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2008 World Poker Open – Event #6, $300+40 NLHE Final Table

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Nearly 600 players started play in Event #6 of the World Poker Open $300+40 NLHE event with first place garnering over 45K. They played down to the final table on the first day with the following players coming just short but at least earning something for their efforts.

10th place: Herbert Gardner $1,791
11th place: Richard Griffis $1,791
12th place: Richard Cannette $1,791
13th place: Scott Elliott $1,466
14th place: William Johnson $1,466
15th place: Brian Johnson $1,466
16th place: Kevin Holtkamp $1,140
17th place: Carl Stuck $1,140
18th place: Eric Kaplan $1,140
19th place: Clint Landrum $814
20th place: Dan Woods $814
21st place: Justin Hearne $814
22nd place: Bill Levrets $814
23rd place: Nhut Tran $814
24th place: Ron Bottner $814
25th place: Will Cruse $814
26th place: Scott Monteatno $814
27th place: James Lawrence $814
28th place: Raymond Nadeau $570
29th place: Stacey Eason $570
30th place: Joseph Haddad $570
31st place: Jerry Gobbell $570
32nd place: Mike Persak $570
33rd place: Gary Swaney $570
34th place: James McAffee $570
35th place: Paul Sales $570
36th place: Lucas Harrell $570
37th place: Joseph Joiner $489
38th place: Russell Martin $489
39th place: Pascal Boutineau $489
40th place: Andre Pierce $489
41st place: Josh Palmer $489
42nd place: William Cagle $489
43rd place: Danny Dorcey $489
44th place: Mark Miley $489
45th place: Peter Sullivan $489
46th place: Chuck Cannon $407
47th place: Vanissa Overton $407
48th place: Jerry McCullough $407
49th place: Barry Cook $407
50th place: Eric Seiler $407
51st place: Mike Harrell $407
52nd place: Mike Evans $407
53rd place: Tim German $407
54th place: Dale Perryman $407

The final table seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Grant Watson 172,000
Seat 2: Joe Gore 35,000
Seat 3: John Valet 159,000
Seat 4: Stephen Garcia 222,000
Seat 5: Johnnie Short 278,000
Seat 6: Miles Taylor 123,000
Seat 7: Jeffrey Whitson 31,000
Seat 8: Buddy Lockwood 219,000
Seat 9: Jack Andrus 246,000

It didn't take long for us to lose the first layer. Jeff Whitson came in as a short stack and moved all in and found himself facing Grant Watson's pocket aces. Jeff Whitson finished in 9th place winning $3,257.

Grant was playing an overaggressive game, raising first to act multiple times. I don't think he had the respect of the table as several of them were talking about a hand where he had raised with 7-6. The lack of respect came back to haunt him when he opened for 35K from middle position and Miles Taylor moved all in from the big blind for 60K more with J-8 offsuit. Grant was getting 2.5:1 on his money and made the call with 6's. An 8 on the flop doubled up Miles to 215K and left Grant with 130K.

Stephen Garcia raised to 45K with the blinds at 8K/16K and Jim Andrus moved all in for 124K more. Garcia studied Andrus and said “I know we're racing” and apparently decided he was willing to race for his tournament life as Andrus had him covered by 10K. Garcia had A-Q and Andrus pocket jacks. Andrus looked as if he expected to lose the hand, dropping his head as if he knew the ace or queen was going to come. The flop came K-K-8 and the jack on the turn sealed the deal for Andrus. But when the ten came on the river making Garcia a straight, Andrus was unaware he had turned a full house because he exclaimed “Oh come on” and shook his head in disgust. When the dealer pushed him the pot he realized his error and laughed at his slight error. Stephen Garcia in the meantime was eliminated in 8th place and won $4,886 for his play.


“Colonel” Joe Gore came in as the second shortest stack but was able to move up two spots in the money picking up an additional 3K in the process. He was forced all in on his small blind with K-7 and Grant Watson's 8-6 hit a 6 to win the pot. Joe Gore finishes in 7th place winning $6,319.

John Valet had picked up several pots but lost a huge portion of his stack when he raised on the button on Johnnie Short's big blind. The chip leader was having none of it and defended his blind by calling. The flop came J-8-7. Short checked and Valet bet 60K. On the 10 turn, Short moved all in and Valet reluctantly folded. After the hand, Short and Andrus were the two chip leaders with approximately 500K each.

The blinds increased to 10K/20K with a 3K ante and Short gives some of his chips back to Valet when he raises 50K and is called by John in the big blind. Valet moves all in on a Q-9-2 flop for 124K and Short mucks A-K face up. Grant Watson's constant aggression occasionally led to some losses of chips. On one particular hand, Andrus limped in from the small blind and Watson made it 60K to go from the big blind. It was as if Andrus knew that Grant was going to do that because he almost instantly moved all in. Watson tossed his hand and Andrus added even more chips to his impressive stack.

Grant's aggression started to pay dividends, however, as he managed to pick up the blinds 4 times in 2 orbits with first to act raises. He more than doubled up his stack to over 250K by doing so.

The chip counts at this stage of the tournament were approximately as follows:

Grant Watson 275K
John Valet 100K
Johnnie Short 240K
Miles Taylor 200K
Buddy Lockwood 140K
Jack Andrus 445K

With only 5 big blinds, Valet looked down at A-6 on the button and told himself it was now or never. Miles Taylor looked at his cards in the big blind and responded with an emphatic “Never” by calling with A-J. A jack on the flop and John Valet was eliminated in 6th place winning $7,899.

Buddy Lockwood was the next short stack to go all in and his particular brand of poison was J-8 of hearts. Grant Watson called with 9-5 and when the board came 7-3-2-3-2 he was shipping chips over to Buddy who had new life with 170K in chips after the hand.

Grant continued his charitable ways to Buddy when he moved all in from the big blind after Buddy had limped on the button and Buddy called. Grant had a hand but found in A-J but when Buddy turned over his hands he realized he was dominated because Buddy had aces. At the end of the hand Buddy had 260K and Grant was down to 65K.

Grant didn't wait too long to go all in as he did so on the very next hand with Q-10 of hearts. Miles Taylor called him from the big blind with A-2 of clubs. The flop was one of those made for television flops... A-Q-5 with two hearts. The 2 on the turn meant a 10 would not win it for Grant any longer... he needed a queen or a heart to win the pot. It was not to be though for the talented poker player as a 5 came on the river. Grant Watson finished in 5th place and won $9,473.

The blinds escalated to 15K/30K with a 5K ante and Jack Andrus raised pre-flop to 90K and was called by Miles Taylor out of the big blind. Miles checked in the dark and the flop came 10-9-5. Andrus, as he had been prone to do throughout the course of the final table, moved all in for 300K. Taylor had approximately 500K in front of him and Andrus was really the only one who could cripple him. Without much hesitation, Taylor says “I call.”

You're expecting an overpair or at least a ten right? Wrong. Miles has 7-5 of spades for bottom pair. Unbelievable as it is though, he's actually in the lead although it's essentially a race as Andrus has Q-J of hearts for an open ended straight draw and two overs. The turn gives him even more outs with the 4 of hearts but sometimes the poker gods have a way of rewarding the clinically insane because the 7-5 suited held up when the 10 of clubs came on the river. Jack Andrus finished in 4th place for $11,058.

We're now 3 handed and you might as well hand the title to Miles Taylor. He has 1.2 million to 130K each for Buddy Lockwood and Johnnie Short. With the blinds at 15K/30K, Lockwood and Short are definitely in what you would call “desperation” mode. Buddy moves all in the first hand after Andrus's elimination and even though he's getting a ridiculous price to call... and he is in desperation mode... Short says “this hand is too cheesy to call” and folds 6-4 off. Word of advice for you Johnnie... believe in the power of cheese!

Short decided the next hand was the one he wanted to dance with as he called Buddy's all in. Miles folded out of the big blind and the hands were revealed. Pocket 2's for Buddy and A-Q for Short. The flop came with a deuce and that was the end of the road for Johnnie. Johnnie Short finished in 3rd place and won $12,637.

We enter heads up play with Buddy having 350K and Miles having 1.1 million. More manageable than before but Buddy definitely had his work cut out for him if he was going to come back and win the title. But if there was ever an opponent he could do it against, I would have to say this was the guy as Miles had shown absolutely nothing that made me believe he was a capable player. Buddy, on the other hand, was solid... but too tight... so this was going to make for a very interesting (and perhaps long) heads up match.

And interesting and long it was indeed. Miles raised an additional 80K and Buddy called out of the big blind. The flop came 9-9-2 and both players checked. The turn was a 2 and Buddy checked. Miles bet 100K. Buddy quickly grabbed and counted out 100K in chips and after seeing how much he had left says “I'm all in.” Miles doesn't even hesitate calling an additional 200K with 10-7 of diamonds. Buddy of course had him crushed with Q-9 for a full house and now we were all even. What a turnaround. From down 1.3 million to 130K to even.

Buddy decided he wanted to make it interesting though because he leaked off chips hand after hand by calling raises pre-flop from Miles and then folding after the flop. It was only a matter of time before Miles had re-established a commanding chip lead with 1.1 million to Buddy's 400K.

Buddy decided to wake up from his slumber though and made it all back in mere moments. On a 10-9-5 flop Miles bet 100K and Buddy moved all in. Miles studied Buddy and asked “how strong are you.” Buddy flexed his left forearm and his friends in the bleachers laughed. Miles folded and Buddy shows 10-2.

The very next hand Miles bets on the turn, Buddy moves all in again and Miles repeats the procedure by folding. Now it's Buddy's turn to have the chip lead. He cripples Miles a few moments later with two pair and now it is Buddy with 1.1 million and Miles with 300K.

This, of course, doesn't last... the two get it all in on a 4-3-2 flop. Miles has K-5 for two overs and a straight draw. Buddy has 9-4 for top pair. The dealer makes it quick... an ace on the turn... and Miles is back up to 700K.

A key hand then takes place when Miles raises and makes a bet on the turn with a pocket pair only to be counterfeited when the board pairs twice (his pair was smaller than the board) and Buddy's ace took down the pot. That put Miles back down to 350K.

Buddy raises pre-flop a few hands later and Miles calls. The flop is an innocent K-10-9. Both players check. The turn is a 5 and Miles goes all in for his last 150K. Buddy calls quickly... and for good reason. He had flopped what we poker players like to call the stone cold nuts. Q-J was his hand and Miles knew his tournament was over as he flipped over 8-7. And just like that the tournament was over. Miles Taylor finished in 2nd place for $24,169.

Buddy Lockwood was patient throughout the final table and picked his spots carefully. It was enough to get him to the final 3 and then he was fortunate enough to pick up some hands and hit some flops. Heads up he was down 3:1 in chips but took advantage of some questionable play from his opponent to come out on top as the winner of the event. Buddy Lockwood is the winner of the 2008 World Poker Open Event #6 and $45,810. Congratulations Buddy!

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