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A new and innovative game: BlackJack Extreme

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Hollywood Mogul, David Thomas and Internet Marketing guru, Mark Koetting have joined forces and are taking the gambling market by storm! Thomas recently invented a game that combines both poker and blackjack with an exciting twist called BlackJack Extreme. His game includes the best of both worlds, with plenty of bluffing and a chance to play the house.

From the website, “BlackJack eXtreme™ is a playing-card game developed by MADtek Entertainment. It is a new method of playing blackjack in which the “dealer” is an active participant in the game. Each player acts in turn as a “player/dealer” (dealer), and plays the hand the other players must beat. The dealer must bank all the wagers made by the players. In return for being exposed to a higher limit of risk, the dealer enjoys the strategic edge of acting last, having the options to surrender, bluff and hit any soft hand.”

BlackJack Extreme hasn’t been approved for casino play yet, but it has been approved for private card club play in California and they are also seeking a ruling from the National Indian Gaming Commission to authorize the game in tribal casinos. In addition, Thomas and Koetting are pitching the game as a TV card-game show, an online or live casino poker room game, and an electronic game joining slot machines and video poker on casino floors.

“This is very ambitious to move simultaneously into three major industries,” Thomas admitted. But he’s confident that, given a chance, the game will catch on.

“It’s fast. It’s fun,” he said. And, he added, BlackJack Extreme is even more sociable than standard blackjack or Texas Hold ’em.

Some of the more unique aspects of BlackJack eXtreme are that each player must place a blind bet within set limits before the deal, both dealer cards are dealt face down, a betting round allows for adjustment before resolving the hands, no limits on splitting pairs, raised hands may receive more than one card as needed, and card counting is actually encouraged.

Basically, they took the best of poker, added the best of blackjack and came up with a new and exciting game. Everyone takes turns being the dealer; you can bluff, fold, and hit any soft hand. Players can take as many cards as they need to make the best hand and of course you can go all-in.

David Thomas was involved in films such as “Mask”, “Marked for Death, “The Howling” and his latest piece, “Lenexa 1 Mile”. He is hoping to tap those resources he has in the movie industry and possibly bring BlackJack Extreme to TV for a fast paced game show.

Until this new game hits Sin City, those of us seeking our BlackJack Extreme fix can drive over to California and play in the private card rooms.

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