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2008 World Poker Open – Event #2, $500+50 NLHE

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9 p.m. Coverage starts with 70 players of the original 517 left in the field. 45 will get paid (1st place will receive $72,705) and the blinds are at 400/800 with a 100 ante. The average chip stack is approximately 18,000. I did a quick walk through of the tournament area and while there weren't any name players (well they aren't “name” yet... give them time) from what I could tell, one table did get my attention as a course in verbal sparring 101 was being given.

It all started when a 20 something kid, wearing a visor and a red track suit, raised. A big stack in late position re-raised and the track star wannabe moved all in. At this point there was so much money in the pot, the big stack had little choice but to call. A-K for the track star. 7's for the about to be short stack. About to be because an ace came on the turn. The loser flipped his cards angrily at the dealer (think Chris Ferguson slicing fruit).

He looked at the kid. “Nice call. Raise. Whatever.”

The kid responded “I have to see all five cards. I wasn't just going to flat call and leave myself with 8K. Besides you've raised me like12 straight times”

“I've had hands.”

“So have I.”

“Keep making those raises.”

“I will.”

I felt like I was online watching a $5 tournament. Here's a clue for the can't take a bad beat (or lose a coin flip in this situation). Quit playing poker. If you can't handle losing when you're a 55-45 favorite... and if you expect people to fold A-K (95 people out of 100 play A-K like it is aces)... you're in for a long, long trip as a poker player.

So I go back a few minutes later and track star wannabe is in another big pot. There's at least 20K already in the middle (remember the average stack is under 20K) on a K-J-6 flop and his opponent has moved all in. Wanna take a guess what Carl Lewis had? You got it. A-K. Do you think he folded? Of course not. He was crushed of course by the pocket 6's of his opponent and after being in great shape at nearly 40K, was down to 8K or so after the hand.

10:15 p.m. I went down to grab a burger since I had not eaten all day and saw track star wannabe walking down in front of me. Hero to zero. If you ever come to the Goldstrike, stay away from their fast food burger joint. It took me 25 minutes to get a cheeseburger and fries and it wasn't even busy. When I complained to the cashier, she just went back to the grill and told me “it takes them awhile to cook the burgers.”

Ha! Yeah.

Back to poker... they have just made the money. 45 players remain and the blinds are 600/1200 now. One gentleman had so many black $100 chips that there was a pile in front of him nearly a foot in diameter. I'm not sure if he had just won them all in a pot or accidentally knocked them over but the floor came over and racked them up. 40K in $100 chips... or 400 chips total... was the final damage (and it took the two of them nearly two minutes to rack them all).

One of the nude + poker website girls made the money. Impressive.

Just heard a big roar so I went out into the hallway to see what the hell kind of bad beat had been laid down or who had been shot. Turns out it was a David Garrard 30 yard run on 4th down. I guess there are a lot of Jacksonville fans in Tunica.

11:00 p.m. They've moved up to the next pay level and are down to 36 players now. Blinds are now 800/1,600 with a 200 ante.

Remember how I said people can't fold A-K and play it like it's aces? Here's a perfect example for you. In a raised pot containing nearly 40K on a flop of 7-6-3, with two clubs, a player called an all in for all of his chips (35K). His opponent had queens. I probably don't need to tell you what came on the turn. There is no justice in poker. The A-K guy (same guy that had the 40K in black chips above) was up to 110K after the hand. The poor soul with queens had 12K left. At least he made the money already... probably not any consolation to him though.

By the way, my curiosity got the best of me. I had to go check out the nude + poker website. It might be the worst designed site in the history of mankind. Whoever designed it might have had an HTML class in 5th grade. Broken images, crappy linking... but who am I to judge... there are half naked women (only eight) so it at least has that going for it. And if you want to learn something about poker, you can learn from world class professional player Johnny Vegas.

11:35 p.m. When I covered the World Series of Poker this year, Montel Williams played in the Main Event. He got off to a fantastic start and was even the chip leader at one point but eventually he had a meltdown of catastrophic proportions – losing most of his chips in a span of less than an hour playing, honestly, some of the worst poker I've ever seen. I spotted Montel here in Tunica. He's playing in a $300 sit and go. If you have the time, I suggest flying to Tunica immediately and getting in the game.

I also witnessed one of the most unusual floor decisions I've ever seen and I'm not positive if it was the right ruling or not as I've never heard of it or seen it enforced. In a hand involving two players, one player led out for 17K. His opponent asked for a chip count and as the player was fumbling with his chips, the floor came over and said “You might have had it done for you in the past, but it's not going to happen here or now. A player is not required to give you an actual chip count, you can make a visual estimate.”

Really? The player threw his cards across the table (much harder than the guy I mentioned earlier... and at a higher rate of speed than Chris Ferguson could ever dream of), nearly decapitating the poor woman in the 7 seat. Not sure I've ever heard of that rule before and I just checked out the official TDA rules and that is nowhere to be found in there. I'll talk with Johnny Grooms the next time I see him to get some clarification.

12:30 p.m. Players are on their last break and then will play two more levels before concluding play for the day. Bust outs are slowing down as there are still 24 players remaining.

I talked with Jessica, the floor person who made the decision I mentioned earlier, and she told me that no one is allowed to handle a player's chips if they are not in play. If a player goes all in, then yes, you can get a count, but if they are still in front of a player and not in the pot, the dealer or any other player is not allowed to do a physical count of the chips and it is the player's discretion if they want to give an actual count. She told me it was one of Johnny's pet peeves and a rule that he strictly enforced. I'll talk with him when I see him tomorrow, but her explanation made sense to me... still never heard or seen it enforced before though and it's definitely not in the TDA rules.

The player who threw his cards after her ruling is still complaining about the ruling. I think he'll probably dream about it tonight when he goes to sleep. Me I'm going to dream about the nude + poker site girls (ok, not really). Oh the nude + poker site woman that is still in the tournament just doubled up with aces. She's still short, but to make it this far is impressive.

The guy who took the brutal hit with queens is gaining momentum and has his eyes set on making the final table with Mr. Can't Fold A-K. “I'm gonna bust him,” he said.

I've watched Mr. Can't Fold A-K and his name should really be Mr. Can't Fold Anything. Of course he's the chip leader.

1:13 am They are now down to 18 players. It does not look like we will reach the final table before 2 a.m. so play will stop then.

Some days you just know it isn't your day. The gentleman who had his Q's lose to Mr. Can't Fold Anything was crippled when he got it all in with kings against A-Q and an ace came.

2:00 am They have stopped play for the day. Mr. Can't Fold Anything has a name (he's actually a really nice guy, I'm teasing when I give someone a name like that)... it's Kerry Dawson. Kerry actually took a huge hit to his stack when he moved all in over the top of David Granstaff. David called with A-J and hit an ace to suck out on Kerry's pocket kings. Both players were at 155K after the hand. By the time play ended for the day though Kerry had managed to get the chip lead back with 187.5K. Following him closely in 2nd chip position is Thomas Culberson (I copy these names from the player's chip count sheets in their own handwriting so sometimes it might be off) with 180K and Marc Truong is in 3rd with 167.5 K.

There are 14 players left and play will resume at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Here are the players who made the money thus far:

15th: Jean Zabin $2,167
16th: Jaska Russell $1,685
17th: Dan Mitnick $1,685
18th: Roger Jerald $1,685
19th: Jeff Whisnant $1,204
20th: Nam Huhn $1,204
21st: Phil Wallace $1,204
22nd: John Carter $1,204
23rd: Harry Cohn $1,204
24th: Chau Nguyen $1,204
25th: Elmer Thomas $1,204
26th: Leland Shelton $1,204
27th: Charles Hendron $1,204
28th: Greg Sullans $963
29th: Steven Lyon $963
30th: Todd Urbina $963
31st: Lonnie Jump $963
32nd: T. Bill $963
33rd: Brad Guttilla $963
34th: Jack Christian $963
35th: Tom Willison $963
36th: Dale James $963
37th: Jonathan Tare $722
38th: Ronnie Evans $722
39th: Ableen Valiri $722
40th: Bruce Van Horn $722
41st: Ronald Gore $722
42nd: Richard Griffis $722
43rd: Philip Day $722
44th: Joel Hurst $722
45th: Roger Barlow $722

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