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2008 World Poker Open – Event #7, $500+50 Stud 8 or better

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Normally I would not devote much time to coverage of a Stud 8 event or better because while it might be fun and profitable to play it quite simply is not that entertaining to watch, report, or read about (the same can be said for almost all limit events). However, there was enough going on at this final table to at least divert my attention on several occasions from the Event #6 final table that was going on at the same time.

One of the rotating dealers today was Event #4 winner John Pack. What? You mean dealers actually know how to play poker too? I'm not sure if I could go back to work after winning $30,000... that's what you call dedication!

16 players made the money. Order of finish and payouts were as follows:

1st – Chris Amaral $17,019
2nd – Samuel Whitt $9,458
3rd – Dave Phillips $7,566
4th – John Phan $5,675
5th – Kurt Kirner $4,414
6th – Sandra Chalkley $3,783
7th – Jason Williams $3,153
8th – Sterling Comeaux $2,522
9th – Abe Stevens $1,892
10th – Brent Carter $1,892
11th – Brian Foley $1,261
12th – Doug Mauch $1,261
13th – Glynn Banks $946
14th – Matt Shaffer $946
15th – Kevin Jones $631
16th – Brian McCain $631

The reason this table was so entertaining was mainly because of the presence of John “The Razor” Phan and Chris “Shaving Cream” Amaral (I gave him that nickname). Phan's a notable name in poker who has won several big events and Amaral... well let's just say you can't miss Amaral if you are within 100 feet of him. He's big. He's brash. And he talks. And talks. And talks. As one of his friends said to me “people that know him love him, people that don't can't stand him.” All I know is that he made me laugh, and that's worth a little something.

Anyway, the two had made a last longer bet and had about the same number of chips as the final table started so things were bound to get interesting. What ended up happening though is the verbal war that ensued between eventual runner up Samuel Whitt and Amaral. After one hand in which the two split a pot, Amaral scooped in his half of the pot into his stack and Whitt thought that he had taken some chips that were meant to be his.

Amaral messed up his stack intentionally and Whitt started going after Amaral. “What is wrong with you?” he asked Amaral, pointing at him and almost sticking his finger in Chris's nose.

Amaral responds, “keep your fingers away from my face before I bite them off!” and storms off for a second to regain his composure. Whitt, in the meantime, is left muttering at the table. Fortunately, that would be as bad as it would get and the two even seemed to be agreeable with one another once heads up play ensued.

Some notable one liners from Amaral to wrap up this event:

To Sandra Chalkley (I'd guess she was in her late 50's) after she backed up in her chair -- “Back that ass up.”

Referring again to Sandra Chalkley -- “I'm taking her home with me.” After seeing her husband... “oh, she's with you?”

To the tournament director after Whitt asked when the dinner break was (there wasn't one) -- “someone go get this guy some pigs’ feet.”

I guess you had to be there to appreciate (or not appreciate) it. Chris Amaral is the winner of the 2008 World Poker Open, Event #7.

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