: Do you feel that you are playing a similar strategy online as well as live?

I am playing a pretty much similar strategy but I can’t make near as good of reads online as I can live. I pretty much have to play more ABC poker.

KL: Do you think the hand quality is different, with what people are willing to call down with online?

Usually online I don’t think they call quite as much with ace high on the river, whereas live, they will call you with pretty much anything. You can get away with bluffing a little bit more online I think.

KL: What is, and what do you do?

That is a sit-n-go training site and we teach people how to play sit-n-go’s because there really isn’t any other online site that teaches people how to play sit-n-go’s. We have some of the best sit-n-go players in the world on our site. We try to help out the guys that are moving up. I know whenever I first started playing it would have been really beneficial to have someone to help me along. We are trying to help the other guys out, now that we have made it as far as we have.

KL: What is the best tip you would give to an intermediate player trying to break through?

I suggest everyone sit down and play a lot online. Play many, many hands and many, many tournaments. Make sure you are a solid consistent winner and then move up from where you are at. If you are playing $30 sit-n-go’s then move to $50 sit-n-go’s. That way you can tell if you are a consistent winner. That is good practice to just sit there and grind out solid, consistent results.

KL: What are your future poker goals?

I hope to win a World Series bracelet next year and hopefully a few more WPT final tables.

KL: Are you interested in getting involved in the high stakes poker cash games?

Yeah, I am still trying to learn cash games. I definitely don’t think I am up to the caliber of the guys that play the high stakes but hopefully one day. There are a lot of those players that I look up to particularly like Phil Ivey, Brian Townsend, and Patrik Antonius.

*Photo courtesy WPT*

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